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When I saw these pictures from hedgehog_azuki on instagram I was like EXCUSE ME WHAT and now I’m a different, more virtuous person who has been shown the glowing face of humanity’s truest potential and is forever changed by its everbearing gifts. Also it cleared my skin.


This is the life I imagine.  These things, for myself and my family.  Dream living.

Damen/Laurent Rec List

Because @playingfetchwithdinosaurs was finally seduced into reading this amazing series and then she came to me because she needed more. Also, coincidentally, @notagoodplace4gods finished yesterday CP, but told me only today that she was freaking out over their love and she needed more so here I am giving more to them ;)

💖: my absolutely favorite stories about those Kings

Canon AU

In the Gardens by JustDrinkTea 2,101

“I doubt your disappearance would go unnoticed,” Laurent countered, head tilting slightly. He was teasing. Damen couldn’t get enough of it.

“Is that an excuse to not go?”

“It’s a challenge.”

💖 Sent Away by Josselin [Part 1 of Sent Away] 2,504

A series of vignettes of young Laurent’s life when he is sent to be fostered in the Akielon court.

Courtship by songofthe52hertzwhale 5,425

Damen just wants to court Laurent. Nobody in Vere makes it easy for him, least of all the man he hopes to marry.

💖 Dear Aledosia, by wendlaa 12,368

“Oh,” Laurent finds himself saying. Damianos has excused himself from his conversation, and has begun to make his way through the crowd. Here stand the Princes of Vere, after all. The ethereal Veretian Prince brothers. Laurent lifts his eyes towards the ceiling, arching his brows. “Heavens,” he says, voice tight.

Auguste chuckles. “You have a minute head start.”

Laurent ducks away.

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Hard to Tell

Just a little Jamaica Harry to satisfy your needs. xx

Please do *NOT* repost without permission!!!

He hadn’t meant to get so drunk by any means. Honestly, none of you had. But when the shots had started flowing and the music had started playing and the sun began to set against the clear blue water, one shot had turned into two. Two into three, and so on and so forth. 

Currently, Harry is thirsty. Genuinely thirsty. So after giving you a lingering kiss, he stumbles up the sandy beach and over to the little bungalow in which you all are staying. 

The patio sways a bit once he gets up the stairs, and he giggles, reaching out to grab the railing to steady himself. He stumbles into the kitchen, trying to hold on to as many steady things as possible. The journey to the refrigerator feels longer than necessary and Harry mumbles and giggles to himself as he walks.

It isn’t until he’s at the fridge, staring blankly into the bright little light that he notices… his pants are quite a bit tighter than they were a few minutes ago. He glances down to, sure enough, see a tiny tent forming in his pants. “Aw fuck.”

It isn’t anything too serious. In all honesty, he could probably ignore it if he really wanted to. But now that he’s thinking about it, you’ve been looking so damn good lately. All sun-kissed and smelling like sunscreen. He can’t help but imagine how your neck must taste like saltwater and how hot your skin would feel under his tongue. And then he’s twitching. 

He reaches down to adjust himself and swallows at the contact. Glancing around nervously to ensure no one is near him, he tugs a little and gasps. “Fuck,” he grumbles. And he decides he has to do something about this. 

He quickly closes the refrigerator door and stumbles over towards the bathroom. For a split second, he considers coming out to get you. But no, he thinks, too obvious. He has to deal with this on his own this time around. 

 He misjudges the distance he has left to go and falls into the doorframe, giggling out a little “ow, fuck!” When the door closes behind him he places his hands firmly on the counter, looking himself in the eye determinedly. “M'not drunk,” he mumbles, narrowing his eyes. He jabs a finger at the mirror. “You’re NOT drunk.” And he laughs at himself, because he isn’t one to talk to himself unless he *is* drunk and he knows it. 

He shuffles over to the toilet and shimmies out of his pants. He allows himself a small little tease of his cock and fuck, he knows he has to hurry because you’re all waiting for him but it just feels so damn good.

“Ohhhh fuck,” he mumbles, tugging slightly. He swipes his thumb over his tip, immediately sending a jolt through his spine. He hisses a “FUCK” and reaches out to steady himself on the wall.

He’s imagining you. Your lips. Your sun-kissed skin and your curves. The way you clench around him when he squeezes your breasts. How you desperately shove your tongue into his mouth and how whiny you get whenever he talks dirty to you.

He’s not teasing any longer. He’s full on tugging and stroking and grunting quietly. He’s biting his lip to keep himself from saying your name, but his thoughts linger on you. On what you’re doing right now. Outside with his friends, probably with a drink in your pretty hands. And he knows you aren’t wearing panties under your sundress, because why would you?

It isn’t long before he knows he’s close and he’s seeing stars. His hand stays on the wall behind the toilet because he’s getting shaky, and he bites his tongue. His breathing is heavy and he’s struggling to keep quiet and now… oh fuck he’s whispering your name over and over and it feels thick on his tongue.

Everything is buzzing when when he finally cums. He’s trying his best to aim into the toilet but his eyes are squeezed shut and all he can focus on is how good it feels and how he doesn’t want to be too loud with his whispers of “fuck fuck fuck.” But the one image in his mind is you. All of your little kinks that he’s learned to adapt to and how badly he just wants to make you feel good all the time. How good he’s going to make you feel tonight once you’re in the privacy of your bedroom. How beautiful you sound when you’re whimpering into his mouth.

And how pretty his cum looks dripping out of you ESPECIALLY against your sun kissed skin.

