Being outside, for Jack, was like returning to his roots. He felt free in the outside air. Over the last few months, he had learned to live with being inside. From the minute he was captured, he had given into the fact that he would probably never go outside again. At least, not on his own terms.

Yet here he was. He looked back towards Mark, who was sat in the grass a few feet away, watching him carefully. It had taken a bit of convincing, but Mark eventually gave in to his request to go outside.

He smiled to himself as he continued walking through the knee-high grass. Mark sure was something and Jack was glad he ended up with him.

He found himself walking to the base of one of the only trees in the park. As he placed his hand against the rough texture of the bark, he smiled sadly as he thought of back home. He, along with his family, had lived in a tree hole. And though this tree didn’t have one of those, it still brought back memories.

He glanced to the ground and smiled when he found an acorn. He went over and picked it up, having to hold it with two hands. It was probably as big as his head. More memories were brought back, of lunches and dinners with the very nut he held in his hands. Living in the woods of Ireland, nuts and berries were basically the only things they ate. Though Jack had never complained, he had to admit, after tasting actual food he wasn’t sure if he could go back.

A sound caught Jack’s ears, faint, but there. Before he had a chance to look around, a small shadow fell over him. Turning around, Jack came face to face with a very large squirrel. They stared at each other for a moment before the squirrel hissed at him. Jack dropped the nut and screamed, backing away quickly and hoping the squirrel would leave him alone after getting the nut.

Unfortunately, though the squirrel did take the nut and stuff it in its cheeks, the creature wasn’t about to let Jack go. Jack hit the back of the tree, trapped. You would think that living in the forest taught him how to deal with animals, right? Well you would be wrong. Being the youngest out of his large family, he always had others to rely on when it came to them. That and he barely remembers ever running into any.

As he stood there, helpless, a larger shadow fell over the two of them.

“Mark!” Mark had taken his eyes off of Jack for two seconds to check something on his phone, only to have been met with a scream. Seeing the furry creature cornering Jack, he quickly made his way over. The squirrel looked over his shoulder at the massive human and they had their own small staring contest. Mark then waved his hands and shooed off the squirrel. The squirrel took one more glance at Jack before running back up the tree.

Jack sighed with relief and collapsed onto the grass. Mark also let out a tiny relieved sigh of his own before turning his attention to Jack, his eyes darting over his body, checking for injuries. Thankfully, Jack hadn’t been hurt.

“You’re lucking I’m the King of the Squirrels or that could have been a lot worse,” Jack gave him a confused look before letting out a few chuckles. He wasn’t sure what Mark meant, but he wasn’t going to ask. Mark offered a hand, palm up and Jack got on readily. He was brought up to Mark’s face.

“How do you feel about ice cream?” Jack smiled.

“Sounds perfect.”

Hello~ I’m back from the dead.

Here’s some fan art of Jacksepticeye and Trico.
I decided to swap it up (even though it isn’t accurate to the game) because I wanted to focus more on Jack’s expression and trico’s figure.

As of late I’ve been trying to get more into realism, to try and hone my understanding of figure and colour. And just art in general. Not entirely accurate, but I tried my best!

Art by me. KagedFreedom.
Trico is from The game ‘The last Guardian’ Designed by Fumito Ueda.

‘It came with an image attachment of the target.’

“Hell, bring it on up. Might as well see who’d pay that much to be stolen away from their own kin. I betcha two credits it’s some princess trying to get away from a marriage or somethin’ – oh.”

a thing for @mariejacquelyn‘s look up and wonder because i cant remember the last time i was this invested in a fic OTL