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OH MY GOD THOUGH a massive part of the Sherlock special was literally about women’s struggles.  

This was so beautifully done, I am having a hard time actually forming coherent thoughts.  I want to write so much but my fingers are just wanting to type animal noises… 

The symbolism.  Just.  All of it together was about women being invisible

Molly Hooper appearing as a man has nothing to do with J-lock, it has everything to do with her gender and profession during that era.  If she was in fact cross dressing, it means she HAD to do it for fear of repercussions, such as losing her job.  If she was not cross dressing, and it was Sherlock seeing her as a man, it means he was effectively ignoring her femininity, denying her that identity. Do you guys even know what that means?  Women who do certain jobs being seen as less than feminine?  This has zero to do with shipping, good gracious please open your eyes and join in this beautiful conversation.

The Bride herself, she was shrouded, faceless.  The congregation of women, covered, faceless.  Mrs. Hudson, not being allowed to speak, to be heard. Mary being told to stay out of the way, to go home, ignored. John’s housekeeper being spoken down to, it all pointed in the direction of women being ignored, unseen, undependable, unintelligent.

At the end, when Molly and Sherlock address each other, “Holmes”, and “Hooper”, there was such an acknowledgement and respect there.  It was a show of “Here I am, look at me, Sherlock”.  And he did.  He looked upon her face, her feminine face, her hair, and her dress, and he SAW her.  That’s all she wanted.  That’s what so many of us want.  To be seen, respected, heard, allowed to BE, allowed to DO.  Sherlock saw, and he acknowledged his wrongdoing towards her, and Janine, and Mary, and any other women he’s used or ignored.  

Sherlock Holmes was held accountable for his poor behavior towards the women in his life.  He acknowledged how he was blind to them, cold to their emotions, how he used them.  He didn’t deflect blame, or whine, or point a finger, he simply knew he’d done wrong and that it was time to end that behavior.  Good God I just can’t clap enough.

Please give this episode the respect it deserves.  Can we drop shipping for just a moment and appreciate how important it is that the writers of our favorite show are acknowledging how much we, as women, want to be seen and heard?  They’re saying they agree.  We should be seen and heard, and treated as equals.  I think that’s damn fine.

The combat encounters in Til Morning’s Light gradually increase in the complexity of motion and timing challenges required. However, the timing of these is always fairly consistent, and thus requires the player to read the rhythm of combat, rather than gain twitch reactions to everything, and more effectively utilizes the touch screen interface it was built for more effectively.


boardwalk empire meme: [3/5] locations
↳schenkel & bro. darners & weavers

We’re honored by your trust, AR. And flattered that you would come below 14th Street to discuss it personally. Aren’t we, Charlie?


Hey guys, this is a picture of my friend (left) and me. For privacy reasons, I’m not going to state her name, so I will just refer to her as “Tiny”. Me and her have been big fans of taylor since we were really young and we always supported taylor and her music together. This year, we got tickets to see Taylor in San Diego in August, but I fear Tiny won’t make it ‘til then. Tiny has had a very rough life; from being in an abusive relationship this past year, to self harming on a daily basis, and a fallout of her family, she’s not in a good place. On Sunday evening, I received a text from my friend saying that Tiny was going to kill herself that evening. I rushed to the address she was at and my friends and i tried to calm her down the best we could. She was crying and running away from us and at one point, she pushed herself in front of a moving car hoping to die, only for us to be relieved that the car had slammed their brakes on. We decided to take her home and while i was notifying her family that she was in a tough spot, she tried to jump out of our car while going 65mph on the freeway. Thankfully, my friend driving locked all of the windows and doors when he saw her attempt to jump out. The following day, we stood by her side and made a day for her that included watching her favorite movies, eating junk food, and relaxing. It all seemed to get better until yesterday. Yesterday, we got another message from her saying she was going to commit suicide that night and there was nothing we could do to save her. We immediately called the authorities who rushed to her home and took her to the hospital. She is currently there and will be there for at least 72 hours. Tiny’s dream has always been to meet Taylor and having Taylor follow me on this website gives me hope that I can somehow manage to make that happen. So Taylor, if you’re reading this, please please, help me make this happen. Please, I don’t know how to save her, but i know that you can.