When everything is said and done, he cleans everything up until it shines like new and stumbles back out towards the beach, completely forgetting about the water he came inside to get.

And he doesn’t know how to answer because he didn’t realize he took so long.

So naturally, his first response is:

When he comes up from under the cool waves he sees you sitting on the sand talking to Mitch JUST like how he pictured you, with a drink in your hand. You’re smiling and Mitch has probably said something dumb about him to make you giggle, but you’re both watching him with parent-like concern. He could not be more content. Or drunk.

Slowly he makes his way out of the water and up to you. You don’t have a towel to offer him, so you giggle when you see him shiver. “Where were you?!” You ask.

And he just grins and shakes out his wet hair so that it’s dripping on you. You shriek “HARRY” and he gives you a half hearted “got lost.”

He plops down in the sand beside you and presses a salty, wet kiss to your cheek. Which also makes you shriek, but you’re less opposed to this. Especially when his lips linger, and travel up to your ear. “Gonna make y'feel so good when we get to our room though, baby. Promise y'that.”

A Study in Hedgehogs

I’m just a cuddly hedgehog
Hanging in my tiny tent
Until I find a posh bloke
With an extra room to rent

I’ll say we need the second bedroom
And then Hudders I will thank
Cuz when I picture my dear otter
I go and have a secret… um…

My otter makes the world’s worst coffee
But he brews some damn fine tea
If you know how to read The Drink Code
This says a lot ‘bout him &me

We started running ‘round on cases
Til one made us share a bed
Tho he may only have played solo
He sure gives some damn fine… er…

One day we might walk down the aisle
A goldfish as my best man
I’m getting ahead of myself now
But Mycostrich has a plan

“Buried” (Chapter Seven)

Another long chapter, and I love this one. We get to see lots of their interactions, some more #geniustony porn, learn more about Steve, and have the cutest moment ever at the end. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! Tell me your favorite moment!

If you would like to be added to the tag list, hit up my in box!

Magic Number is 150 likes with 75  reblogs, and I’ll post Chapter Eight so show some love for this fic!


Enjoy :)

Day Two in the Forest

Tony would die before he ever admitted how well he slept in the tiny one man tent.

And it was absolutely the tent that kept him sound asleep. The tent keeping the bugs and morning dew off of him. Stopped the wind enough to keep him warm. The tent… the tent was wonderful.

But falling asleep with with Steve’s broad chest against his back? The way Steve’s arm had wrapped around his waist at some point? Dreaming of being twenty and sneaking into Steve’s bunk and letting his boyfriend hold him all night? Waking up the soft scratch of a beard against his neck and big fingers tightening briefly before they woke up all the way?

No. No no none of that contributed to how well Tony slept.

It didn’t contribute at all.

But he had slept great, maybe the best he had slept since Dad passed away, and that’s saying something.

So when Steve told him they had a few minutes before they needed to be on the move, a few minutes before another long day of hiking and trying to avoid detection, Tony took the chance to wash up in the calm part of the river about a hundred yards away from where Steve was packing up their tent.

Stripping off his boots and jeans but leaving his boxers and white t shirt on, Tony dipped into the water, wincing at the feeling of his toes squishing into the mud on the bottom, and tried to stand still to not stir anymore up.

It felt good to get water in his hair, to rinse out two days of jungle and sweat and ick. He knew his shirt would be uncomfortable staying damp until it dried in this ridiculous humidity, but it was worth it just to feel at least a little bit clean.

Tony hummed under his breath, and closed his eyes to dunk his head below the water, and totally missed Steve coming around the bend and seeing him.

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Look like fun to you? It sure does to me.

Tentsile tree tents. Not only an amazing range of products but a wonderful story to their success too. Proceeds from each sale go towards planting trees.

Not enough room for guests in your tiny house? Put ‘em up (pun intended) in a tree tent! Their smaller offerings are rated for two people and the balance are for three.

From top to bottom: Connect tree tent ($450), Flite ($350), Stingray ($650), Vista ($550) and Trillium hammock ($250). Accessories include clever drink holders, hatch covers, ladders, nylon straps, carabiners, ratchet straps, spare poles/rain covers, repair and roof kits.

They are running a 3rd birthday celebration raffle now through Friday the 25th of March. Ticket costs start at $5.

Check out their website, raffle details and support an awesome, conscientious company and their mission!


p.s. My birthday was in February should anyone be still wondering what to get me…

BTS reaction to you picking them up at the bar

A/N: I’m back from camp, and have been sleeping for two days straight. Almost didn’t sleep for a week because of the midnight sun (literally the sun is up 24/7), and I slept on the ground with seven other people in a tiny tent. I’m still super tired, it’s midnight and this is going to be super bad, but I’m still trying to make a reaction today (sorry if it is a little short). I’ll try to do all the requests in the inbox before I go to Croatia, btw requests are still open! I also want to thank everyone for 360 followers!! Before I left for camp I had a little over 250, so I was a little surprised when checked after coming back home (I did not have my phone or internet most of the week, because they took our phones). I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, but I hope you’ll like it.


Jin is pretty confident in his looks, therefor it didn’t surprise him, nor did it surprised him when you came up to him and started a conversation.

“Bet you couldn’t resist this handsome face?”


When you approached him, he was at first a little annoyed. He much rather be sleeping at home, than talking to a stranger. But as the conversation moved on, he started to enjoy your company.

“So…. what do you do for a living?”


J-hope was the one who approached you after seeing you checking him out from across the room. He kind of loved the attention, and shamelessly flirted with you, making the rest of the guys roll their eyes.

