Automatically, slightly startled, Orochimaru puts a hand up to touch his bun. Wisps are coming loose, and his bangs have fallen down to cover one side of his face. He’s pale and eerie-looking and has a tendency to favor heavy sweeps of purple eyeliner that make Tsunade despair of him, and…lovely isn’t a word most people use when directed towards him. Unsettling is far more common.

I read this bit from @blackkatmagic‘s fic Like glitter and gold the other day, and I could not get the image out of my head. there was supposed to be a ¾ image of Orochimaru with bun too, but bratty tiny Anko got sketched and usurped its place instead lmao

ps. there’s captions

Cowboy: The EDH/Commander variant you were looking for

Playing a large game of EDH/Commander is a pastime. It also is great at passing time-lots of it. While some may look forward to digging in and waging war for hours on end, there is another way to play multiple games, with more than 5 people, in the course of a day-rather than just one or two.

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