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I confession that i love how V smile, it's so wierd but at the same time is so sincere, and it's so hard to find an idol who have sincerity on their faces, no matter if is the eye or smile or the way they look at the fans. But he's so sincere *^*

this tiny

little nugget

is the cutest <3

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Could you please write an imagine where MC is constantly up somewhere, up in a tree, on the roof, on top of cabinets, laying on top of the car just chillin

Hc for the Rfa and Saeran with a fun sized mc? she super short and cant reach anything. this can include sin too lol

I really like climbing trees too… It makes me feel powerful since I am a smol. I also put these two together because I thought it’d be cute if the reason they were always climbing things is because they’re short!

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  • MC’s not going to fall
  • They know what they’re doing
  • But they’re so tiny! Yoosung is so scared!!
  • Yoosung is almost in tears
  • “MC! Why are you up there??” Yoosung’s heart leapt up into his throat as he caught sight of his precious MC lounging up on a branch about ten feet above the ground.
  • “Chillin’,” MC replied, casually checking their phone. The breeze ruffled their hair. Yoosung was full of fear, his hands trembling. What if they fell?
  • “Can you come down?” he asked, terrified, and a few seconds later, MC fell harmlessly to the ground.
  • “Sorry. Did I scare you? I just like to feel tall.”
  • “it’s okay,” he mumbled, hugging them close and resting his cheek on top of their head.


  • Seven likes to get these cookies
  • They’re limited edition so of course he bought them all
  • He cherishes them
  • And he found out MC likes to eat them
  • So he hid them on top of the fridge thinking MC couldn’t get to them because they’re so tiny
  • Little does he know that short people adapt so that they can get what they want
  • They’re masters at climbing things to achieve their goals
  • One night he opened the fridge to get another Dr Pepper
  • “I knew you hid them up here,” hissed a voice from up above him. Jumping three feet in the air, startled, Seven clapped a hand to his racing heart and looked up to see a thoroughly pissed MC glowering at him, cookie crumbs marring the corner of their mouth.
  • “DID YOU EAT THEM ALL?” he shouted, trying to jump up and bat at MC where they crouched on top of the fridge.
  • “MAYBE I WILL YOU DOUCHE,” they responded, smacking his hand away.


  • She’s suffering
  • Such a mom friend that she would hover nearby
  • Constantly reminding MC to Be Careful
  • As a way of boycotting Jumin putting more work on Jaehee
  • MC just…got on top of Jumin’s car
  • How? 
  • Jaehee had no idea
  • The car was taller than them
  • There was some complicated jumping and sliding and Jaehee was too afraid they were going to get hurt to think about the logistics 
  • And was lying there on their phone, texting nonchalantly
  • Although Jaehee was afraid MC was going to get hurt
  • A part of her was touched that MC was so serious about boycotting Jumin giving her more work
  • “If I’m on top of the car then it can’t take you away to the office,” said MC, a small pout coming to their face. 
  • “MC, it’s okay, I can go in–”
  • “IT IS SUNDAY, YOU ARE NOT LEAVING,” said MC, rising up on their elbow.
  • How such a tiny person could be so fierce, Jaehee didn’t know
  • Jaeehee fought a smile, affection welling up in her chest.


  • He’s confused
  • Why is MC always climbing on top of him?
  • They’re just on his shoulders or clinging to his back?
  • He’ll just be walking or standing and MC just climbs up his back
  • “So that’s what the view’s like from up here”
  • Jumin lets them do it because honestly it’s sort of cute 
  • And their weight on his back is a comforting warmth
  • Sometimes they would fall asleep like that
  • And he just holds onto them firmly to make sure they don’t fall off
  • Other times they point at items they want so that he’ll lean over and they can grab them
  • When he asks why they climb him they respond “it’s nice to be on the same level as you”
  • That answer is so cute that he lifts them up onto a counter and kisses them senseless


  • MC was in the kitchen getting them drinks for their movie night
  • It wasn’t until MC was gone for several minutes that Zen remembered
  • They can’t reach the cups
  • Although MC likes to do things like that themselves he gets worried and goes into the kitchen
  • He sees smol tiny MC lift themselves on the counter without any trouble whatsoever
  • Stand up
  • And start geting cups out
  • Without hesitating they walk along the counter to the snack cabinet
  • Gather things in their arms
  • And jump down, landing lightly on their feet
  • Zen is impressed and thinks it’s super cute
  • They forgot something so they hop back up there
  • “Hey, cutie~” Zen says, going over to the counter. MC turns, a small pout on their face. Zen grabs them by the hips and pulls them down so he can hold them.
  • “Let’s go back to our movie.”