“What are someone as gorgeous as yourself doing here?”

Rap Monster:

Rap monster may not seem like the timid type, but when you started flirting with him, he looked down and blushed a little. It didn’t happen often, but he becomes shy around people as pretty as yourself, especially when they are fliting with him.


Jimin is a master when it comes to sending seductive looks across the room. But up close, in a conversation he can be a bit more bashful. He quickly turned into the cute mochi we all know and love.

*blushes* “Are you from around here?”


Also one to shamelessly flirt back, but at the same time also being very oblivious (if that makes any sense lol). He’d be mirroring your flirty behaviour, while thinking you’re only being friendly.

“Guys look! I found a new friend, I even got their number!”


Probably needs a minute to get over his normal little jungshook awkward around pretty people moment. In the start he’s a little shy and unconfutable, but as the conversation went on he started to become more confident and cocky.

“Hard to stay away from somebody as striking as me.”

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Ignis and his s/o having sex in a tent while the others are sleeping?

My gosh nonnie you know how to make me blush. I feel like I need a cold shower after writing this! 😂 Eh but I love it.


When you get Ignis going… well, RIP you. 

The heavy snores of your camp mates reverberated in your skull, causing you to grit your teeth. It was fine for all of them, they were fast asleep within minutes of their heads hitting their pillows. You on the other hand, were finding it rather difficult to join them in the land of nod. It didn’t help that you were so cold. The tent and your sleeping bag seemed to be doing nothing to keep out the chill of the night air, and you just couldn’t get comfortable enough to drift off.

Huffing and sighing, you rolled over in your sleeping bag, and came face to face with your boyfriend Iggy. Surprisingly, his eyes were open.

Probably heard me sighing my head off. You thought guiltily, but all the negativity disappeared as the tawny haired man smiled warmly at you. That smile just melted your heart.

“Having trouble sleeping?” He whispered, reaching a hand out of his sleeping back to gently push your hair out of your face. You leaned into his touch automatically, feeling your irritation just… dissolve away…

“How could you tell?”

“You seem to be sighing and groaning an awful lot.” He teased, but hey he was right.

“I just can’t get to sleep. It’s alright for this lot, out like lights the lot of them. I’m pretty sure Noctis only needs to look at his pillow and he’s gone.”

A snort came from said sleepy boy, the only thing signalling that he was still alive. Man, he slept like a stone once he was out. You had all also had a tiring day, fighting quite a few beasts for food rations so everyone was shattered come night time. But you still hadn’t managed to sleep a wink.

“And it doesn’t help that I’m freezing.” You hissed, clutching your sleeping bag even closer.

“Well, I think I have a solution for that.” Iggy whispered, unzipping his own sleeping bag and holding it out to you. You could feel his body heat radiating off him, and in an instant without even thinking about it, you were out of your sleeping bag and curled up in his in no time. Letting out a sigh of contentment, you snuggled up to your boyfriend, warming up instantly. Your head fit perfectly in the crook of his neck, your legs entwined with his and his strong arms wrapped around you protectively.

“Perfect.” You whispered in satisfaction.

“I’m extremely inclined to agree.” Ignis uttered, and you could feel the smile on his lips as he pressed a kiss to your forehead, pulling you closer to him. You wanted to kiss him back, but snuggled up as you were there was no way you could get to his lips. So you settled for kissing his throat, the easiest place you could get to. As your lips made contact with the hollow of his throat, his leg gave a slight twitch.

Hmm, that’s odd…

Curious, you kissed him again, opening your mouth to cover slightly more skin. You heard a sharp intake of breath as his hand resting on your arm tightened its grip slightly. Biting your lip to keep from smiling, you realised that you’d found one of Ignis’ sweet spots. You loved his reactions, and you wanted to see what else you could make him do… Cautiously, you pressed your lips to the same spot once more, but this time you let the tip of your tongue run over his skin ever so gently…

“[N-name]!” He whispered harshly, his fingers leaving imprints in your skin.

She was driving him crazy, in under five minutes she’s found a sweet spot that when she kissed, sent shivers straight up his spine. And gods above when she used her tongue

“Yes?” Came her reply, innocently enough.

She cannot be serious. She must know what she’s doing to me.

“What are you doing?” He was embarrassed to hear that his voice sounded strained.

“I’m just kissing you.” She whispered back, ever so sweetly, as once more she kissed and nipped at that spot…

You could feel Iggy’s jaw tighten, and a feeling of euphoria washed over you.

I’m making him do this. His harsh breaths and sharp gasps were like music to your ears.

“Come off it [Name], you know exactly what you’re doing to me.”

“Hmmm… no, I don’t think I do…”

He had to stop himself from groaning in frustration. If they had been alone right now, he’d have put an end to this teasing in a way that had her biting her lip from pleasure. But they weren’t alone. They had three other people sleeping around them in a tiny tent.

Oh what you do to me [Name]…

But even as he thought this, Ignis couldn’t deny the want that surged through him in powerful waves. She was such a tease, but she was his tease… and by the gods did he want to take her right now.

Damn it Ignis, you need to stop. He willed himself to think rationally. It wasn’t gentlemanly of him to want such things right now, and he had to stop before she noticed-

“Oh, well I think I have an idea now.” She almost giggled, and Ignis couldn’t stop the blush from entering his cheeks even if he tried. As close as they were, it was almost impossible to hide his growing arousal. All his composure had gone out the window, all at the mere thought of her.

