Tiny little

When we came into the world as a tiny little human, with tiny little hands and feet and big round eyes we didn’t have any idea about what was coming for us. Everyone else around us knew, but we could only look around with our big round eyes and wait until mama would stick her boob in our tiny little mouth and feed us. 

Back then, when the world was only a tiny bit bigger than our home and mom and dad never left your side, they dicided everything for you. Because they knew best. 

As you then get older, and become a teenager, all of a sudden mom and dad doesn’t know anything, and you are the most clever person in the world. 
   Coming out of those teenage years I now wish that my mom and dad would just decide for me again. Because holy crap it sucks to be responsible for all your own choices and, well, your own life. I mean, half of the time I have no idea what to chose and I feel like I have no idea what is best for me. 

So if I could please go back to being a tiny little human with tiny little worries that would be great. 


Echo Park PDA Art Walk 2011

TinyLittle live at the Art Needs Freedom Launch at Feeding Birds Boutique