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I am dying to know more about Levi and Eren's relationship. What did Levi find the most difficult about suddenly becoming a father? Outside of the... you know... part where his tiny Sioux child is deaf and oblivious to pain.

I have been staring at this one for an age and a half trying to figure out how to answer it without spoilerfying…

One of the biggest hurdles Levi had to overcome was actually being able to think of himself as a father.  His upbringing was canon-complying-ly horrific (yeah, there’s an LL!Kenny kickin’ around) and so he had absolutely nothing positive to associate with anything familial.  And while we haven’t gotten to what exactly happened to Eren yet…er, well. Levi was there when it happened. And he wasn’t. Um. He wasn’t just in the right place at the right time. Shall we say.  YEah. Uh. Guilt was a thing. A lot of guilt. A lot of guilt.  But guilt or no, this kid would probably die without him.  

Why don’t I just tell you this story.

Erwin, for reasons known mainly to Erwin, helped them get out of Canada by giving Levi a job on the construction crew restoring the Amish stone barn on his old family farm into a house.  This crew was headed by an old buddy of Erwin’s named Mike, and included a number of people you may be familiar with (Erd, Gunter, Auro, Petra, Nanaba), all of whom pretty quickly got used to the presence of a small silent green-eyed person who kinda liked to stay close to Levi.  

Petra was part-timing on the crew while working on her social-worker degree and certification, and she was the one to point out to Levi that they needed to get Eren talking again, before he started to lose his vocal skills.  Eren was starting to pick up sign language (courtesy of Petra and Auro, who both knew a little) but he refused to talk - it was just too weird not being able to hear himself.  He didn’t even like trying to read lips: sign language was a fun game, but everything else was just a reminder that he couldn’t hear anymore.

Except there was this one phrase he kept seeing - he liked to sit outside under a tree while the crew was working and read, and he kept seeing the other guys say something to Levi, and then Levi would always look at him with this weird expression on his face…so he swiped a hand mirror from Petra and spent days sitting under the tree just watching every conversation he could, and staring at his own lips in the mirror trying to figure out those sounds.  And then one day he walked up to Levi and tugged on his sleeve and said, in his whispery scratchy unused little voice, “They’re calling me your son.”

It was the first thing Levi ever heard him say.