Clouds Above My Head
Tiny Moving Parts

Song | Clouds Above My Head
Band | Tiny Moving Parts
Album | This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship

I am sick of this cycle turning in the opposite direction you made me so happy way back in kindergarten. The first kiss we created during recess at the daycare. The time out sessions nearby the closets. They were beyond worth it. The children in the background they’ve always stayed in focus the camera could never do it’s justice and I’m still sick to my stomach about it. The aperture was far too open for you to notice. Well the light blinds my expression all of thee attention was never what I wanted in the first place. I’ve always had the darkest clouds above my head. Storms bring me nothing but problems, why? Signs for good luck are never good signs. They higher your hopes up just to see you die inside. Please lie to me and tell me that I am okay because it’s getting worse. I guess when you’re a kid stuck inside a candy store you’re bound to get sick of everything. I have learned that signs for good luck are never good signs. They higher your hopes up just to see you die inside.


Our pals in Tiny Moving Parts made an awesome video, sending bobbleheads of themselves into space! Seriously.

Check these maniacs out on tour with Dads starting tomorrow!

Tiny Moving Parts - This Couch is Long and Full of Friendship

Tiny Moving Parts play technical, twinkly emo rock on their full-length debut, This Couch is Long and Full of Friendship, exposing a variety of influences from Cap'n Jazz through Thursday (frontman Dylan Mattheisen cites Full Collapse as his all-time favorite album) and nearly everything in between. Named for a line from a Circle Takes the Square song (on “Kill the Switch”, the seminal screamo act sings “tiny parts make up the whole”), the trio isn’t heavy, per se, but pays homage to the post-hardcore bands that influence their own complex riffs and timings. At just ten songs (two are actually interludes featuring quarterback Brett Favre’s teary retirement speech), our 343rd feature of the year is short-and-to-the-point, an easy recommendation for fans TTNG (This Town Need Guns) looking for a grittier vocal experience similar to that of Captain, We’re Sinking or The Front Bottoms.


Found this from when @tinymovingparts stayed with us.

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