Tinyjoynow visits Angel Oak. A tree that is estimated to be as old as 1400-1500 years.

Sivia: Utterly ginormous. It was interesting to see a tree’s branches dip down into the ground and then twist back up into the sky. It created numerous visible fractals. It was hard to tell where the roots began and the branches ended.

Nick: Exactly! And being in the presence of a living thing that old is an amazing experience. Imagine how much has happened surrounding just that one tree and how it used to be just a little seed. If I ever were a tree, I would want to be like this one.  

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NameURL- marshalljustbecause  In life- Ariana

Birthday: September 17 Woooooooooo!!! i’m gonna have a rented elastic bed for the day and cake, my perfect day!!

Gender: somewhere bewteen raging hell demon and baby goat

Sexuality: unattainable hot men and all girls

Height: 162cm, which is lame ‘cause both my brothers are tall

Time Zone: umm i don’t know???? caribbean time zone, is that a thing?? i don’t think it is…

What time and date is it there: August 28, 11:11 pm

Average hours of sleep I get each night: last night, a full 12 hours, but when i actually have something to do in the day, it’s six hours or less

The last thing I Googled was: the Design institute in Caracas

My most used phrase(s):no ( alternatively: “stop” and “uuuuuuugh”)

First word that comes to mind: azalea

What I last said to a family member: don’t take too much ( of my cookie)

One place that makes me happy & why: my bed, because it’s all warm and covered in blankets and soft stuff

How many blankets I sleep under: 3, from thinnest to thickest, in red, green and blue!!

Favorite beverage(s): chocolate, although i usually drink a lot of milk (when we have it….)

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the galaxy hell yeah!!!

Three things I can’t live without: oxygen, water and food

Something I plan on learning: baking like a pro

A piece of advice for all my followers: always check the volume on your speakers before you put on a movie

You all have to listen to this song: pompeii from bastille, it’s just honestly amazing!

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Tinyjoynow created our very own coral reef! We used cardboard, felt, and paint. It’s a reminder that creativity and fun doesn’t have to be expensive. Using it as an adorable end table for our plants and coffee, we love it dearly.



Only a few days away from releasing the Cosmic Comic, I decided to get crafty and make some jewelry.

$5.50 for earrings and brooches, and if you use the code SHARETHELOVE when you checkout, you can get 14% off!



Tinyjoynow is so excited to celebrate a full month of Halloween-esque things. It’s our favorite holiday and we want to have it last longer than a night. To kick it off, we’ve painted a little spooky pumpkin. Happy October everyone!

- Tinyjoynow

(This is the before photo of our smoothie with all the ingredients visible and unblended)

Tinyjoynow is bonkers for smoothies. We drink one everyday. Here’s one of our concoctions that’ll make you feel like you’re on crack from how much nutrients you’re getting and actually taste really good.

Proportions aren’t exact, don’t worry about it, just toss it in and you’ll be fine.

1. Strawberryies (5)
2. Banana (1)
3. Spinage (½ cup)
***its a great way to get your veggies, but doesn’t taste bitter like kale***
4. Concentrated lemonade (half a spoon full)
5. Vega powder (¾ a serving)
****Vega is really the key to our smoothies being so healthy. It’s a vegan protein powder that as 100% of all your daily vitamins you’ll need for the day. ALL OF THEM. The first time I had it, I ran around the room from feeling so charged and alive.***
6. Plant juice (5 tbs)
***This is something new we’ve started adding to our smoothies. We get it from Trader Joe’s. It’s sweet, blending well with our other fruit, and contains mad veggies.***
7. Green tea (fill it up to the top)
***We brew big batches of our green tea and keep it cool to go into our smoothie. It’s not only incredibly good for you but helps give you a flatter tummy.***

- Tinyjoynow