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Tiny Wyvern, building awesomeness! a Deathclaw cosplay in the making. I can’t wait to see it completed. X3


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doodles - we all know I’m a serious artist

Rough sketch of a tiny-bird size wyvern resting on a cherry tree branch.

On a personal note, I’m better tough I was woken up at 6am by a migraine and doubled up on the pain killer for it, which let me binge read Boku no Hero Academia. Still I wish I could start the week end over … hope you all had a better go at it than me, cheers!

Manorian family fluff

This fic started as one of @itach-i‘s headcanons, and she told me I could write it out! I consider it a continuation of my first Manorian family fluff post you can find here.

[A Long Day - Gratuitous Manorian Family Fluff]

It was nearly eight o’clock by the time Dorian Havilliard entered his royal chambers. He’d spent the last few days in tedious end-of-year fiscal meetings going over Adarlan’s various budgets. He was mentally exhausted.

He crossed the ornate common room and padded through a door that led to he and Manon’s private rooms. Once inside, he crossed the small seating area to Gavin’s room. He gently opened the door. The dim lamp light from the hall softly illuminated his son’s face. Gavin was fast asleep. A tiny, stuffed wyvern tucked into his arms.

Dorian smiled, and shut the door. He hated when he missed bedtime.

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sugaryfriedhardware  asked:

What if they make a magical helmet for flying, so no oxygen loss or anything. It's also Star Wars based.

oh my god I’m just imagining a bunch of humans gathered for some kind of official business thing and they’re standing around waiting for the monsters’ ambassador, and one of them is like “what the hell is keeping them, they should’ve been here five minutes ago”

cue an earth-shaking roar from the sky above and this massive fuckin wyvern comes swooping down from above, and then this tiny human climbs down from the monster’s back and takes their helmet off, slow-motion and all, a mess of brown hair sticking out to all sides

and this tiny human smooches the wyvern on the nose and is like “thanks for the ride, honey” and the wyvern is like “no prob, I’ll come back and pick you up at 8″ and just

all of these humans about to piss their pants but also kind of too weirded out to look away, what the hell is going on, why is this smol bean person and this giant reptile acting like this is normal