“I…I’m sorry.” He stuttered, feeling mortified at his lack of self-control. That was, until she pushed herself against his body, her hands sliding around his waist.

“Don’t be…” She shuffled in the sleeping bag until they were finally eye to eye. The look in her eyes had him gulping. It reflected his wants perfectly.

“[Name]… we shouldn’t, not right now…” Credit to the man, he tried to stop himself, he really did. But his protest was feeble and weak, and you knew he wanted you bad.

“Shouldn’t… but we could.” You bit your lip, smiling cheekily at your suggestion. The one gesture disarmed Ignis completely, he just found you so irresistible.

It took him all of about three seconds to answer.

Fuck it.” He hissed and brought his lips down to yours in one swift movement. Your body sang at the contact, your heart racing at what you agreed to do. One hand wound itself in your hair, the other skimmed down your stomach, over your waist to rest on your lower back as he pulled you against him in one sharp move.

You groaned softly against his mouth, two pieces of flimsy fabric the only thing stopping you from fully feeling his arousal. His lips were rough against yours, needy as he ran his tongue over your bottom lip.

He wanted her, needed her.

This is what you do to me.

You gasped as he gently tugged at your bottom lip, which caused him to pull back slightly. It reminded you of where you were, the heavy breathing of the fast-asleep boys suddenly becoming apparent.

“Shhhh, kitten.” He hushed you quietly, drifting his fingertips down your jawline lovingly. “As much as I love to hear you, you must be quiet.” His usual bright, emerald eyes were dark, and hooded with want. It made you gulp. All you could do was nod in reply.

“Good girl.” And with that his lips were at your throat, eager to repay your favour. He kissed down your jawline, your neck right down to your collar bone, and leisurely travelled back up, his tongue swirling across your skin teasingly every now and then.

Your fingers curled in his hair as he kissed you, struggling to stay quiet. Ignis loved the feel of your little fingers tugging at his hair, scratching against his scalp. He could feel your chest rise and fall with each pant, urging him on, when an idea struck him.

Leaving one last kiss at the base of your throat, Ignis pulled away from you, elated to see the disappointment in your eyes.

“Roll over.” He whispered to you, but you did as he asked immediately, desperate to feel his touch again. His hand snaked around your waist and pulled you taught against his body, your back pressed against is chest. His lips were against your ear, which he gave a quick kiss before whispering into.

“Now, you have to stay quiet.” He told you again, and before you could answer his hand skimmed across your lower stomach, his fingertips brushing ever so lightly against the very sensitive skin. You squirmed underneath his palm, earning a low chuckle.

“Hard, isn’t it?” You can hear the smirk in his voice, and at once you knew this was going to be payback for earlier. His fingers played with the waistband of your underwear, so close but just not enough.

Ignis…” You breathed, frustrated at his teasing touches.

Well, two could play at that game.

You pushed back into Ignis, your ass rubbing against his erection to which you heard him gasp. You smiled into the darkness, happy to have caused such a reaction.

Suddenly a loud crinkling sound could be heard as one of the boys rolled over in their sleeping bag. You and Ignis froze, not daring to move a muscle. But nothing happened, and you relaxed again, hearing the soft breathing return to the sleeper.

“That was close.” You whispered, your heart racing.

“Indeed.” Ignis agreed, but fluttered his fingers just underneath the elastic of your panties.

It took all you had not to gasp, but your hips flexed forward in an automatic reaction, seeking the contact you’d been dying for.

“No fair.” You uttered at his dirty tack ticks, but Ignis just grinned. He wasn’t through with you yet.

“Remember kitten, quiet.” He whispered in your ear again, and finally his fingers dipped under the flimsy fabric and came into contact with your wet warmth. You bit down hard on your bottom lip, anything to stop the moans you were dying to make as his fingers worked quickly over your most sensitive spot. Your hips rocked into his hand, but Ignis warned you to be quiet again so you stopped. But man, it felt good.

“You are so adorable.” He uttered, his voice low and husky. But you daren’t open your mouth to answer, in case you moaned something loud enough to wake even Noctis.

Thank the gods above that they are heavy sleepers.

Soon you felt a build-up in your lower stomach, and you knew you were going to let go soon.

Ignis.” You dared to warn him and he understood, lifting his free hand to your mouth so you could bite around his fingers as you came as quietly as you could. Ignis finally withdrew his fingers from your underwear and kissed your cheek, breathing slightly heavily himself.

“Very quiet, well done.” He whispered teasingly, smiling into the crook of your neck as he pulled you close for a tight hug. Your heart pounded underneath the palm of his hand as you came down from cloud nine, the sounds of the sleeping boys once again sounding loud in your ears as you returned to earth. Carefully you rolled over once more, back to facing your boyfriend who welcomed you with a loving smile and a gentle, chaste kiss.

“That’s not it, is it?” You asked, smiling coyly. This guy was actually just going to satisfy you and ignore his own needs? No way, not on your watch.

“What do you mean?” He asked, confused. His fingers were now leisurely trailing up and down your back, calming and comforting.

“Ignis, I want you. Like, now.” You told him, watching with slight amusement as his eyes went wide with the realisation.

“Are you sure?” He uttered.

Yes.” Your hands went to remove him of his underwear hastily, leaving no time for him to overthink it. He stifled a moan as you finally freed his erection, and he hurried to rid you of your underwear too. There wasn’t a fibre of his being that could resist her now. As quietly as he could, he rolled on top of her, leaning on his elbows and looking down into her [e/c] eyes in wonder and amusement.

