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Zuri for the oc thing 👌🏻👌🏻


what they smell like: char and cinders and soap. also probably books and dust and shit depending if theyve been working. on a good day, they smell like burnt books. mmmmm.
what music they like: people shutting the fuck up
something they collect: books!! and by that i mean they steal peoples’ research and books and keep them for future perusal or just sheer pettiness. chances are if someone’s thesis went missing it can be found in zuris apartment. 
what their bedroom looks like: they have a tiny apartment and their bedroom is more bed than room. it’s either an absolute pigsty or neat as a pin, no in between, it depends entirely on their mental state. there’s usually books stacked up somewhere, and maybe a bottle of something, and it’s very dark. their bedroom is for sleeping in, they don’t see why it should be bright and airy. it gets used a lot. sleep is good.
their eating habits: TERRIBLE. super amazingly incredibly bad. not intentionally, they just either get so focused they forget to eat, or so tired that its too much energy. they’ll eat whatever’s in the pantry, even if thats a loaf of bread and a jar of honey. 
intellectual pursuits & other hobbies: they like setting things on fire!!! \o/ yay arson. im kidding - mostly - they’re actually not a half-bad artist, they draw a lot of little doodles and things in the margins and if you need very small, very detailed work they’re your man. they also do crosswords and the puzzles in newspapers with their girlfriend, and blow stuff up with ev under the guise of ‘teaching.’
their most prized possession: their staff! it was a gift from their parents, and they haven’t seen them in a decade basically and while they don’t, actually, fight with a staff, they keep it for sentiment. it’s important. 

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SethKate picking a movie fkr movie night

“I am not watching that,” she tells him, sitting on the couch and pulling the bowl of popcorn in her lap.

“Kate, come on babe, it’s a classic.” Seth argues with her, waving the DVD in front of her face. 

“I don’t like horror, Seth,” She tells him. “unless you want me keeping you up all night. And not for a good reason this time.” 

It’s Friday night and the couple is hiding away in their tiny apartment, arguing about what movie to watch. 

It’s such a common couple thing to do, not that their anything close to a normal couple. It’s nice to pretend so though, even if just once in a while.

“Kateeee,” Seth whines like a child. 

She sighs, “It’s gonna be on you when you’re wide awake all night.” she tells him. 

Seth gives her that sexy smirk that always makes her weak, despite everything, damn him. 

“It’s ok,” he says, he puts the DVD in and sits next her, wrapping his arms around her shoulder. “I can keep busy.” 

Total disclosure. They don’t even make it twenty minutes into the film before he’s on top of her on the couch, their clothes discarded on the floor, the movie forgotten quickly

So I’ve been noticing something. This infamous picture appeared awhile back.

It stayed intact for quite a bit, quietly sitting in the background. Not much attention was paid to it.

Now once the portal began to function, the attention seemed to shift. (”Nothing’s gonna get in my way.”)

When the portal is reactivated completely, we see the picture shatter. 

In Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons, we can see the picture again in the background, with only one twin in view. 

While this may seem irrelevant, things start adding up when you read this: