Tiny the Usurper is the cat co-owner of Community Bookstore in Park Slope. He is the only cat to name himself co-owner of any of the independent book stores in Brooklyn. He additionally has his own Twitter and many intimidating personas, including The Bad Cat (or El Gato Malo, as the neighborhood kids scream). He is also El Gato Peligroso (The Dangerous Cat) to the store’s booksellers — or, as he calls them, his minions.
New Episodes Coming Soon!

I had a great time yesterday at Community Bookstore in Park Slope, taping four new segments of The Handsell which I’ll roll out over the next week or so. I also got to meet Tiny the Usurper, who briefly consented to having his picture taken!

Next week, I’ll be out again, this time at WORD in Greenpoint, and I can tell you in advance that if you’d like some recommendations for great international literature this would be a great time for you to send me a list of 3-5 books you’ve enjoyed, because some upcoming guest stars are visiting New York for the PEN World Voices Festival…