Only she could get me to do something like this.

“Sure?” He whispered again to make sure, but you just nodded and looped your arms around his neck. Spurred on by the look in your eyes, he aligned himself and slowly pushed his hips forward into you, filling you easily. His breathing was ragged and he couldn’t stop the moan escaping his lips. It was your turn to shush him.

“Shhh Iggy!” You whispered, but wrapped your legs around him as best you could in the confines of the sleeping bag.

“I apologise…” He whispered into your ear. “But you feel so fucking good.”

It was so unlike Ignis to swear, but you loved it. It was like only you could make him come undone like this.

Slowly he began to rock his hips, thrusting into you with ease, picking up the speed when he could no longer help himself. His head dropped to your neck, biting into your flesh to stop the groans of satisfaction he knew would surely wake the others.

“Mmm, just like that.” You encouraged him, once again tugging at his hair as he slid in and out of you with ease.

Suddenly you heard a sound.

“Shhh shh!” You gasped, and Ignis stopped at once, both of you freezing once again. But when nothing happened, you couldn’t help but giggle.

“I swear to the gods…” Ignis groaned, but continued to rock his hips desperately into yours. He’d been craving you for a while now, but hadn’t said anything due to the time not being right in his eyes. It hardly was right now, but you made him just not care about those things as much, he was just focused on how much he wanted and needed you right now.

“[Name], I… I can’t last much longer.” He stuttered, panting in your ear. You were both probably being louder than you should right now, but neither of you could care, wrapped in your own little bubble of pleasure.

“Do it.” You gasped, also feeling the familiar coil of pressure.

Ignis thrusts became erratic and desperate, and at last he buried his face in your neck and moaned as he came, riding out his orgasm. You let go around him, pushed over the edge by his last few thrusts.

Ignis collapsed on top of you, his chest rising and falling, his breathing heavy. You were both sweaty now – at least you were no longer cold. As you lay there together, catching your breath and slowing your heart, the silence in the tent sounded deafening.

I can’t believe we just did that… You marvelled at your risky behaviour. The fact that you got Ignis to join in was a major feat in itself. It was so worth it.

Finally, Ignis slowly pulled out of you and laid down by your side, pulling you in close for a hug, back to where you were before it started. He shook his head in bewilderment.

“What?” You asked, and he smiled and shook his head again.

“Only you could get me worked up enough to do something like that.” He chuckled, running a hand through your hair lovingly.

You smiled to yourself, pleased. And as the soft breathing and snoring continued around you, you knew in an instant you’d want to do it again if ever the mood took you.

“It was so good though.” You giggled into his chest.

“Indeed, you were divine. But now my love, you should sleep.”

And just like that, wrapped safely in his arms and feeling sleepier than you had all night, you shut your eyes and drifted away.

Joss’s June Captive Prince Rec List

This is a very disorganized rec list, but here’s a few things I’ve read recently (or reread recently) that I wanted to recommend to others. 

An Unexpected Question (8046 words) by Darkestsiren

Summary: Because I’m obsessed with giving these two the happy ending they deserve. And, smut. Clearly. ;-)

So this fic is very hot, but my Laurent and Nikandros making friends makes me feel things. 

As Good As (5482 words) by Silence_Speaker

Summary: "He told me, no matter how hard I tried, I was never as good as you.“

"He lied a lot, you know.” Laurent said, breaking the awful, thick silence.

AU where Nicaise lives and grows up. Unfortunately growing up is the last thing Nicaise wants to do.

I like Damen and Laurent arguing and making up, and I have a special fondness (this might be a theme) for Nikandros’s realization at the end of this.

Foreign Correspondent (7463 words) by thegreatpumpkin

Summary: Do you know how disheartening it is to have a foreigner charm your brother, treat you like a friend, and then forget you as soon as he returns home? At Auguste’s wedding, Laurent and Damen renew their acquaintance.

Okay, so my favorite part of this one is hard to describe without spoiling the fic, but after the bet between Damen and Laurent is settled, I adore Damen’s reaction.

After the Bells (6068 words) by hazmesentir

Summary: Post-Kings Rising fic. Damen and Laurent talk, and do a little more than talking, and finally, a score is settled.

I like how Laurent acts about sex in this one.

Murmur of the Land (3569 words) by blacktofade

Summary: An alternate take on the tiny tent scene from Prince’s Gambit.

I love the tension in this fic, and how delicious it is between the characters.

all this and heaven too (12904 words) by onekingdomonce

Summary: “Forgive me,” Damianos said. “If you could perhaps- elaborate?”

Laurent passed a hand over his face. It appeared that Damianos was incapable of picking up on subtly, and needed to be handled with the most straightforward approach. Very well.

“I have never,” Laurent said plainly. “And I would like to make my own judgments on the supposed delights, preferably before I leave Akielos.”

This premise pushes all of my buttons.

back it up (3187 words) by clorinda

Summary: Damen and Laurent spar.

I laughed out loud at the part about Pallas.

“Buried” (Final Chapter)

Alright lovelies, here we are, the last chapter in our story. Can’t say thank you enough for all the love and encouragement I received with this fic, I wouldn’t write at all if it wasn’t for all my beautiful readers.

I hope this fluffy thing does our boys justice and wraps up their adventure in a way that leaves you happy! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


Enjoy :)


Ten Months Later

“Tony, you need to hurry or we will be late!” Pepper called from the living room and Tony clicked his watch onto his wrist while searching for his jacket.

“Yes, Mother Hen, thank you!”

