partially deaf jeremy content in the bootleg:

  • Michael keeping his hood up all throughout the day and only taking it down when he’s around jeremy, not just because he’s comfortable around his boy, but so there’s nothing shadowing his face and jer can read his lips clearly
  • whenever he’s telling jer something important (giving him the “ill mock u forever if u don’t” pep talk outside the auditorium), he holds jer by the shoulders and gets close to him to make sure he’s actually taking in what he’s saying and reading his lips and understanding him because jeremy WILL space tf out especially when he’s anxious
  • jer had zero clue what chloe was talking about when he was trying to get to his locker so when she ushered brooke away in disgust he was just like. oh :(
  • jeremy communicates exclusively in “uhhs”, “whats?”, and “huhs??” because no one at this Hell School will speak coherently
  • that’s part of the reason why he’s so attentive when christine is doing “i love play rehearsal”. she speaks so loudly and so expressively that he understands everything she’s saying and it’s so refreshing and wonderful and he doesn’t know if he wants to date her or just be her best friend but. he loves christine and her loud voice
  • how did jer copy the hand movements rich did during “the squip song” for his little reprise even though rich only did them once?? he’s used to doing asl and picking up a hand motion in one go, boom.
  • michael sits in the left beanbag because jer’s hearing is better in his left ear. even when they switch he always makes sure to switch back to the left when he needs to say something to jer
  • jeremy is a flailing, talking with his hands mess because he doesn’t know how loud he’s being and doesn’t want to chance a voice crack so the Flail is used to get people’s attention

  • rich feels kinda shitty about ragging on jer for his bad hearing when he’s got his own speech impediment and genuinely wants him to get a squip so he’ll be able to hear just like rich was able to speak correctly
  • the stunned look on his face when the squip enters and says his name?? it’s been years since he’s heard anything so clearly
  • his absolute terror when he first walks into the hallway during “more than survive” is not having to Hear much that morning then all of a sudden walking into school and having to filter through hundreds of voices

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my dad is a half filipino immigrant and he wanted to give me four first names and my jewish mother told him that Jesus wouldn't know who was praying to him if i had so many names so they settled for two so i feel the "gee how come ur mom lets you have TWO names??" thing


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bird your original writing is. so good. like as someone whose job it was to edit original fiction for years and has been in the fiction circle for a long time, your writing has an incredible ease to it with beautiful phrasing and these quirky, unforgettable little details that make it so amazing omg. you're so talented

oh gosh! thank you so much!!! 

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multiples of 10 for the "you can ask" meme!!! (except for 30 idk why that's even a quesiton)

10. What do you think when you look at your body?

i think oh! there’s a body! it’s mine! those are some good legs!

20. Favorite part of your body?

my legs!!!!! or my hair :0

30. how much do u love chris??


40. Do you believe in the Illuminati?

i guess!!!!! i am a scaredy cat so i believe that shit all the time :0

50. Have you committed an illegal act?

underage drinking i suppose!

60. What languages can you speak?

english but barely

70. What have you done?

we had a photoshoot for my a cappella group then i hung out with my friend for a while and then i went home!

80. Do you have any funny family stories?

once my brother and i got the giggles in a restaurant so bad that my brother had to step outside to calm down, and a lot of the times we would get the giggles after going out to eat in the car ride home

90. Do you keep a journal?

tumbler dot com

100. Are you loved?

I SURE FUCKING AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s really hard to remember sometimes but!!!! iam!!!!! i really really am!!!!!!!!

partially deaf jeremy and sensory overloads:

  • one of the worst parts of being hoh is that. you still get sensory overloads just in different ways
  • having to constantly be completely alert and aware of everything and what people are doing and reading lips or subtitles is super exhausting and can be really overwhelming, especially for jeremy “gets overwhelmed picking out what shirt to wear” heere 
  • school days alone are usually tiring enough. some days jer will fall asleep in the car when michael drives him home (michael secretly thinks it’s really freaking cute when jer falls asleep with his face all smushed against his seatbelt) or he’ll take a little nap while michael does his homework and he’ll usually wake up feeling much better and ready to play video games
  • some days, though, are worse. before the squip incident, morning run-ins with rich make him hyper-conscious of other people talking and he becomes convinced that people are talking about him and he pushes himself too hard to listen and read lips and it’s just. Too Much
  • Michael can tell just by looking at jeremy when it’s been one of Those Days. when they meet for lunch, he’ll just wordlessly nod towards the parking lot and jer will nod gratefully and they’ll take shelter in the pt cruiser where jer can turn his aids off and just let things be quiet, knowing that if he needs to communicate with michael he can always sign. 
  • sometimes during these lunch periods michael will drive down to the 7/11 and get jer a slushy so he can fidget with the straw (and also so he’ll at least get some hydration, even if it’s mostly Sugar Ice) 
  • if jeremy is really upset or just breaks down michael is right there to give his boy a hug if he needs it or to tell him a cheesy story about his moms to make him smile or just hold him some days. he doesn’t mind being a few minutes late for fifth period just to wait for jer to remember how to breathe and make sure his eyes aren’t red
  • “we’ll just tell people we’re hotboxing out here if they say anything” “won’t they think we’re stoners or something?” “I have weed socks jeremiah what do you think”
  • conversely whenever michael’s having sensory overload they’ll usually go to the car and jeremy will wait patiently for it to pass with him. since michael has to have his headphones on or else he’ll literally Die if he hears another sound the sign language really comes in handy so that jer can check in on him without speaking. 
  • yes michael is slightly jealous that jer can just Turn Off the world at any given moment and make everything stop being so loud but he would never admit it
  • no matter how bad things get, they have each other. and most days that’s enough

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name your top ten characters from ten different fandoms -

1. It - eddie kaspbrak
2. stranger things - el
3. child’s play - tiffany ray
4. boy meets world - eric matthews 
5. deadpool - vanessa carlysle
6. glee - rachel berry
7. pretty little liars - alison dilaurentis
8. that 70s show - jackie burkhart
9. heathers - heather duke
10. percy jackson - calypso

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first time planning out a comic (which may or may not be based off @tinylittle-femalechrist‘s partially deaf Jeremy au…….)

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while i was recovering from a bad illness i was haunted by a project runway boyf au in which jeremy thinks he's just jealous of michael and his cool designs until he realizes like 3/4ths of the way through the competition that he's actually in Love with him

i don’t know project runway besides the most basic basic knowledge but this is fucking good and i love it. i love that shit where you think you feel one way but Oh Shit! I’m In Love With You!