tiny yellow ducks


A little Warren Worthington the Bird story

Warnings: language. (It’s Warren)

Warren sighed when he heard a little cheep. The swans and the ducks that lived in the pond liked to follow him around. “What do you want?” He turned around to see a tiny yellow duck. It cheeped again and climbed on his boot. He frowned, the duckling looking proud of itself. He reached down and pushed it off before walking away. But it followed him. The cheeping got more frequent; it wanted him to wait. “Look fluff butt-” He accidentally kicked it. “Shit!” He didn’t mean to hurt it. He crouched and looked at the little bird, who seemed a little dazed. Warren let out a sigh of relief when it rolled back onto its feet. It cheeped and started biting the edge of his boot. Warren smiled a little. “Fine.” He scooped it up and put the duckling in his pocket. “If you shit in my jacket, I’m throwing you back into the pond.” It cheeped in response.

Warren opened the door to renter the mansion, concerned when the cheeping stopped. It fell asleep. Warren sighed; this wasn’t going to go well when he had to put it back outside later. Warren approached his friends and dropped the duckling onto the table. “Awe!” Jubilee squeed. Kurt and Jubilee instantly fawned over the little bird. Warren sat down and the duck looked at him expectantly. “I’m not going to feed you.” Cheep. “No.” Cheep. Kurt smiled as the duckling waddled over to him. “Hello.” Cheep. “Warren?”


“What does he eat?” Kurt asked, his eyes never leaving the duckling. “Worms. Grass. My boot.” That made Kurt look up. “Why your boot?” Warren shrugged. The duck got impatient and attempted to nip at anyone near. “I will throw you in the pond.” It stopped. Kurt disappeared in a puff of smoke and came back with a pile of grass. Everyone at the table watched as it happily ate the little offering Kurt brought it. Even Scott had to admit it was cute. After it was done it pushed its way into Warren sleeve. The girls awed, Warren feeling a small smile sneak onto his face. “Maybe you are good for something.” Warren mused quietly. It got passed around, Kurt holding onto him the longest, happy to have the little bird sleeping in his lap.

Unfortunately, the duckling eventually had to go back outside. It was getting late and Warren didn’t want to have to take care of him all night. Kurt and Jubilee pleaded but Warren wanted him out. So here he was at the pond holding the tiny duckling in his hands. “Good bye, fluff butt.” Warren placed him by the edge of the water and nudged him to it. Warren turned and started to walk away. Cheep. “Dammit.” Fluff butt, as Warren decided to call him, was waiting expectantly for Warren. Warren sighed and crouched down to look at the duckling for the second time that day. “Come on.” Warren held out a flat hand begrudgingly. It waddled into his palm and Warren smiled at it. “I guess you’re cute.” It tucked its head into its side as Warren carried it back to the mansion. He guessed maybe having birds follow you around all the time wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe.


A/n: I figured I’d try my hand at some fluff for Angel boy. He needs some softness in his life


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Sometimes things just don’t go to plan, and as hard as we try, we can’t get the ideal result.

This little yellow mallard duckling was found in a park in Reigate by a member of the public, after falling from its nest and knocking itself unconscious. Although initially dazed, it quickly picked up, and we had high hopes in getting it back with its mum.

Sadly though, it just wasn’t to be… Despite us spending an afternoon wading through a lake trying, its mum refused to take it back..

We recovered the poor duckling again, and after warming it up and drying it out, it was back into one of our nice, warm incubators for some rest.

Like with our gosling, we put a mirror into its cage to stimulate self-awareness and remove human dependency. It will now stay with us until it’s big enough to be released!