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(icy-tsunbird-rider) Miyu's Lockseed has led her to the Coussier. "Well..." She knocks on the door, slowly.

A tiny girl opens the door.

“Hello~ what brings you here so late? We were about to close up” Chiyoko asks, smiling.



So far my little city of Hazard, KY has had 7 little magical creatures place their homes through out the city. These cute little house are like a little scavenger hunt. Some are easy to find others you have to really look for them. There are more to come. I will post as they appear. 

Have y’all see these Tiny Doors? Pretty cool! Why is there an alien creature standing by this one with a tiny kitten? I don’t know. Much like the Tiny Doors series, this Alien Guy With Kitten defies logic. TinyDoorsATL is a project started by two apparently awesome people named Karen and Sarah. You can read more about their project at tinydoorsatl.com, and you can see THIS door along the Freedom Parkway bike path, just across the street from the aforementioned Carter Center. If it’s nice some afternoon soon you really should take a walk along there—it’s one of the prettiest places around, and this little door only adds to the charm. You should follow TinyDoorsATL on your social media platform of choice and seek out the rest of the series! I definitely plan to. Stay awesome, little door!
(at Freedom Parkway Atlanta)


Atlanta’s Hidden Tiny Doors Big Surprise Around City

As Atlanta was getting a brief respite from the rain on a Saturday afternoon in April, a small group was gathering on the BeltLine for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

This wasn’t for a new business or one of those fancy new mixed-use developments, these folks were gathered behind Paris on Ponce for something much smaller … something tiny.