So far my little city of Hazard, KY has had 7 little magical creatures place their homes through out the city. These cute little house are like a little scavenger hunt. Some are easy to find others you have to really look for them. There are more to come. I will post as they appear. 

Have y’all see these Tiny Doors? Pretty cool! Why is there an alien creature standing by this one with a tiny kitten? I don’t know. Much like the Tiny Doors series, this Alien Guy With Kitten defies logic. TinyDoorsATL is a project started by two apparently awesome people named Karen and Sarah. You can read more about their project at tinydoorsatl.com, and you can see THIS door along the Freedom Parkway bike path, just across the street from the aforementioned Carter Center. If it’s nice some afternoon soon you really should take a walk along there—it’s one of the prettiest places around, and this little door only adds to the charm. You should follow TinyDoorsATL on your social media platform of choice and seek out the rest of the series! I definitely plan to. Stay awesome, little door!
(at Freedom Parkway Atlanta)

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Bernard looked incredibly distressed , he has been searching all over for his little houseguest but couldn't find him any where ,he decided to check the doll house he resides in only to find s note on the front door .

The tiny man had decided it best to inform his host one way or another that he had gone exploring. And since he had been unable to find him the note on the front of his door seemed sensible.


More Topp Dogg Stupid AUs: Roommates - Lions & Knights/Apt. 95

An artistic aura lingers around the bizarre door to apartment 95, with splashes of colours and patterns that would normally look horrendous together but they are so overflowing on one tiny door that they are almost endearing. Like their door, the tenants are very unique with different experiences in life and are always there to lend a voice of wisdom to their neighbours. On dark city nights, when the rest of the building has already gone to sleep, the light shines strongest from their windows.

“Who let Yooncheol decorate!? The place looks ridiculous”

“Tough luck Sanggyun, I asked you if wanted to do it but look who ignored me”

“Wow Taeyang, you should just trademark the word mom and get it over with. And Yooncheol should trademark the term dad while he’s at it”

“Why do I get ‘dad’, Sanggyun?”

“I’ve known you for years, you make lamer dad jokes than an actual dad! And just look at your taste in furniture!”

“Morning Sangwon”

“Hey, mornin’. Hey Yooncheol do you know why Taeyang was spraying water in my face this morning. I didn’t wake up fast enough to ask him”

“Apparently that was holy water. I asked him why holy water and all he said was, and I quote ‘that boy needs Jesus that’s why’ before he walked away. I didn’t ask anymore after that. I think he was mad that you knocked all that paint over while you were drunk last night”

“But he’s the one who drinks the most!”

“But he’s also got a better tolerance than you, who gets wasted on Alcopops”

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Whats one of your happiest memories?

when i was a kid i would sit by the door around sunset to look at the spot of sunlight tht woud show thru a tiny hole on the door… that is my first solid memory of warmth and consistent trust