“Tony, you are sponsoring this!” Pepper reminded him. “You cannot be late to something you are sponsoring. Especially since tonight is the memorial for the—”

“I know!” Tony snapped. “Stop nagging me!”

“Anthony Edward Stark!” Pepper sounded shocked. “I am not nagging you! I am simply reminding you—”

“Steve isn’t here either!” Tony retorted. “I don’t see you calling to bug him!”  Tony glanced down at his watch in annoyance. Steve was supposed to meet him here at the penthouse almost an hour ago, and he still hadn’t heard anything from his boyfriend.

It had been a fun ten months together, since the incident with Rumlow. Steve still taught high school, and they switched between Tony flying out on the weekends to see him, and Steve coming to New York every long weekend and school break. Every goodbye seemed harder than the one before, but that just made every hello all that much sweeter and Tony was the happiest he had ever been in his life.

Tonight was the official opening of the Temple Display at the museum, all the artifacts from the dig site tracked down and cleaned up and put out for the public to see. A memorial had been set up to honor the students and others, like Melissa, who had been lost, and Tony was supposed to give a speech.

But he wasn’t going anywhere unless Steve made it in, so Pepper was just going to have to suck it.

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Tbh I get real tired of so called “clown experts” treating clowns and jesters the same. :/

Yes, jesters are technically speaking a clown subspecies and domestic unlike their mime cousins but they have very different needs than the average domestic clown. Too often I see new clown owners think just because they’ve cared for the common circus variety clown that they can handle a jester. Jesters are “old world clowns” and don’t thrive the same why when treated like a clown.

They need wide open spaces as opposed to the tents and tiny cars so often people buy for their clowns. (please god never try to make your jester go into a clown car especially if other clowns are inside, it is an unnatural habitat and will stress your jester out and can potentially make them hostile towards clowns and even other jesters and this further perpetuates the stereotype that jesters are “unfriendly clowns”)

Don’t give your jesters clown horns. Like all clown variants jester love to make noise but they need bells! Giving your jester horns will just confuse them and make them unhappy.

Jesters are social! Take your jesters out to parks and renaissance fairs. Jesters thrive in groups of people and around other jesters! Some clown breeds are content with staying in the same tent with small parties or other clowns but jesters need much more social interaction.

Most importantly JESTERS CANNOT SURVIVE ON CIRCUS CLOWN FEED! Their diets are very different and I’ve seen too many malnourished jesters being forced to live of the same circus peanuts and candy floss as clowns. Jesters are omnivores and need a balanced diet of fruits and meats. And while its always best to make homemade feed I know not something everyone can afford. Instead always look for breed specific jester feed at your local clown care stores. It can be difficult to find but its a necessary chore if you want to raise a happy, healthy jester.

-A concerned Jester owner🃏

Nice Job, Pikachu

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, cursing


“This is dumb.” You said while carrying a foldable two person tent on your back that Oliver handed you.

You heard Barry chuckled lightly behind you and Oliver sigh. Someone had the excellent idea to go out into the woods and spend the night there because of someone else’s theory of the meta you, Barry, Felicity, Oliver, Cisco, and Thea were looking for. You were a meta like Barry, also struck by lightning, but instead of speed you got electricity powers.

“But Pika, you’re in you’re natural habitat. Aren’t you used to this?” Cisco started calling you Pikachu ever since he found out about your powers.

“Pika is about to use thunderbolt on your ass.” You responded quickly and harshly while Barry starts laughing hard and Oliver yet again sighs mumbling something about not understanding. “The only one use to this is Playboy over here.” Oliver looks towards your pointed finger which was directly towards him.

“Yes because I was on an island for 5 years, I get it.” There continued to be more banter that Oliver was getting annoyed with, and Barry was laughing at. The banter then stopped when you arrived at a clearing.

“Okay so here is where we’ll set up shop.” Thea spoke to everyone. Everyone then dispersed all mumbling their plans along the way. Barry, you, and Felicity went to set up tents, Oliver went to build a fire, Thea went to find firewood for Oliver, and all Cisco said was he had to pee.

“Hey, Felicity do you need any help?” Barry asks somewhat worriedly. You can tell he likes Felicity. Which makes you somewhat jealous.

“That would be much appreciated. This tent did not come with a manual.” Barry giggled slightly while you rolled your eyes. They proceeded to giggle and slightly flirt the entire time they were setting up a tent. And you had to listen to all of it. You seriously contemplated moving your tent. Once Felicity’s tent was set up, Barry used his speed to set up his next to her. You looked over to the finished product.

“Uhh, Barr is that a hole?” You ask referring to his tent roof. He furrows his eyebrows and goes to inspect.

“Aww man.” He sighs and turns around away from the tent, looking towards the sky. “And it looks like it’s going to storm!” He sighs. “I’m gonna go ask Cisco if I can bunk with him. He walks away slowly while looking at the ground.

"Hey, Fel, why doesn’t he just stay with you?”

“Mines only a two person and Oliver is staying with me.”

“Ooooooooooo. Felicity and Oliver sittin’ in a tree K-I-S-S-I—” You were cut off by Felicity throwing twigs at you and telling you to shut up.


It was now 10 pm and you were sitting in front of the fire because of the weather being so cold. Oliver, Felicity, and Thea went to bed in their tents. While Barry and Cisco were off doing something.

You saw them walk through the tall trees with firewood in their arms.

“C'mon Cisco, it’s only one night!” Barry seemed to protest.

