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What are your thoughts on one-room apartments and how they maximize space? Do you have any cool examples?

I think is a very efficient solution to living in the city. At the end of the day, no matter how big is your house or apartment, you end up using a very limited area efficiently. Unless you continually host parties!

Here are some examples of studio apartments:

Micro Apartment in Wroclaw Szymon Hanczar

Apartment in Akasaka FrontOfficeTokyo

micro apartment in Wroclaw Studio Apartment in Paris Anne Rolland Architecte

Small and Sculpted Studio Apartment Catseye Bay Design

House in Nishi-honmachi Shimpei Oda

Tiny Apartment In Paris Kitoko Studio

Glass Table Girls (M)

Member: Kim Namjoon, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook (Different members further on)

Genre: Sugardaddy!au, Prostitute!, Smut

Warnings: Nsfw, Mature Content, Vulgar Smut, Dirty talk, Drugs -Use, Prostitution, Vouyerism, MxFxM

Words: 3.4k

Part 1 - Part 2?

If it hurts to breathe, open the window. 

This is a happy house, We’re happy here. Oh, this is fun. 

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The days were exhaustingly slow. You have moved to Seoul in a little cramped up apartment by the Han River. Honestly, it stank of beer and piss around the staircase and it didn’t have any elevator, so you had to work your legs up the stairs everyday.

Your apartment was tiny and cramped, and you meant it. There weren’t place for a wall to separate the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom. It was an open surface except for the bathroom. Every morning when you’re doing your stuff in the bathroom, you had to crouch since the roofing was so low.

Everytime you sat up from the toilet, your poor head is greeted by the roof with a painful bang that made you instantly sit back down. The only place you could stand in the bathroom was the shower, you were taller than the most girls which was a curse. Your head barely had space to jump.

You swore that you were getting more and more claustrophobic living in the mouse hole as you called it. It was your last year in college, to graduate and you had to bear /🐻/ it out.

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So I just got back from watching Arrival, the new alien film every movie-goer is talking about. Spoiler free comment below!

I know this is probably going to be no different from what everyone must be saying about the film, but it isn’t your usual sci-fi end of the world alien film. It’s not scary, or crazy full of explosions. It’s very human, very real and full of emotion. I loved every moment - it’s visually stunning and the soundtrack is breathtaking.

If you have the chance to go and watch it, you totally should!!

In the past few days I’ve “come out” to two casual mom acquaintances at M’s new school and they both sent me such warm, supportive, nonjudgmental emails afterward. One read 2 of my essays and had really kind feedback & the other said she’d actually known about my past from googling me last year but didn’t know how to bring it up. For all I bitch about our tiny apartment, there’s also something to be said for living in a liberal open-minded community, & i’m so glad M is at the school she is.

When her dad & I were arrested, I should’ve been terrified by the possibility of going to jail, but most of my anxiety was around the fear that I’d never be able to move past what had happened & never be able to give M a normal childhood. I remember a meeting w/ my lawyer when he was trying to talk to me about facts of the case, & all I kept asking him was if anyone would ever let their kids play w/ M, could I ever be a regular parent, would anyone ever want to be my friend. It feels really nice to be accepted, and for M to not be judged for her parents’ mistakes.

Mmm, I see wish and concept posts on here, meant to be positive and dream goals and shit, and it’s like, “in our tiny apartment we eat noodles together and I make you laugh” and like, that’s nice, I wish you the best, but like, not to be a bitch, you guys, but my fantasy life is like, 

“concept: in my big ass yet energy efficient mansion, you are massaging my muscular and shapely calves with a variety of lightly scented oils. you are wearing that shirt i really like. i have bought you tickets to see your favorite show as it plays on another continent. we leave tomorrow. our suitcases are already packed because we are organized and efficient people. i am madly in love with you and you are madly in love with me. the dog is well behaved and sleeps through the night. my hair is flawless. my wardrobe is impeccably tailored. my plants are vibrant and healthy. we are vibrant and healthy. my animal sanctuary is successful and self sustaining. i check my messages. my agent tells me the movie deal went through. you kiss me to celebrate. i make you laugh and you are so beautiful when you laugh that it is exquisitely painful. i am still the prettiest, though. my calves feel better; good job.”

This is 梅风 (Mei Feng) She doesn’t have a last name ^^ Her buns are actually cacti I have no idea how they got there but she loves them (the one on the right is called Nana and left is Lala) She’s pansexual and very sweet and makes really bad puns. She was an orphan because her parents wanted a son and threw her away and her orphanage was really abusive so she ran away at the age of 7. Luckily she bumped into Emmi, an aspiring fashion designer, and now she lives with her in a tiny apartment. She’s pretty addicted to cutting herself which is not good but she’s trying to stop please understand ;v;

Other things about Mei.. She struggles with school but mama Emmi tells her that it’s important and welp what can you do. She also has severe anxiety and bipolar disorder. She enjoys painting and listening to music or playing pranks on Emmi! (And Emmi often uses Mei as a model for her clothes) (Mei doesn’t mind)


I LOVE HER!!! cute lil plant girl omgggg and ofc the rough bg like 👀👀👀👀 sign me tf up 👌🏻👌🏻. I hope this bb gets lots of love omgg i already love Emmi thank u fashion Mom ™