So far my little city of Hazard, KY has had 7 little magical creatures place their homes through out the city. These cute little house are like a little scavenger hunt. Some are easy to find others you have to really look for them. There are more to come. I will post as they appear. 

In September 1941, Theodore Edward Coneys went to the home of an old friend, Phillip Peters, to ask for some financial help as he had fallen on hard times and lost his house. The house was empty - Peters had gone to visit his wife in hospital, who had suffered a broken hip. Coneys decided to let himself into the house and while rummaging around, he found a tiny door that led to an attic room. Coneys was a rather small man and managed to fit inside and decided to take up home. He lived there for five weeks. He would wait until Peters left the house and would come down and help himself to food and use the bathroom, until 17 October, when Coneys snuck down without realising Peters had not yet left. Peters was startled by Coneys and struck him with his cane. Coneys responded by beating his old friend to death before going back to the attic. The body was found by a friend who alerted the police who investigated the crime scene. They were baffled as to who could have committed the crime as all windows and doors were locked from the inside. Eventually Peters wife moved back into the home and hired housekeepers, but the housekeepers kept quitting because they believed the house to be haunted. Since Peters wife could not get help, she moved in with her son. People would report hearing noises and seeing lights when passing the house but each time the police investigated, they found nothing. Everybody believed the house to be haunted until 30 July 1942, when somebody saw Coneys looking out a curtain. The police called and found Coneys climbing up the stairs to the attic. The police stated they never searched the attic room because they believed the entrance to be too small for anybody to fit in. He became known as the “Denver Spiderman”.

He was arrested and convicted of murdering Peters. He died in 1967 in prison.

Have y’all see these Tiny Doors? Pretty cool! Why is there an alien creature standing by this one with a tiny kitten? I don’t know. Much like the Tiny Doors series, this Alien Guy With Kitten defies logic. TinyDoorsATL is a project started by two apparently awesome people named Karen and Sarah. You can read more about their project at tinydoorsatl.com, and you can see THIS door along the Freedom Parkway bike path, just across the street from the aforementioned Carter Center. If it’s nice some afternoon soon you really should take a walk along there—it’s one of the prettiest places around, and this little door only adds to the charm. You should follow TinyDoorsATL on your social media platform of choice and seek out the rest of the series! I definitely plan to. Stay awesome, little door!
(at Freedom Parkway Atlanta)


Atlanta’s Hidden Tiny Doors Big Surprise Around City

As Atlanta was getting a brief respite from the rain on a Saturday afternoon in April, a small group was gathering on the BeltLine for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

This wasn’t for a new business or one of those fancy new mixed-use developments, these folks were gathered behind Paris on Ponce for something much smaller … something tiny.

open-circle-fleet asked:

Okay but can we imagine obi-wan offhandedly mentioning feemor to tiny newbie anakin one time and how he used to be qui-gon's padawan and the next day feemor finds tiny anakin outside his door with a list of questions ready

Idk, maybe you could imagine that if you’re really into cute Ani. Personally I find him much more fun when he’s being a little shit, though. So to me it’d go more like: