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oooh i'd love to hear more about julian and his parents!! is one of them hannah shepard?

Yes! Julian Shepard is the son of Hannah Shepard, a career officer in the Systems Alliance Navy, and Rachel (Rae) Dang, a civilian engineer specializing in space station construction. Hannah and Rae met through a mutual friend as young women, while Hannah was a cadet and Rae was studying engineering. They dated throughout the next few years, despite attending different educational institutions. Hannah got posted to Arcturus Station, then under construction, shortly after earning her lieutenant’s commission. This was perfect for them; Rae got a job on the station, they got a tiny apartment together, and a while later they decided they wanted a kid.

They were a bit taken aback when they found out they were having a boy, but they adjusted pretty quickly. They stuck with the one kid and doted on him intensely; Julian had a pretty happy, ordinary childhood, assuming being raised on humanity’s most important space station counts as “ordinary.” He gets his technical acumen from Rae and his service ethic from Hannah, though Hannah was taken aback again when he ended up a marine – the Shepards are traditionally naval officers.

That’s the brief rundown, but I am always  happy to talk about them! Thank you for asking!


Thalia: “I’m pregnant, Mum! Kale and I are having a baby?”

Poppy throws her arms in the air and does a little excited dance, but she’s really thinking about how can her daughter fit all of the children that they already have into their tiny little apartment!

Poppy: “That’s fantastic, Tal! I’m so happy for you both! But…how are you going to get them to fit into that two bedroom apartment Kale’s been living in?”

Thalia: “Oh…crud…we haven’t told you that we’ve moved either, have we? I’m so sorry, Mum! Let’s sit down and catch up for a while! There’s so much I need to tell you!”

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what if iwaoi where they meet at a dog park? and iwa has this tiny little jack russle because he lives in a tiny apartment and oikawa has a big dog because he got lucky and he's sharing a house or something with people who don't own dogs so he gets this Big Floofy collie. And oikawa tries to flirt but he ends up insulting the size of iwa's dog and iwa gets really offended because this dog is like his only friend right now, so he insults oikawa's hair by saying his dogs hair looks better lol idk

my dog is mostly jack russel but she’s not a small dog. jack russels are CRAZY energetic, though, so that dog is running circles around oikawa’s dog while oikawa’s failing to flirt. like, oikawa is probably trying to talk his way out of that situation while that jack russel is doing cartwheels off of him and iwa is glaring at him and it would just be a mess. also they dig up everything. not sure how that’s relevant but i’m just imagining iwaoi trying to interact while this dog is fucking digging all over the place, running around, occasionally sticking its nose into the hole and snorting loudly like my dog does


Rejoice! ‘Tis the Loki of Spring here to bless you with his bushy beard and smol size!

Hi! I forgot to post here but I’m taking a vacation in Manila 💖 I’ll be here until March 16! The last time I was able to visit here was 2014 ;;o;; I saved up for this trip last year and have been looking forward to it ever since ✨

Sorry if I’m super inactive – the internet is so slow and so is my old laptop ;;v;; I’ll try to work on commissions when I get over this intense jetlag and hopefully put out new art but ahhh I’m just so tired and I wanna rest ;;v;;

…and eat everything I’ve been craving for since 2014 (like that silken tofu with the sweet sauce mmmmmmm Taho!)

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talk 2 us more abt modern day dizzee pls

modern day dizzee is jaden smith so ion know what you want me to say but:

• he goes to art school but hates the idea of art being constrained by courses and curriculums

• wants to drop out and just work on his art to get his pieces in a gallery but knows that his father will beat his ass

• art hoe tumblr that’s all aesthetics and nice soft music

• loves the migos and the culture

• his IG? beautiful. everything is somehow the same soft earth tone color scheme and im jealous just thinking about it

• his twitter? nothing on it makes sense unless you’re drugged up and your chakras are aligned but he got hella followers so it don’t even matter

• his snapchat? he’s not on it too often but when he is it’s always thor, or him and thor, drawing, smoking, playing guitar, singing, playing with their dog, playing in thor’s hair, etc. he just loves his boyfriend

