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Today’s Gypsy Waggon Love (and the fellows aren’t too bad to look at,either!)….

Traditional bowtop gypsy waggons being guided by English Roma/gypsies, on their way to Appleby Fair in Cumbria, Westomoreland, UK. 2016.

Levi's Moving Shop [1/?]: darkest night

Title: Levi’s Moving Shop
Pairing: Levi/Eren
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Rating: T. Rating subject to change.
Summary: There’s a shop where you can find anything – from potions to robes and herbs to lost things; an all-purpose mystical shop for mystical beings. Sometimes the shop’s a wagon, other times a cabin in the woods. It never stays in one place for too long, but can always be accessed whenever you’re in need. It’s at this shop you’ll find the disgruntled, perverted owner and his young apprentice. 


Need a cure for that Bogie's Wart? Did you recently get stung by a Pixie because you foolishly frolicked through a field, even when said field had warning signs of Pixies and you were too stupid to heed the cautionary words? Do you need a tracking spell to hunt down that good-for-nothing, cheating-Werewolf-ex of yours who refuses to pay child support?

From brushes made specifically for your high Centaur tastes, to stardust for your Fairy needs; ingredients for your potions, elixirs to get rid of that dreadful hangnail pain, herbs to get high or herbs to make tea -- whatever your tastes are, we have anything and everything here at LEVI'S MYSTICAL SHOP FOR ALL OF YOUR MYSTICAL NEEDS.

So come on down for a one-time sale: 5% off of EVERYTHING! Hurry now while sales last!

Taxes still apply.

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take me away | an orphan black fanfiction (day three)

delphine, cosima, long emotional road trip. you know the drill. [ao3]

day one | day two | day four | day five | day six | epilogue

the usual illness & death warnings. also this chapter is fairly explicit, so i’ve worked up an alternate version that’s basically just what you would read if your eyes skipped over the sex. lots of “i cut stuff here” ellipses.

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