10 little secrets in Super Mario Maker that I like a lot ⊟ 

[Having played Super Mario Maker ahead of its release, TinyCast pal Francesco Dagostino offered this article to help you get a headstart on your own building!]

A big part of the fun in Super Mario Maker comes from finding the tons of secrets hidden by its developers pretty much EVERYWHERE. Sometimes it’s little easter eggs, like a minigame reminiscent of Mario Paint, or the interactive letters in the title screen; other times, it’s literally new mechanics or elements you can use to create even more original stages.

I’ve played around with Super Mario Maker for quite some time now, and as I keep learning ways to make enemies and platforms interact with the player, I compiled a little list of ten discoveries I wanted to share that will help you have a good time and gather some cool ideas for your stages!

I’ll focus on talking about things I haven’t seen explained anywhere so far, rather than mentioning stuff that has already been discussed aplenty everywhere such as Amiibos, wearing shells for helmets and using them to make enemies bounce, or putting Cheep­ Cheeps in the lava!

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Etrian Mystery Dungeon releases next week ⊟

So here’s a launch trailer for the game! I feel like we should be more hyped about this and posting about the game nonstop? Unfortunately I haven’t spent enough time with it yet, but I’m hoping to put in more hours before the April 7 release, and I hear Fran has played a bunch already. Maybe expect to hear us talk more about it in a TinyCast sometime in the next few weeks?

PREORDER Etrian Mystery Dungeon (April 7)

Demystifying Etrian Mystery Dungeon

[TinyCast contributor Francesco Dagostino teases apart the aspects of Atlus’s new dungeon crawler that come from the two series it combines– as well as the new parts added for just this game. He also offers his own impressions!]

I’m sure anyone who spends too much time playing – or thinking about – video games knows the feeling of disappointment that immediately follows waking up after dreaming about impossible crossovers. Recently, for instance, I had a dream about a Monster Hunter clone with playable Gundam Mobile Suits! That was pretty cool. I can’t be the only person who has these kind of dreams, right?


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