Tiny Adventure Club

I found a blog on here a while back called @tinyadventureclub and have came up with a bullet journal section for my own tiny adventures. 

The tiny adventures I came up with are actually from my 30-Day Healthy Challenge. If you’d like to get some inspiration from that challenge, you can click [here].

Basically, I color in a part of the circle every time I complete that adventure. It keeps me motivated and excited to go outside of my comfort zone. 


Thank you for all the fun, Heavensward!~

And most definitely thank you, Balmung, and most especially the members of the @ashen-clinic.

It has been a joy to RP with you all through both the good times and the troubling ones over the past two years.  We’ve all grown as a group, and I can’t wait to see what sorts of stories we all weave together in Stormblood (or how many crates of zuchinni are going to end up on our doorstep this year.)

I’m so lucky to call you all friends, both old and new. I <3 you guys so much.

-Dani )

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How often do we disregard what our bodies are trying to tell us? I used to be conflicted with migraines 1-3 times a month and headaches almost every other day to the point that I thought it was “normal”. When I started looking into the wellness company I shop from now, I kept seeing things and thinking “wow, I never thought of that” when it came to things that are supposed to *help* or at least please consumers.

Products such as candles from Walmart with artificial fragrances, food with artificial flavors and dyes, and household cleaners like bleach that are actually super harmful to us and the environment all actually have side effects! Do you get a headache when you clean with bleach, or does dawn dish soap burn your skin? Do you notice your clothes fading in color and your lint trap being full every time you dry your clothes? What about your lipstick/chapstick that actually dries your lips out, or your shampoo & conditioner combo that somehow manages to leave your hair oily but more damaged?

Doesn’t it make sense that household product companies like P&G want to keep telling us that we have a problem that they can “fix” (when their solution actually makes the problem worse so we keep buying their junk to “fix” it)? How is Tide “America’s Detergent” but can be lethal if ingested by toddler thus requiring child-proof bags, be toxic to anyone who breathes the scent of the detergent, and wreak havoc on the environment where it is disposed of?! What about the food industry that says meat reduces heart health and carbs fuel our bodies but then tell us we’re at fault for being overweight and obese (because we all just LOVE carbs!)? Or the medical/pharmaceutical industry that makes loads of money from overpriced products and addicts?

I haven’t had any migraines since completely switching to natural scents in my home (cleaning supplies, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, dish soap- all scented by natural essential oils, herbs, and aloe) and I’ve probably had less than 10 actual headaches since then. It’s true, I used to think my migraines were genetic and/or hormonal, but is it a coincidence that they’ve completely stopped now? We need to start educating ourselves on what is “normal” and what is not, and listening to our bodies when something isn’t quite right. We need to research what we buy not only for ourselves but for our families and others around us. ❤️


Remember me? I’m that girl who took up a class that required to talk a lot in front of people and was scared of that.

Well, I’m here to tell you: the course finished this afternoon with an acting performance in front of the whole class and some professors and I did it! I acted! I stood on the stage with my group and I felt comfortable! The theme of our show was apathy and that feeling of giving up what’s too difficult to accomplish. You could say that we defeated apathy doing something that scared us! And we survived. 

I’m so proud of my group for having done this, and I’m so proud of myself because my voice was loud and clear. I was not afraid!

This #tinyadventure has ended, and I’m willing to start a next one!

3 months

3 months on the right meds. three months of tears, laghter, and starting to be able to do basic things (Drive for more than ten minutes without panicking, being able to get up without fighting with myself the whole way, clean my room. all sorts of things.)

Today I did something I thought I’d never be able to do again though. Ever time I’ve been to the movies in the past 2-3 years I’ve broken down crying after or had to leave the theatre panicking. Today I went and saw a movie. In theatres. Without panicking, crying, or breaking down. Tiny adventure?