tio piñi


Good people of Tumblr, somehow or another, I went from 50 followers to like 80 followers in a weeks time. Just wanna say THANK YOU! 

IN celebration of this 80 follower milestone, let’s give Tionishia the love she freaking deserves!  


“I am Cuban- well, I’m Cuban-American. I used to say I was Cuban all the time, but my family corrects me. I was born in the States, but everybody else is from Cuba in the family. So I’m the gringo, cause I was born here.”

My favorite Latinx celebrities (1/): Raúl Esparza
unfinished fics!

Hello! In an effort to become more organized and flush out the things I have been trying to work on forever, I’ve decided to clear out my drafts and unfinished fics from google docs. These are all stories I started but I haven’t touched and don’t plan to come back to.

HOWEVER, I didn’t want them to go to waste! So, here they are in all their unedited glory:

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