last night i went out with this kid I’ve known literally my whole life and he took me to see anchorman 2 and then we went across the street to manito park and the ice had frozen over in the pond and it was dark and i kept pushing him onto the ice, and i wanted to kiss him and he was so tall and i was ready for the D but too shy and then later we were watching netflix and he just KISSED me, he just super aggressively kissed me, and I hopped onto his lap and he felt free to take my clothes off for me, which I feel is really the best way, and it occurred to me that i am much too lazy to take my own clothes off and also it’s super hot. and he got so excited when my top came off he just about flung me across the bed okay from now on i am only hooking up with younger guys they are so full of eNERGY

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Damn your "Dan missing Phil when he was in Europe" post has almost 16k notes now! I was happy to see it going around again bc it literally kills me every time :') I was just wondering if he for sure favourited that tweet same time? It's still there in his favourites but I would have thought he'd have been less obvious about how dependent he seems to be on Phil lol

Yesss I just saw that :’) It was one of the first things I posted when I joined here a few months back in like November so it always surprises me how many notes it gets. But thank you!

I promise that he favorited it in the same time. Those tweets are from Sep 24-26 of 2013 and the poem he favorited was from the 24th. In the same day he wrote the poem, w*rrow also tweeted this to Dan: 

This makes me smile. It’s just cute to me how even their friends are like “wtf phil left you home alone?!” They know how glued to each other they are.

I do find it surprising how open Dan is with expressing his fears/loneliness whenever Phil is away, but he’s done it so many times now that it seems routine. It did seem rather obvious to favorite the #tinystories tweet at the same time as his little rant. To be fair, he could have just liked it and admired w*rrow’s writing but I think it’s far too coincidental for him to have not at least related it back to missing Phil in some way after all he had tweeted that day. He tends to get a bit more vulnerable with his emotions whenever he’s alone and perhaps that clouds his judgment when deciding what to share and what not to. During the most recent time that Phil went home and Dan fell into crisis mode, I saw people claiming that he must be “exaggerating” or “playing it up for phan.” I really really don’t think so. This has been happening for years whenever he’s been alone and the tweets from 2013 are just another example. Perhaps there could be some level of dependency there but I don’t feel comfortable trying to psychoanalyze someone I don’t know on the internet. But you’re right, it’s definitely interesting to see the change in him whenever Phil is not there. If you eliminate the possibility of heavier implications, it’s kind of beautiful in the angstiest sort of way. <3