• oh yea him and thor met in art school because they kept interrupting their creative writing professor during the lesson to explain their thoughts on Dadaism and got kicked out the class

• they live in a decent enough tiny ass apartment and have a big ass dog that thinks it’s a puppy

• has a typically androgynous style. still identifies as a boy but is real fluid between femme and masc presentation

• loves video games. will body you in overwatch.

love on the weekend

Nursey’s there to pick him up at the airport, and Dex can’t resist the urge to run into his waiting arms. After five weeks of not seeing Nursey, he doesn’t want to wait another minute to finally get to touch him.

“Hi, baby,” Nursey murmurs, face tucked into his neck. Dex feels the scratch of a beard that wasn’t there the last time they saw each other.

“Missed you,” Dex sighs, holding on for another moment when Nursey goes to pull back. Nursey indulges him, squeezing even harder and pressing a kiss to Dex’s cheek.

“Let’s go home,” Nursey says when Dex finally lets him go. Nursey grabs the duffel Dex always uses as a carry-on in one hand and Dex’s hand in the other, leading him out to the car.

Home. It’s a term they use to describe both of their places, his in Chicago and Nursey’s in Pittsburgh. It’s accurate, he supposes, because either place is only really home if they’re there together.

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I can’t believe I’ve been in this precious little studio apartment for SIX years. The 12-foot window, the parquet floors, the multiple closets, the tiny little dishwasher – and just enough room for all my books & records. Home sweet home, indeed. (This is the cleanest it’s ever been, so, here’s a sexy photoshoot.) 

You Don’t Know Me

Request: I can’t really think about an actual story plot but maybe yoongi getting you pregnant and he chickens out… Aw This is such a bad description but since you’re an amazing writer ypu can pull it off better ☺💖 thank you!

Originally posted by nvmyg

Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.841

Warnings: swearing

A/N: you’re so sweet omg and of course it’s a good description! I hope I made it similar to the way you wanted it to be

Kneeling on the cold bathroom floor, your bare legs had goosebumps spread all over your skin, acknowledging the icy tiles. Hair hold back by one of your hands while the other one stabilized your weak body, your forehead collapsed against the toilet stool. Hasty breaths left your slightly open mouth while cold sweat pearled down your face and back. 

What is happening to me?

You took a deep breath before sitting up straight enough to not feel like an old grandmother having back problems. Grabbing some pieces of toilet paper, you wiped over your mouth before throwing it into the toilet and flushing it down to God knows where. 

Closing the toilet seat, you slowly stood up, turning your body towards the sink, opening the faucet. For a few seconds you let the water run so it could turn completely cold before holding both of your hands underneath it, splashing the icy water into your face. Reflexively, your lungs screamed for air as the cold water hit your face but you just ignored it.

It’s just cold water, calm down.

Grabbing your toothbrush, you brushed your teeth quickly, examining yourself in the mirror in front of you above the sink. Your eyes were encircled by dark bags, skin white as the snow that had already melted away weeks ago. Your hair had lost its healthy shine and just hung there loosely, like overcooked spaghetti noodles.  

Sighing deeply, you finished up your cleaning up and walked back into your bedroom, grabbing for your phone. You had to check the calendar before making any overly fast assumptions about your symptoms.

Opening the calendar app, you scrolled back to the last month.

Date of last period: February 16th

Current date: April 17th

Two months since your last period. Two months since mother nature forgot to visit you and make your life horrible. Oh how you wished, Satan had nested in your uterus in those last two months instead of sitting there in that exact moment, wondering how the hell you got into this situation.

“Two fucking months….”, you mumbled to yourself. “I need to get a test.”

With those words being said, you grabbed your keys and coat, storming out of your tiny apartment, down the street to the pharmacy. Strangers pushed their bodies into yours while trying to pass you but you didn’t notice. All you could think of was if you were ready to get some answers. You needed to know why you were feeling so miserable since weeks but at the same time you were scared. Scared that your assumptions would be true and you’d have to tell Yoongi. Scared that he’d flip and leave you alone. So many things could happen and you weren’t ready to figure out what else could ruin your life. But you had to. 

