We’ll reminisce in silence 
I’ll try my best to steady your trembling hands 
And focus on your chapped lips 
Try to comprehend my rationale this time 
My love can only flicker 
But you see that as bright and you cannot avoid it 
I will let you down again 
And you will do your best to act like you’re not surprised 
I’ll kiss your naked body 
You’ll be wondering how long you’ll be left alone 
Can’t seem to find the right one 
But I’ll suffice for now to help you pass the time 
Our chemistry is complex 
But we each lack discretion when it comes to finding passion 
For one of us this means more 
As far as for whom, well your guess is as good as mine 

You’re no longer with me when I sleep 
But your body still haunts me in my dreams 

We could be on to something here 
But I’m to afraid of failure to find out 
Everything I once knew is seeping outside me 
I’m drowning in the man I used to be 
Yes it is true that I once loved you 
And at one point I loved myself too 
But parallel thoughts remain divided 
They won’t intertwine like our bodies used to