mallachiite  asked:

Jasper, have you found ways to interact with Peridot that don't end with her being frightened of you yet?

J: I usually lay down and try to make myself seem smaller, as long as I don’t yell or move too quickly she’s alright- of course, being quiet and small aren’t exactly too things I’m good at but….

I appreciate the fact Peridot even gives me a chance to be better around her.
She actually seems to like holding onto my fingers, especially if we have a storm- or she’ll climb into my hair when I’m not looking and fall asleep.

A tiny portrait of @mrgameandbeer that I did a couple weeks ago. I’m posting it in honour of #inktober starting in 2 hours! Who else is going to do as many ink drawings as possible for October?!
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anonymous asked:

Peridot, do you tend to snuggle against your (now) huge alien plushie whenever you watch Camp Pining Hearts or go to "sleep?" Well, if you go to "sleep" that is.

P: yes, my large and compassionate friend stays by my side while I attempt the human activity of ‘sleep’!
It is surprisingly pleasant!!