Pushing the door open, the smell of disinfectant hit your nose, making you scrunch it in disgust. You never liked the smell of disinfectant. It reminded you of hospitals and that again reminded you of death. Not the nicest connection one could think of. That’s why you tried to stay away from that smell. 

Walking up to the pharmacist who looked like she was about to fall asleep any second, you silently prayed that she wouldn’t ask any further questions like aren’t you a little too young to ask for a pregnancy test? where’s the father? do you know who the father is? you should have been more careful, young lady. You really didn’t need that crap right now.

“Excuse me”, you politely asked the woman. “C-can I have one of those pregnancy tests?”, you signaled at the white sticks behind the lady as she turned around to see where you were pointing at. They were the cheapest ones you could see and the only ones you could afford as a college student.

The pharmacist smiled at you and leaned a little closer to you. “Of course, but I wouldn’t recommend those - they’re usually wrong or don’t work at all.”

Then why are you selling them at all? “Oh.. well I guess it’ll have to do, those are the only ones I can afford right now”, you faked a laugh as she handed you the test and you gave her the money. Her expression was pitiful but not judging. More like a mother feeling sad for a child.

“Is there a bathroom around here? I don’t think I can wait until I’m back home”, you mumbled and the lady showed you the way to go.

After finishing your business, you waited in the cabin for the 10 minutes you were supposed to wait, anxiously biting down on your lip.

What if it’s positive? What am I supposed to do? I can’t take care of a baby yet. I can barely take care of myself!

As the 10 minutes went by, you decided that you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t look down at the result by yourself. You needed someone to do it for you. So you walked out of the bathroom back to the pharmacist, who was looking at you questioningly.

“Would you mind- would you mind, telling me what is says?”, you asked hesitantly. “I can’t bring it over myself to do it.”

She smiled at you and nodded. “Sure, turn it around sweetheart, so I can see the bars.”

You turned the stick to her and bit down on your lip hard. Your heart rate increased and nervous sweat started to spread out all over your body. 

The lady took a look and then she seemed to struggle with a fitting facial expression. “I don’t know if you’re going to be happy about this new or not, but it’s positive”, she decided to smile at you warmly as your stomach dropped.

“Positive?”, you whispered, looking down on it yourself. There it was. A pink cross. Or plus. Or whatever you want to call it. 

“I- it can’t-”, you stuttered as your eyes filled with tears. You didn’t even care to wipe them away at that point.

“Oh no dear, don’t cry”, the pharmacist said. She turned around and grabbed another package, a fancier looking one and discreetly slid it over the table. “Shh don’t tell anyone but here - take this one. These are about 89% of the time right unlike the one you just took. Take it with you and do the test when you’re calmed down, okay?”

You looked up at her and shook your head under tears. “B-but I can’t afford that one.”

The lady smiled at you again and pushed it closer to you. “It’s fine. It’s on the house”, she winked and giggled, making you smile at her thankfully.

“No go, rest and take the test”, you nodded at her words, mouthed a quick ‘thank you’ before rushing back to your apartment. 

Maybe you still had a chance.

“What do you mean ‘you’re pregnant’? We always used protection (Y/N)!”, Yoongi screamed in disbelief, brushing his hands through his hair in frustration. “You can’t be pregnant. It’s impossible.”

You rolled your eyes at him and laughed bitterly. “As long as your not sterile and I’m not infertile, I can always get pregnant Yoongi. Condoms can rip and the pill doesn’t work 100%.”

“Fuck!”, he yelled, throwing his phone against the sofa, making you flinch. You had expected him to react pissed or at least not really happy but you never thought, he’d flip like he did.

“Yoongi…”, you approached him, trying to calm him down, needing him to calm down to be calm yourself and not have a complete breakdown.

“Don’t touch me (Y/N)”, he growled.


