it’s not just the fact. the fact that you message me everyday at 4 am just to remind me to take better care of myself. the fact that you do it even after I tell you not to. the fact that I barely answer back on time. the fact that you’re on the other side of the planet. the fact that an online friend is one of my biggest fans. the fact that you remind me to eat and drink. the fact that you love throwing random information around, my own personal human google, you’re the lightbulb of my ideas. the fact that you hate yourself just as much as I hate myself. the fact that you blame yourself for your uncle’s death. the fact that you love me more than I love myself. the fact that you love my poetry more than the amount of poems I’ve written, and I’ve written plenty. the fact that you’re still here after all of this time. you are simply too damn cute, by simply being you. friendship masked as sundown, you never like to see me frown. you always ask– what was your suck and sweet of the day? most days I say nothing. most days I don’t want to talk about it. when I think that I deserve pain, I remember you and I stop. when the moon grows the flowers in my mind, when I can’t come up with hard facts or a simple way to say I love you to myself– I think about you. a thousand rivers must contain one dragon, a thousand nights must be enough for me to forgive myself. you are randomness. you are a singularity. you are a tiny poem. you are pressed daisies. you are an unwritten metaphor, you cross my mind, but I can never formulate you. you are on the tip of my tongue, a prose piece without a single mention about love, but I still feel loved by you. you wanna know why you’re different? a million tumblr accounts, yours is the only one without reblogs, posts or anything. you’re my invisible reader. and I see you for you.

Why everybody looking for a relationship but not looking for the next step in life ? They always searching for a girlfriend/boyfriend but havent thought about loving themselves first, treating themselves right. Have you thought about fixing your credit or paying off all your bills before adding another priority into your life ? Everybody looks for a relationship but is not looking for a means of living, maybe going to school or looking for a job they love so much, maybe striving. They always want to rush things, always want to jump into things not realizing they got so much going on in their lives. Like i said before why everybody looking for a relationship but not looking for themselves first?

Parking Lot.


This is
Like a Sea of
tetris Pieces



Fitzhugh Street parking lot following amerks 2-3 loss after winter storm hockey game. W dan. < #context . #4moi . >

So I have this headcannon that Damen has a lot of cats.

Cause he’s from this TOTALLY-NOT-GREECE Mediterranean place, and I’m pretty sure that, like actual Greece, it’s crawling in these pseudo-feral cats. Cats everwhere. Cats in temples. Cats climbing ruins. Cats sleeping in the Mediterranean sun. And they don’t have homes per-say….but they’re very people friendly.

And if Damen grew up in this open air palace….you just know that place was crawling with cats, cause cats go where they damn well please.

And since we all know that Damen is a giant softie, it’s a pretty good guess that he’s been low-key taking care of a bunch of them and sneaking them table scraps and letting them sleep in his bed with him since he was a tiny toddler.

Can’t you imagine? Little Damen gathering up a bunch of dinner scraps and feeding an ever growing population of abandoned kittens, to the horror of his nurses, who are pretty sure that those feral things are diseased, but every morning when she goes to wake him up, he has a room full of stray kittens?

One of playboy Damen’s many hookups getting distracted from sexy times by the sheer number of cats sleeping in Damen’s bed when he pulls back the covers and he’s like, not even mad cause yes they are his, and yes, they are so cute, and yes he has named every single one of them after heroes from epic poems. That tiny one there? That’s Ajax. He’s feirce.

Damen on campaign with Laurent in Prince’s Gambit giving Lauren’s table scraps to local strays, and Laurent being all confused about why they have picked up so many furry four legged camp followers. And why haven’t the mice and vermin attacked their food supplies? Are these two strange happenings related?

Years later, Damen sees a rat in Lauren’s chambers in Vere and is mad grossed out but Laurent is like “they’re a part of life, there’s nothing you can do about them” and Damen’s all “Just get a cat?” And Laurent is all ?????? So next time he comes Damen brings like 200 cats and releases them in the palace and Laurent is pissy until all the vermin disappear. Then he gets attached to a tiny, underweight, undersized black kitten and he realizes that cats are basically him in four legged form, and maybe that is why Damen is so good at putting up with his icy personality, cause he’s basically a human cat and Damen seems to love cats sooo…..

Cat-ptive Prince and Damen the Cat lover and Laurent the Basically-is-a-cat.