You can change your hair
and you can change your clothes
You can change your mind
that’s just the way it goes
You can say goodbye and
you can say hello
But you’ll always find your way back home

You can change your style
You can change your jeans
You can learn to fly
and you can chase your dreams
You can laugh and cry
but everybody knows
You’ll always find your way back home.


k so i jst hit 700+ nd ive been wanting 2 do this for a long time but ive been lazy so here u go .. i lov u all sm & im gr8ful so many ppl r following m =3

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littlehermitscave  asked:

Hi! Just passing through to say I recently found your blog (I'm rather new to BNHA tbh, but I've already fallen!) and I really like your art and comic strips!! :D (ps. I was wondering-- would you allow me to use one of you chibi Baku/Deku/Todo for my personal blog? Of course I'll credit you! If you prefer not, it's totally fine, I'll just swoon over them here on your blog! |D)

Amg welcome to the bnha fandom<333 much excite!! >//7//<) //falls along with you;;;; Aww thank you so much, glad you enjoy them!! and thank you for asking, of course you may use them!

They all have my signature so it’s good to go! You can save it OR go to my blog and click on the actual chibis that leads you to tinypic(where you can prob get the code to use it on your blog) Whichever works ahah;


Idk what’s up with Tumblr or anything or if these are low res now but I had to mcfuckin upload these to tinypic then url upload here cuz it did nothing but give me errors but when it was given a url it was like, lmao sure



Let me know if these are perpetually blurry and I’ll just upload again properly in a few hours when I get home

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So I went back to re-read around in the Speak the Truth archive, as I do, and I noticed that suddenly tons of pictures aren't showing up?? Everything that's hosted on tinypic is now just a little blank box, which makes a big part of the archive just kinda... missing. So idk if you know anyone or know people who know people, but has anyone ever like... archieved the archieve? Or knows a way to get the pictures back??

Hey, I just sent in an ask the other day about Speak the Truth, and I just wanted to say sorry, that was false alarm it seems there was just a glitch with tinypic or something and the pictures are back. I was just so worried that it might be permanent

Hello, dear anon!

I’m so glad to hear that it was nothing but a technical glitch. However, should some content be permanently removed from hosting pages, I’m happy to tell you that @j2madhatters have Speak The Truth available in PDF format. Here, have a look! You can also download the missing pages of spn-gossip from the server. 

Save and preserve! Even if nothing can be truly deleted from the internet, things can become hard to find. Happy reading, sweet anon!

imagine: things that happen bc chibita is shorter/smaller than kara

  • chibi trying to smooch kara but not quite being able to reach his lips
  • chibi needing karas help cos he cant reach a shelf
  • chibi pulling kara down to kiss him
  • chibi being small enough to curl up against karas torso
  • chibi being held by kara just in general
  • chibi trying to dance w/ kara but just being so tiny
  • p i g g y b a c k  r i d e s
  • kara smooching chibis head just in general
  • kara using chibi as an armrest as a joke an chibi yelling for the next 5 hours
  • kara’s jackets and clothes being giant on the smol chibi
  • kara doing anything bc hes taller than chibi
  • chibi doing anything bc hes smoler than kara

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i59(.)tinypic(.)com/2w1rrc2(.)jpg I also found the tweets where GG talked about CP killing it on set. So sweet.

Omg, this is so cute, Anon!!! Thank you for showing it to me!! <333

I wonder which scene he’s referring to here…

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hey dudes can you draw some ham/eliza?? i love this pairing and i need more of it kthxbye

Hamilton briefly considered asking Laurens to the prom. He knew that would be a safe option, Laurens would say yes whether he liked him romantically or not, They’re best friends. Luckily, Burr convinced him to go the riskier route and ask one of the most popular girls in school- lucky for Alex she had a huge crush on him to begin with. She said yes. They danced all night. It was great.

(also I finally figured out how to put images into asks without using Tinypic ahaha I’m silly for not trying this before)