“I told you dude, no way, I know we’re friends but we are not close enough to share my tiny one person tent.”

Barry sighed while plopping. The firewood into the pile and then plopping himself down next to you. Then he looked towards you with a a pout. You raised your eyebrow expectantly.

“(Y/n)… Can I stay in your tent? Pleaseeeeeeee…” You sighed loudly.

“What about Thea?”

“Oliver would kill me if he found out I stayed in the same tent as her.” You sighed again. He deepened his pout and payed his head on your shoulder. “Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” And again, you sighed.

“…Fine!” He jumped up quickly running to his stuff.


10 minutes later you were heading to bed. When you unzipped the tent you saw Barry setting up his sleeping bag.

“What’s up?” He asks, still while continuing what he was doing.

“Just gonna go to bed.” He whispered what sounded like an ‘mmkay’.

You got snuggled into your sleeping bag, not much later you heard Barry do the same.

“G'night, (y/n).” He whispered tiredly after a yawn.

“Goodnight, Barry.” You said with a hint of a smile and your back facing towards him.


You woke up shivering. You were so cold. Your teeth were chattering and you swore you could see your breath. Your sweatshirt, sweatpants, and sleeping bag were not helping. You picked up your phone, teeth still chattering. 9°F. Oh my god. You hear Barry moan in annoyance.

“(Y/n). Stop making so much noise.”

“I’m s-s-sorry! I-I’m s-s-so c-cold!” You whisper yelled back.

“C'mere.” He said lifting up his sleeping bag as an invitation.


“If you’re really that cold I can warm you with my speed and I’m really warm right now.” I sigh and scoot into his sleeping bag. He uses his speed to vibrate which kind of helps, but not much. “Better?”

“No, I-I-’m s-still freezing!” You said, still shivering.

“Uhm. Okay so like- uh. Takeoffyourclothes.” He says almost at super speed.

“I’m sorry?!”

“If you take off your clothes you’ll get warmer faster.”

“You must be joking.” You say while blushing to the shade of a tomato.

“No. Science, (y/n).” He sits up and takes off his shirt then pants.

“Oh, my, God” You cover your eyes and hear him lay back down.

“I kept my underwear on, Jeez.” He chuckles while you put down your hand. You look at him and he’s already looking at you. “(Y/n), you will be warmer.” You viscously sigh.

“Fine.” You sit up. You look down at him to see he’s looking at you. “Close your eyes, perv.” He proceeds to put a hand over his eyes. You strip of your layers, only to be left in your panties and bra. You quickly lay back down and pull the sleeping bag up to your neck. “Okay.” He opens up his eyes and smiles a cute smile.

“There. Was that so hard?”

“Shut up.” He motions for you to come closer with his arms out. You snuggle close and wrap your arms around his torso. You can now feel the heat radiating from his body. You sigh happily at the warmth.

“Told you. I didn’t even have to use my speed this time.” All you do is snuggle even closer and fall asleep in a warm atmosphere.

*** smut ***

You wake up to slight moans in your ear. Barry is spooning you. And rutting against your ass. You open your mouth in surprise. What do you do? You could wake him up but that’d be so awkward.

“(Y/n)… mmm” And your mouth drops. He’s having a wet dream. About you. This is now turning you on. You close your mouth and bite down on your lip as he continues to rut, then tightens his hold on you. He moans some more and now you can feel his wood sticking into your thigh. What do you do? Now you’re turned on and he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. That’s it. You turn around and push him onto to his back then straddle him.

“Barry.” He wakes up, surprised at the sudden movement and noise.

“What’s wrong?!” He asks worriedly, sitting up quickly. Wrapping his arm around you to stabilize and somewhat protect you.

“Nothing’s wrong with anyone else. It’s you who has the problem.”

“Huh? What do you—oh. Oh, my god. I am so—”

“Shut up.” You take a leap of faith and place your lips onto his hungrily. He responds after a second with just as much force. You bite his lip, electing a moan from him which draws heat into your stomach. You pull away, noticing he follows you before letting you pull away. You look into his eyes to see disappointment, because you pulled away. You bite your own lip and look down at his erection. You start to grind down slowly on it which draws out both yours and his moans.

“(Y/n)…” You stop grinding.

“You were talking in your sleep.” You gasp out. “Moaning my name.” He looks embarrassed, even ashamed. But is quickly replaced when you start grinding again. “It was so hot.” He moans loudly. “Shh… Don’t wake anyone up.”

He flips you bet so your on your back and takes this time to look at your body. He growls. He actually, growls and starts to nip, bite, kiss, and suck on your neck. You take your fingernails and take them down his back hard. He detaches and gasps at the pain. Then you super charge him with electricity. This causes him to heal and he seemed to get even more lustful.

He reaches behind you, unclipping your bra, then pulling it off your body. He then attaches his mouth to your right nipple and fondles your left breast. This brings out loud moans from you. He detaches his mouth and looks at you “Shhh… Don’t wake anyone up.” Smirking lazily at his reference to your earlier words. You role your eyes and wrap your arm around his neck bringing him closer to your lips.

“Screw that.” Then you kiss him with every emotion you have. You hear a muffled moan as you start to pull down his boxers. Only breaking the kiss to look down at his manhood. Suddenly you have an urge to taste him. You want to feel him come down your throat. You push him back then pull back your (h/l) (H/c) into a ponytail, which gives him a nice view of your breasts. He moans and lightly strokes himself. You slap his hand away. He looks at you confused. “That’s my job.” Then you take him into your mouth. He throws back his head and quietly says 'oh my god’.

