Went in to get my elbow dry needled today. Apparently I have a tiny flare up of Medial Epicondylitis (elbow tendinitis). So in a combination of eastern and western medicine, the physiotherapist puts acupuncture needles into trigger points along the tendon to elicit a more pronounced inflammation response and hopefully accelerate the healing process. Also magic, I do think there was some magic involved.

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I’m going to watch now and join you

YAAY!! it really surprised me how much i liked it, since i thought it was going to be really dumb at first but i enjoyed it a lot :D

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i watched it last night… who’s your otp?

june and james van der beek :x i watched the second ep on hulu too and they both mention their ~plans~ for their life and i like how he begrudgingly has this respect for her and i really want them to become good friends and ja;slkfd;sa i already have feelings