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“Normally…I can cry with movies! These kind of movies when it’s like a team fighting for a championship or…you know, there is some connection there.”

(After the Flag, Le Mans 2012)

@princeofmints they gay again

Okay, I have this TTC AU headcanon that Yami really likes that sandwich, but sometimes he craves for other things. So he’ll go to a student and trade sandwiches. Or he’ll give it to a broke student. 

For Yuugi, the times he visits, he gives away the sandwich since it makes a student happy and buys another one.

Both of them usually get the egg sandwich.

My biggest concern for my generation is that we’ll be brainwashed into thinking it’s okay not to have anything. The behavior of my generation reminds me of the children in Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go, where they romanticized the most basic of occupations: sales clerks, mailmen, lorry drivers. They wanted little more than that because they were taught very young that they couldn’t get much else, that power was out of their hands. I see the same attitude in posts that romanticize tiny houses and cute jobs at book stores or cat café’s. We’re collectively accepting this very minimal power as the elites destroy our world. I don’t want us to be okay with working until we are 25 to finally move out of our house, i dont want us to passively accept poor meals and an earth that grows more alien to life every day, i don’t want us to be okay with anything other than having absolute control over our lives and destinies.

Masuyo and Hotaru Chiba.

Been thinking on Noboru’s Mother, I wanted to take some inspiration from Japanese horror films for her, I wanted to give her long black hair that probably gets tangled around the kids when they try to hug her.
She has a very strong sense of justice and wants only what is best for the people. She would happily sacrifice her own well-being to help others if she believes it would benefit the majority.

Her deal is that she’s a woman deeply attuned with the more spiritual side of their world, she is a figure in their little town who works as a healer, helping people to recover mentally more-so than physically.
Dealing with deeply disturbed people, she has seen some serious shit and ironically may be losing her own marbles.

ultron’s attempts to enlist the household electronics for his evil robot uprising were not terribly successful.

karkittenvantas69  asked:

Petstuck! (kitten) Karkat cuddling with (normal) Dave please?

i did the best i could? hope this is okay, friend!

the two of us together

headcanon: sasuke and sakura don’t have an extravagant wedding, the wedding night is even less extravagant. but when the day comes to a close and she watches him sleep, she smiles because she thinks this is how she imagined it would be at least: them together, happy and in love.

a/n: quiet reminder that sasuke and sakura got married and had a cute first time. no one can convince me sasuke was a super experienced lover, nope, let’s stick to him casually falling asleep when sakura is just ready to get it on (oh and thank you for sending prompts, i will write them soon!)

There is nothing overwhelmingly special about their wedding night. Sasuke thinks this is probably how it goes for most couples, at least this is how he imagined it would be: undress and awkwardly spend their first night together as husband and wife, share shy kisses and loving looks, brief touches and then maybe something more- (sex! Naruto rudely interrupts his train of thoughts, laughing when Sasuke scowls and disowns him as a best friend).

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Yearning, a Tony/Ziva fic.

note: It’s here, it’s here. An extension of this post. Thanks to Jessica and also to my sister.
ffn link: (x)
summary: “Jimmy and Breena had their kid. A little girl, Holly.” He can’t stop thinking about a perhaps similar little girl with dark brown eyes and wild curls who might just call him Daddy. ; When Jimmy and Breena’s baby is born, Tony makes the call he should’ve made a long time ago.

The baby’s fussing by the time he gets his turn. Abby’s squealing in his ear as his arms slide round the tiny newborn, and he wonders if his friends can all sense his uncertainty. He can feel the little girl tense in his arms, and he cringes in anticipation of the inevitable scream.
As quickly as it happens, though, she relaxes, and he smiles in relief before gently rocking her.

"Welcome to the family, Holly.” he murmurs, looking up to find Jimmy beaming at him. Breena’s sat in bed, suitably exhausted but smiling nonetheless; her husband sits next to her, arm wrapped round her shoulders.

McGee shifts to Tony’s right, and he looks back down to the girl almost sadly at the prospect of letting her go.
Her eyes are wide, a shade of bright blue that he can’t seem to look away from, and her slow blinks make him smile. He can feel her gentle breathing against his palm; sense the slight twitches of her arms as he makes to move her. She’s somehow captivated him and she’s not even a day old yet.

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