You start to bob your head up and down on his shaft, grazing your teeth every once in a while. You release him with a pop and he whimpers. You lick away the precum and then lick his slit. He bucks up strongly at that. You put both your hands on his hips to keep him down. Then again you take him fully in your mouth. Then you let go of his hips, looking up at him with a invitation to fuck your mouth. You take one of your hands and start rubbing yourself through your underwear. He grabs the your head and starts to buck. “I-I’m gonna—Baby—” You close your eyes and moan at the pet name. He stops thrusting up into your mouth. “I want to be inside you.” You take your mouth off his manhood and sit back and let him take off your panties. “God—” Kiss. “You’re so—” Kiss. “Fucking—” Kiss. “Hot.” Kiss. You lace your hands in his hair and kiss him deeply while he lines himself up with your entrance. He pulls away to look into your eyes, asking for permission. You nod your head.

“Yes.” He kisses you again before pushing into you. He gives out a muffled moan and pulls away to kiss your neck. He thrusts slowly. Too slow. “Barr, please. Faster.” He goes faster but it’s still not fast enough for you. You lay back and moan. He follows you down, still nipping at your neck, then grabs your breast. “Baby.” He slows down his thrusts as acknowledgement. “Use your speed.” He growls hungrily and uses his speed to buck into you which cause you to cry out in pleasure. He leaves your neck to look at your face and takes a hand to rub your clit. You cry out at the sensations.

“Oh my god… So tight… So good… Never used my speed like this.” He moans out.

“I’m gonna come!”

“Do it, baby. Come for me. Wanna feel your walls clench on my cock.” Andddd you break. You cry out so loud you are sure you woke everybody up. He muffles the rest of your cries with a deep kiss and you feel him start to slow down and thrusts sloppily. He leans his forehead against yours and says your name along with many curses as he comes.

He pulls out the lays back down once you to catch your breath. You snuggle closer to him and rest your head on his chest. “See,” he says “Science never fails.”

*** smut end ***

When you woke up Barry was starring at you with admiration and a smile.

“Creep.” You smile and close your eyes.

“I’m admiring.”


“Gazing.” There’s a long silence after before he talks again. But first he laces your hands together and kisses the top of it, which makes you lazily smile. “Can I ask you a question?”


“What are we?” You get up and rest your but on your calves and look at him. He has his arm behind his head and his other arm is holding your hand against his chest like you’ll leave.

“What do you want us to be?”

“Well… I really like you. Like really, really like. Obviously.”

“Are you sure you’re not just saying that because I gave you a blowjob?” You chuckle.

“I’m trying to be serious and you’re ruining it.” He laughs out. He sits up to meet you and grabs your face in one hand. “I want to be with you. You’re not just a one time thing to me because I was horny. I want you. Every aspect of you. Your smile, your laugh, your jokes, your comebacks, the way you obsess over pop culture, your amazing powers that fit so well with mine. Also your body because damn, you fine.” You laugh loudly and all he does is smile and look at you lovingly. When you stop laughing you look back into his eyes. “I want you to be mine.”

“Okay.” He raises an eyebrow asking you to elaborate. “Okay, I’ll be with you.” He smiles brightly and brings your face closer to kiss you with passion.


Once you two got dressed, you decided to face the group and act like you didn’t have loud hot sex in a tent right next to them.

You both sat next to the fire with everyone else and Felicity hands you too cups of coffee. You both take a swig.

“So I guess you’re glad I said no to you sharing a tent with me huh?” Cisco says.

“What do you mean?” Barry asks and takes another long drink.

“Does 'Shh… Don’t wake anyone up.’ Ring any bells?” He spits out his coffee and starts choking. Your eyes widen and your face turns red. “You guys did wake us up so…”

“Uhm… Heheh”

“Nice job, Pikachu.”

It struck me that morning. I was in Ireland, terrified in a tiny tent.
Outside, a storm was gathering gale force and I was going out of my mind with the guilt.
The drugs had made a monster out of my face.
In my head I was listening to Chopin and I was reading Joyce and I was in love with them for being so human and for saying it all so well.
I felt myself shrinking and desperate and worthless and I wondered if they ever felt like the most alone and despicable people in all of Poland, or Paris, or Dublin, or the World.
I could see him, Chopin - thin and pale at his piano stool, sicker every day, watching his hands getting older.
I could see Joyce, tearful behind his eyepatch - throwing himself into it in a room as dark as wet earth and I smiled to myself, and stopped trying to sleep.
The wind was still making an orchestra out of the tent. But it wasn’t a requiem anymore.
Three mornings later, I woke up and reached for one of the books by the bed.
It was Bukowski. I opened him at random and read a poem I’d not read before - it was called How To Be A Great Writer and in it he said:

remember the old dogs
who fought so well:
Hemingway, Celine, Dostoevsky, Hamsun.

if you think they didn’t go crazy
in tiny rooms
just like you’re doing now

without women
without food
without hope
then you’re not ready

And I laughed out loud. Because it’s always the way - when you’re alone and feeling like you could jump off the edge of the world,
that’s when they find you and tell you they all went through the same thing.
And it makes you feel special because you feel like of all the people in all the world, these yearsdead writers wrote whatever it was that made the blood run in your veins again, just for you.
And you say their names out loud when you walk the city in the middle of the night, and you feel close to something timeless;
you feel like someone just lay you down on your back and showed you the sky.
—  “The old dogs who fought so well” (Hold Your Own), Kate Tempest.