twinkjeremyheere  asked:

im so,,,, people are actually using my ship name!!! makes me happy!!! anyways: conman hc: connor likes to paint rlly intricate designs on jared's nails (he does r2-d2, game controllers, a bathbomb one time just to tease him one time) and jared cries bc connor looks so Soft and Concentrated

dndjsjsjs YES ok

jared pretends he hates it and complains the whole time (“DUDE, this takes forever to dry!” “connor that’s COLD!” “connor i smudged it fix it :(((”) but he secretly thinks its So Cool how connor can put this….tiny art on his gross, bitten-down nails and make them look pretty.

after a few times of sitting cross-legged on connor’s bedroom floor with his hand in connor’s slightly cool ones, jared stops looking at the nails and starts looking at connor. the way his eyes narrow when he’s trying to keep the polish even, the way his thumb idly strokes the back of jared’s hand while he paints, the way his eyelashes fan against his cheeks, the way connor’s tongue slowly darts out to lick his thumb so he can wipe away a stray bit of polish on jared’s skin (jared thinks a lot about this one).

the thought that connor is pretty strikes him one night, and he nearly passes out.

he chips off the nail polish during the week (not before uploading gratuitous pictures to instagram, of course) so he has an excuse to have connor paint them again. he watches hours of nail art tutorials so one night he can surprise him by asking if he can paint connor’s nails.

his hands shake and he gets bright pink nail polish stuck in connor’s cuticles, but he still sees it on connor for a whole week.

one night, connor is trying out a new technique on jared’s nails when jared just. sits up on his knees and kisses him. his hands move to connor’s long hair, and they both forget for a moment that jared has wet nail polish on, letting themselves have a moment with the smell of nail polish and acetone lingering in the air.

when connor wakes up the next morning and finds his hair congealed with nail polish, he almost gets annoyed.

but jared shifts at his side, pushing his face into connor’s chest and curling a polish-smudged hand into the fabric of connor’s shirt, and he can’t find it within himself to be upset.