tiny speedo

a few reminders that munakata reisi is an absolute loser
  • was about to buy his niece a law encyclopedia for her birthday. she’s like six.
  • his brother can trample all over him and he totally allows it because he looks up to his older bro so much
  • sat in his office and sewed animal onsies for himself and his clan
  • sewed and wore a sea anemone onesie
  • wanted to wear it to the timeless palace
  • seri got a cow and fushimi a fox btw
  • also was up to sewing plant onesies
  • uses his own selfies to print onto puzzles
  • dug through the trash to find a phone charm to place it back on fushimi’s desk and tell him the next day that the charm must’ve wanted to fulfill its charm goal in life
  • made his entire clan build sandcastles
  • ninja
  • tried to make mikoto buy glasses
  • is blind af
  • bought nose glasses
  • made fushimi put on the nose glasses
  • hosts a talent show at parties
  • made fushimi go fishing with him
  • after reading through an entire manga series about fishing in one day
  • rode a pegasus
  • lectured it on the importance of choosing the right path
  • wears a tiny speedo to the beach
  • most likely annoys zenjou for fun tbh
  • most likely annoys fushimi for fun tbh
  • was literally born like this

can someone write a swim team snowbaz au or something just imagine

-simon being a really good freestyler
-probably like the son of an olympic medalist or something
-baz being his competition
-and they. HATE. how good the other is
-but they always watch the other person swim
-“no penny im not checking him out im just watching his kicking technique GOD”
-simon fucking. idk. wears a tiny speedo on a dare and baz just caNNOT COPE
-“nice suit snow” *trying not to check him out too obviously*
-simon blushes and probably like growls a bit idk im trashhh
-accidental groping/handholding. dont question me i’m a swimmer this actually fuckin happens
-simon blushes the whole rest of practice
-and baz is like “shit. shit. shit.”
-and penelope the literal goddess of backstroke just fuckin cackles at them
-agatha as team captain probably bc baz and simon were too busy arguing over the spot
-so they have a travel meet
-and baz and simon are roomies
-of course lmao
-have one shower ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-jk but baz probs takes forever tbh
-simon totally takes his shirt off in slow motion somehow and baz is just like “i literally see this every day why tf am i so turned on”
-so the next day
-they have a relay and they win obviously
-probably kiss afterwards bc i am trash
-probably make out in the locker room
-penny is so pissed like “i thought that only trixie and her gf were that bad”
-but no
-they probably take forever to get dressed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-jk jk
-but like
-snowbaz swim team au

-ebb as that one mom who brings snacks after practice and everyone loves her

idk i just have a lot of feelings about swim team!snowbaz ok

Steve sunbathed on the roof of stark tower after swimming laps. He loved relaxing after a long mission. He didn’t know where Tony was, but he owed the man a thank you for letting him move back in after his return from DC after his breakup with Sam. He stood and headed inside to the kitchen, still in his tiny black speedo, intending to bake the man a cake.