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☆═━┈┈  You are cordially invited    ┈┈━═☆

The masquerade event that is hosted by the Warrens family and guest hostess, Bunny Se Jeong. Join the event for a few nights of fine cuisine, elegant dancing and pleasant conversations. Gather up your courage to ask that certain someone to come with you, or attend alone if you wish. In order to join the festivities, please keep in mind:

  • All guests attending are required to dress formally, whether it is a suit or a costume. Masks are also mandatory. However, outfits do not have to coordinate with the winter theme.
  • It is encouraged for guests to draw/write/cosplay/roleplay for this event. Anything can be done! Tinychat, party games, gifts for others – there is no limit. 
  • Engaging in fights is not allowed. You will be shown your way out by a butler and are not allowed back.
  • Please wipe your feet before stepping feet into the mansion.

The festivities will begin on Saturday, January 2nd through Sunday, January 3rd.

Notes from admin: This a celebration for the High School Story and Hollywood U fandom! This is to rally everyone and spread love and cheer all around. Feel free to do whatever you’d like, as well as thanking the people of Pixelberry on their Facebook or Tumblr for the wonderful games they have provided us. For this ball, please use the “pixelberryball” tag and they will be reblogged on here. Please contact us at @pixelberryball for any ideas or questions you may have. This is an official invitation for this event so please reblog or like if you plan to participate. Let’s make this ball a night to remember!



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  • must be an active 1D/5sos/multi
  • a bunch of new friends
  • tons of new followers when we do promos
  • snapchat/tinychat/omegle parties yay
  • a spot on our rad network page
  • help with HTML, polls, goals, ect.
  • tag #theimpulsives and tell us about yourself & why you want to be an Impulsive 
  • talk to us (we won’t pick complete strangers and we don’t bite) 
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Guys, I’m 60 followers away from 500! I’d like to take some time today to talk about what this means.


I want to celebrate 500 followers with all of you. You all have been here reading my shitty text posts, reading my fanfiction and enjoying my reblogs. I don’t know why you stick by me but I really appreciate everyone following me.

So, here’s a thing.

I want to have a tinychat/livestream party for my lovely followers. 

“but what do I have to do?" 

IT’S SIMPLE! Spread the word to your followers. Talk about me, get me that 500. This means you can reblog this post and like it!

Leave suggestions in my askbox/submission box. I’ll be accepting the following:

  • Fanfiction to read
  • Music to dance to
  • Videos to watch (for tinychat, if I choose)
  • Discuss topics/rant about things of your choice
  • Cosplay to do during the party
  • Most of all, pick things I can do while drunk

Suggestions I pick from my askbox (if you don’t choose anon) will get a shoutout in my next YouTube video as well as a mention my blog.

I’m accepting anything fandom related also! Don’t be afraid to send me fandom stuff, afterall my life has been wasting away on Tumblr because of fandoms. I have been very obsessed with SPN lately, so followers who send me SPN things will get free art in their submit box (leave your submit box open for that)!

Things to remember:

  • People who I pick will get a shoutout in my next video and a mention in my blog. So, if you want that, don’t click anonymous!
  • SPN related suggestions/ideas get free art in their submission box, so keep it open for me!
  • Remember to have fun!

Again, thank you all for following me. It really means a lot to know people give a shit.

The deadline is June 18th! That will be 3 years since I joined Tumblr!

And I love all of you very much.

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Tinychat party at 12EST

So…I will be hosting a LOK all-nighter TINYCHAT party for the people who are planning to stay up for the Amazon release! I’ll be posting up the link at 12EST and we can chat until it comes out! Please reblog and spread the word!

YAY!OK so i’m doing a promo since i’m ending my bandom blog phase and going into the anime blog phase (aww),yes sad bUT NOT SAD BECAUSE PROMO! AND DOUBLE THE WINNERS BECAUSE anime and the bandom are just very different.
mbf me
Reblogs only please!! (won’t be disqualified for likes)
Must get at least 50 notes!
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Best Theme (4)
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Best URL (4)
Best Overall (3;Gold,Bronze,Silver)
This promo ends may 25 (MY BIRTHDAY YAY *confetti*,there is no specific time because i got dentist and b-day),there might be a tinychat party on the 25 for the promo and mainly b-day,also have fun ♥

Hello new followers & old followers.

Thank you so much for joining us here at Littles and Bigs Playground aka LBP. We really hope you enjoy your stay & have lots of fun playing with us. 

If you aren’t aware: we are a network set up for those in the CGL relationships. Daddy Doms, Mommy Dommes, Caregivers, Littles, little girls, little boys . We do have a membership list. To be a part of that you can fill out or application –>HERE<– and send it in to us. We will then place you on the membership list and any of the other lists you chose.

Our Membership List is –>HERE<–

Our singles list is –>HERE<–

Our seeking friendship ONLY list is –>HERE<–

We are also doing a giveaway, planning our Tinychat Party (July 12th 10pm EST), We have a traveling book project,  I will be starting the journal prompts next week, and we have a book challenge >HERE<

Our inbox is always open, we love giving advice to all of you. We do have caregivers who are willing to help us answer questions from that aspect so feel free to ask away!

We do request members be 18+ for legal reasons. You are welcome to follow the blog but we do request anyone under 18 to please wait until you are 18 to join us as a member.

Lots of love to ALL of you, thank you for helping the blog grow so quickly!!

Lolo & The Playground


((It’s not the 5th here yet, but tomorrow (on the 5th so in less than 24 hours) I’m doing a big tinychat party so we’ll celebrate it alll!))

You are one of those rare people that bring an honest smile to my face and can make me laugh. I’m always so happy to just see your face and you being happy. I’m sure it’s one of those days today, and I hope there can be as many days like this in the future. Okay I get it, I’m so lame and terrible at wishing “happy birthday"s so yes ya know all the things I’m supposed to say rn:D If I was there I’d probably bake you Nutella cookies (does this exist) (yes) but I don’t want to be that person that wishes to creep around your house (except if you’d want too lol I know u do) :)

I hope you smile a lot today;)<3