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anonymous asked:

What was Dylan’s morning routine

He’d roll out of bed all blurry eyed, jump in the shower (when he actually had enough time), grab clothes from his closet and/or used/dirty clothes pile (hey, his well-worn comfy AoL shirt was only worn once this week and he liked it so.. it was his go-to staple again). He’d smash his “B” cap down over his head with his dripping wet curls fanning out from the sides, trim his fledgling goatee and stache (if he had the time - else, it would have to way for the weekend), slip his trench coat duster on and sloppily half-lace his combat boots all the way up in hurry.  He’d bound down the steps to the kitchen and sometimes Sue would have made her big grown Sunshine Boy a hearty omelette or some french toast which would be waiting for him on the kitchen counter.  Sometimes Dad would be reading the newspaper..the sport section. They’d chat about that. He’d wolf everything down while guzzling some oj.  If he was in a big hurry, he’d say he was going to go get breakfast on the way with friends.  Which basically meant doing a donut and soda pop run at King Soopers located nearby the school. He’d run back upstairs once more and quickly brush his teeth (if he had time). Out the door and then speeding down the drive in his Beamer with 10 min (Dyl ETA 5 min) to get to South Wadsworth Blvd., Littleton, and then on his way to CHS (10 min (again 5 for Dyl) and about 15-20 min to get to the AMF Bellevue  Bowling Lanes on South Federal (I happen to know that it ain’t all that conveniently close to CHS).  His curls would be drying in the breeze of the half-cranked down windows while his music was blaring and his subwoofers reverberating his tiny black car.  Just another ‘Day in the Life’ of Dylan Klebold doing his weekly, monotonous Morning Ritual. Some were better than others - especially if he had some good company with him….