Friendly reminder that you should act like a mature adult and respect the decisions of the author in their work. Everything a author does (in most cases) is to benefit the viewer and the story. 

1.Plus think of all the age groups we can have come into the fandom now that we eliminated the swearing.

2.Publishing will be easier for Michelle and allow her to do more with the story elsewhere (movie ? eh) 

3. Odin becomes more attractive (hotter he becomes hotter) in the panel revamps.

Michelle is a very hands on author, she interacts with us on a daily basis and is not afraid to put a word in here and there for her fandom, (very sweet of her) don’t screw that up people !

Happy belated birthday to Michelle, who makes the awesome webcomic Ava’s Demon and has inspired me to work harder on my own comic ambitions! It is a truly beautiful comic and worth taking a look. I’m very excited for the twice a week uploads starting this January. :) The most recent upload had some super saturated colors, and I decided to take a break from watercolors to draw the lovely Ava.

Happy birthday!