Youtuber Spotlight: Fanfiction recommendations

By: Kailey Brown

When the topic of Fanfiction comes up, there are a wide range of topics to consider. With universe breakers like Alternate Universes (appropriately nicknamed AU’s) you can find your favourite characters in a variety of situations that would never occur in the novels and T.V. shows we enjoy.

A favourite of many is the Coffee Shop A.U. where the characters find themselves as two coffee drinkers, or with one half of an OTP as the barista, and the other as a customer.

Another favourite is the High School A.U. where the characters find themselves dropped into a normal (usually American) high school, going about their normal days. without powers, or unique weapons they may have had before.

The most widely debated topic of fanfiction however is what is called RPF. Real People Fiction, these take actors, actresses, youtubers, and many others and plop them into the A.U.s or narrate their day to day activities.

Today, I’m going to recommend some RPF that I’ve read in the past, ranging from Satire to some well written stories. Most of the stories will be involving the members of a Production company called Roosterteeth, as they have stated that though fanfiction is strange, they will not stop us from writing it.

For The Life Unlived - Rating M - Author: ColeTReed

Roosterteeth Productions

Triggers:  Bad Parenting, Physical/Mental/Emotional Abuse, Self-Harm, Suicide

Summary: Geoff and Jack have just started their new charitable organization known as the “HomeHunters”, an organization funded by local sponsors as a social experiment to help the growing adoption problem in the United States. Bringing abandoned and lost children into their small home, they try to give them a life that every child should live, free from worry, and with enough support to let them live whatever life they want. If their first trials go well, they could grow their organization into something that could really change the world.

Personal Opinion: Well-written story, with a well thought out plot. I quite enjoy the characterizations and the fanart by someoneudontknow5 that it is based on, is adorable. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 


A Day with Benedict Cumberbatch - Rating K+- Author: Detective in Training


Summary: What do you do when the unexpected happens? When you get to spend the day with the person you adore most in the world? But what if this person has other plans?

Personal Opinion: Great as a first read, unfortunately some of the twists and turns, lose their grasp on the second and third reads. 

Rating: 3 ½ out of 5


Journey AU- Rating PG- Author: Ragehappythunder

Roosterteeth Productions

Summary: Based on the PS3 game Journey. In Joelay terms, I could see Ray having an abnormally short scarf for his age, and Joel having an extremely large one. Joel usually having to catch Ray from plummeting to his death, because the idiot tries to keep up with Joel.

Set in an AU where the journey civilization is still in tact, so any buildings that are like underground are intact, they live normally, but still can’t talk and can only use their pings to communicate.

Personal Opinion: A well written AU, with a lot of thought put into the previous civilization from the game. One of my favourites by this author. 

Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

And So It Has Been Written- Rating K+- Author evilpiggyofawesome

Danisnotonfire and AwesomePhil

Note: This is based off Dan’s video ‘I Will Go Down With This Ship’. I could not find the original story. 

Summary: Dan and Phil have a Pokemon adventure. Phan. Disclaimer, I do not own either Dan or Phil and Phan is not real.

Personal Opinion: It’s a funny little satire fic that’s great for a laugh, unfortunately as it is only based on the original story, I can’t give it all that much credit. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


High School A.U. -Rating T+- Author: TinyPeckers

Roosterteeth Productions

Summary:  Gavin’s the new exchange student and he’s caught the eye of a popular jock.

Personal Opinion: This was the fanfiction that was the reason I started reading RPF, and from there, decided to write this article, so thank you TinyPeckers, you saved me another month of brainstorming. But seriously this is a great story, and has a well thought out plot that had quite a few surprises. It now has a sequel College AU which is update quite frequently.

Rating: 5 out of 5