tiny shoulders


Patrick Kane gets ‘too jacked up’. (x)

“Your tie is crooked.”
“Is it? I didn’t notice –”
“You should straighten it… here, let me do it for you.”

Scorpius looking after his smol bf is everything i need *lies down*


oh how i love all those subtle sugakookie moments in ahl

I could not open my heart.
if I had,
the whole universe would have
howled for the cries
of the little boy
who sat there,
carrying its weight
on his tiny,
breakable shoulders,
begging for someone’s help
to lift the load.

I just don’t understand why I always have to play Tiny Tim when I’m the tallest one here

nikkilbook  asked:

So, when people are saying that there's an error in Blue's code, are we saying that there's some kind of sneaky description differentiating him from classic Papyruses, or are we talking about the literal ERROR text that is located next to (his right, our left) shoulder?

A tiny, little, literal ERROR text. Happy hunting!


Waited outside of Goodwill this morning on their super sale day to get a hold of this guy for $75.

The height difference between Louis and Harry kills me KILLS ME