tiny tea pot

Imagine: Tea Time

Niall: “I’m sorry sweetheart,” Niall sighs as he sets down the needle and thread. You went to lunch with El and Sophia, leaving Niall with Lyla. He took her to school, spent most of the day just hanging out, went to pick her up. Everything seemed fine, until Lyla’s blue stuffed bunny Mickey got caught on a nail outside. The bunny was ripped to shreds, it’s fluffy stuffing raining down onto the lawn. The Great Rabbit Massacre was one Niall could not fix, and Lyla was inconsolable. So Niall had an idea. The only thing that could make Lyla feel better, no matter what…only this time, he’d have to improvise. “Yuh wanna have a tea party Lyla?” His daughter’s blue eyes, soaked in tears, seem to shoot open a little wider in realization. “B…but Daddy…we…we don’t have any…more…” “Oi, we don’t need stuffies to have a party! We can have one!” Niall said proudly. Usually, he’d just voice the stuffed animals at Lyla’s tea parties, but since Mickey the bunny was the last one… “We can?” “Of course! I’ll even phone uncle Zayn, and Liam, and Harry and Louis. That okay?” Lyla nodded her head quickly. “Yeah…yeah yeah!”

An hour later, five tutus of different shades of pink (save for Harry in yellow) and sunhats donned proudly, all five of the boys sat around Lyla’s tiny purple table, tea cups almost microscopic in their giant hands. “Can’t believe what I do for you Horans,” Louis complains. “These things are itchy!” “Shush!” Harry quiets him as Lyla returns from the kitchen, tap water filling her tiny tea pot. “Who wants more…oh hi Mommy! Do you wanna be in our tea party?” All five of them stopped, their heart leaping out of their chests to snap their necks towards the front door. You closed the door, eyes pinned to Niall’s blue ones, before breaking into a wide smile. “Hello boys…” “Oh god…” Zayn mumbled, covering his cheeks. Liam just blushed and cringed, while Louis looked up at you expectantly. “Good day Madame. As you may have concluded, we are taking part in an event right at this moment, and your presence is intolerable.” “Alright, well…” you walked around the table and kiss Niall, who lifted his chin to receive your upside-down peck. “I’ll leave you all…to it, then.” Of course, you would never let them forget this moment. Ever.