“No ‘buts’! This ruins everything, you realize that right? Everything I worked for so hard these last couple of years. Everything I ever wanted, all ruined because of this fucking mistake”, his voice was as cold as ice as his eyes stared at you, burning not only your body to pieces but your soul as well.

“Yoongi, yes it’s very inconvenient, you can call it a mistake even. But we’re in this together, we can’t change it. But we can go through this together”, you whispered through tears, trying to approach him again. You needed his support more than ever but all he seemed to do was to push you further away.

“It’s not only this pregnancy that is a mistake. This whole relationship was a mistake. I should have never started dating you, then it would have never gotten this far. I would have stayed focused on my work and only my work, not even having the slightest possibility for this to happen. Now what? The fans don’t even know about you! But all of sudden I have a girlfriend and a baby? They’d force me to marry you because we live in fucking Korea and you don’t just get kids without being married yet. My whole life would be ruined!”, by now he was screaming, fuming, running around the house uncontrollably, grabbing things here and there.

His words hit you worse than any weapon could as the meaning behind it sunk in. He thought you were the mistake. You were ruining everything. Everything that was important to him. He hated you in that moment, you felt it. 

You sunk to the floor, sobs escaping your lips as tears streamed down your face and your lungs were searching for air. Hysterical sobs left your mouth as your hands covered your face and your body curled up into a tiny frame.

“Yoongi please!”, you screamed out, lifting your head for a second, only hearing him going through your wardrobe in your bedroom. “I can’t do this without you! I’m a broke college student, I’m alone here, I don’t have anybody else but you!”

His figure appeared back in the door frame to the living room, a packed bag slung over his shoulder. “You should have thought about that before starting a relationship with me.”

Hastily you stood up as his body walked past you, towards your front door. Your fingers enclosed his arm, pulling on it, so he would stop. When he did and turned around, you saw the hurt and guilt in his eyes for a second before his gaze turned back to ice. You knew he cared. He cared but he was also impulsive and his impulse told him that his career was more important. 

“Yoongi, you don’t want that. You love me. You can’t just leave me like this, you’re more than this awful egoistic asshole”, you brokingly sobbed, still holding onto his arm, eyes begging him to stay.

He shook his head, ripping his arm free from your grip. “I guess you don’t know me that well after all then.”

With that, he pushed you off him, slamming the door shut without giving you one last glance, as you glanced after his figure in disbelief, a deadly pain spreading across your chest and stomach, making you gasp for air as more tears covered your face, leaving physical marks of the pain your were feeling.


Requested: HI!!! LOVE YOUR IMAGINES!!! Could you possibly write a Shawn imagine where there’s a giant bug in the bedroom and you kinda freak out and call Shawn into the bedroom to get it but he finds it amusing!!


You’re about to get into bed when some movement on the wall next to your bed catches your eye. Immediately, your eyes focus on the wall where you spotted the movement, and you catch sight of a spider the size of your fist. You want to scream, but you don’t let yourself make any noise until you’re safely outside the doorway fearing that your scream could scare the spider. More than that, you’re afraid the sound might cause the spider to flee and disappear, which would be your worst nightmare. However, as soon as you’re in the hall, you do scream, “Aaahhhhh! Shawn! Shawn!” You’re out of breath by the time you reach the living room, despite the fact that the distance was not very far in your tiny apartment. Shawn meets you at the entrance to the living room, since he had heard you screaming, he was on his way towards you.

“What’s wrong? Babe are you okay?” He asks frantically. His eyes are wide with concern and his guitar is still in his hand, since he had been working on a song.

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I want season 13 to open with a shot of a messy room in a tiny apartment, bottles,clothes and pills everywhere and dennis waking up next to some guy he fucked (that looks like mac) dennis kicking him out and then showing his morning routine which consists of too much concealer and a line of coke and then cutting back to mac laying comfortably in his bed next to a beautiful beef cake that brings him coffee in bed. then theres a shot which shows them both checking if they had any texts from each other and sighing and then the title card falls