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Oh my god single dad Calum (the bath one) literally has my heart will you please do a part 2??

A/N: Sorry this took so long. But here everyone! Please enjoy some more single dad! Calum and tiny Taine, fluffy goodness. The first part did really well so thanks to those who loved it so much! This doesn’t pick up exactly where part 1 left off, but this takes place after. Sorry the ending here is somewhat abrupt, but I left it up to have part 3 if more people want it.

Flashback scene in italics

part 1

“You know, Taine hasn’t stopped talking about it all week.”

“Yeah?” you half mumble, half yawn.  “Well I’m pretty excited too.”

Calum laughs softly, his hand continuing its slow trek up and down your back. He always did like drawing patterns into your skin. Meanwhile, you snuggle in closer to his chest, stroking his cheek the way you’ve grown into the habit doing. His cheeks literally beg for it though. They are always so smooth beneath your fingers, and they fall off into such a beautifully strong jaw. The combined smell of you and him together lingers on the sheers, as does the bodily warmth. And Calum’s steady breathing only lulls you one step closer to sleep.

Only thing is, you don’t want to sleep. You much prefer staying awake enough to revel in this moment. It’s better to remember each little detail, to not take it for granted. Calum has come a long way in trusting you. Just three weeks ago, he was scheduling your visits to his apartment far in advanced. He wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any premature introduction of you meeting his son. And before that, Calum was even cautious about when to call you. He didn’t want to risk Taine overhearing a conversation. Worst of all, Calum feared Taine would get the wrong idea that you were trying to replace his mom, who Taine falsely believed would come back one day.

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