tiny step stool

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calum being sick and having to stay home from work so ur little girl insists on taking care of him despite cal telling her shes gonna get sick and she has her assistant teddybear w her and makes a bit of a mess in the kitchen pouring him juice but overall she does a good job checking up on him and she sits w him on his bed and gives him her teddybear to snuggle w while they nap and u come home and see ur two lil snuggle bugs sleeping and wOw im crying !!!!


Baby Girl Hood would insist that Calum would get into bed and she’d tuck him in “just like you do, daddy!” and his chest would rumble with his chuckle because Baby Girl Hood couldn’t quite see top of the bed so she’d scramble up and have to crawl over the top of the bed to tuck her fuzzy blanket under his chin because “it can make you feel betta too!”. She’d bolt from the room to get him juice but she can’t reach the cabinets with the cups so Calum’s gotta follow after her, watching from the door to the kitchen as she pushes her tiny step stool against the counter and climbs onto the counter and Calum moves forward so he stands behind her just in case she looses her balance, tucking his hands under her arms to gently lift her off the counter and place her back onto the ground. Baby Girl Hood would just look up at her daddy and grin her little gap-toothed smile with her eyes crinkled at the corner and thick, black hair wild and curly around her face. She’s pull the fridge open with all her weight and stumble back when it did open and she’d purse her lips, realizing that there’s juice boxes sitting on the bottom shelf where she can reach and she’d abandoned the cup she climbed to get and pick up two juice boxes and tuck them into one arm with them held to her chest because she’s not that big yet and she’s still gotta turn and grab her daddy’s hand to lead him back upstairs because “it nap time, daddy! momma says ya gotta sleep too!” and Calum just lets her, tiny hand wrapped around his. He helps her back onto the big bed and follows her, letting her open the box of juice and laughing to himself when she pouts because the straw bent and she missed the tiny hole where it’s supposed to go on the first try and Calum would wrap his fingers gently around her’s and help her open it and would wrinkle his nose at her and smile when she held it up to her daddy’s mouth for him to drink and Baby Girl Hood would giggle and when Calum’s done he’s lay down with her on his chest and her tiny breathes would even out and Calum’s all content with her against him and falls asleep right after and only wakes up when you come home about two hours later to find them.