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Everything Stays

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Being best friends with a vampire wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. It wasn’t romantic piggy back rides through the forest, intense stares and danger. It was sad.  One day you’d be dead and Taehyung would remain the same, your memory just another blip on his radar, one tiny person lost amongst the hundreds and thousands souls he’d met and will meet in his eternity. You watched Tae as he laid sprawled out on your floor, his expression blank as he stared into nothing. He’d never revealed just how old he really was and every year when you asked how old he was turning he’d match his age with yours no matter how ridiculous it was.

You’d first met Taehyung when you were a kid, maybe 9 years old, when you’d gotten separated from your friends in the woods near your house. You’d come across him sprawled out on the grass under a tree, staring into nothing and you’d approached him, teary eyed and scared. He’d looked almost afraid to see you, jumping away from you like you, a tiny child, were about to hurt him. Taehyung had started to back away, deeper into the woods and in a panic you scrambled after him hoping he’d take you home but he ran faster and faster until he was gone and you were alone.

It was when you were crying and sitting in the dirt that you felt something poke you in the back. You jumped up, screaming as Taehyung shushed you. He was kneeling behind you, holding a stick between the two of you as he held a finger to his lips. You were happy, so relieved to see him. You had no idea who he was but looking at him, his swirling eyes calmed you. Your panic faded and you found yourself smiling, running towards him and laughing as he jerked back.

“Don’t touch me,” he said, his voice as soothing as his presence.  He led you out of the woods, keeping you at a safe distance by coaxing you to hold onto the other end of the stick, and left you at the tree line just behind your house. You’d returned day after day, finding him at the same place in the woods, and eventually he’d stopped being surprised to see you, stick laying ready beside him. He led you through the woods, marking trees so you wouldn’t get lost, showing you hidden lakes and flower beds. Weeks passed, months, and soon years. You’d grown from 9 to 14 in the blink of an eye to him and you’d become curious.

“How old are you?” you’d asked one afternoon, watching him climb up a tree way too high for you.

“How old are you?” he countered.


“Then I’m 14,” he grinned down at you, climbing higher and higher at a pace that seemed impossible to you. You knew he was lying, there was no way in hell he was your age. His appearance had stayed the same in the 5 years you’d known him, but you didn’t ask him about it for another few years, you didn’t really care to be honest but you were curious. He’d opened up to you over the years, telling you about his brothers, why he liked the woods, the animals but he kept the stick, the same stick, to keep a certain level of distance between the two of you.

“You have not changed,” you’d said bluntly, a little tipsy on the alcohol you’d smuggled into the woods on your 17th birthday, “I mean, you literally have not aged a day since I met you,”

Tae turned to smirk at you, swigging from the bottle of whiskey in his hands, his messy hair held back by a red cap. He had strong features, a square jaw, thin lips and soft eyes that you swore you could see swirl with colour.

“That’s true,” he chuckled, his voice deeper than the ocean, “I’m the fairest of them all,”

“What’s you secret, Snow White,” you rolled your eyes and he met your gaze, flashing his goofy, rectangular smile.

“I’m a vampire,” he said casually and your eyes focused on his impressively sharp looking canines, “Do you believe me?”

You stared at him, his swirling eyes and you felt a familiar haze wash over you, a sense of comfort raising goose bumps on your skin. It wasn’t ridiculous, you weren’t surprised, shocked, scared or anything really. You focused on his features, the teeth, the old feeling he had to him.

“How old are you?” you grinned back as he rolled his eyes.

“I just turned 17,”

You chuckled at the memories, eyeing the way Taehyung laid sprawled out on your floor in the same way he used to lay in the woods. He really, literally, hadn’t changed since you were a kid. Taehyung had watched you grow up, change from a child to an adult and you wondered how he saw you, did it go slow for him? Fast? Everything around him changed and yet he remained the same, outside of time.

“Stop staring,” he laughed, his gaze softening as he turned his head towards you, “Weirdo,”

It was eerie, to say the least, how Taehyung could go from blank faced and expressionless to giggly and smiley in two seconds. His hair was messy, fringe falling into his eyes as he sat up, crossing his legs. He was cute, almost innocent in appearance as he stared back at you. His expression seemed calm but his eyes looked they had this fire inside them; it was as if he was seeing everything all at once and you recognised the feeling that swept across your skin in a misty haze. It was his ‘talent’, you called his hypnotising and he called it manipulation but whatever it was, you liked it. The way it felt, the way his eyes swirled, like ripples in a tide pool, it suited him more than you could express. 

“What,” you drawled, sinking down onto the ground as you yawned. You crawled across the floor rolling onto your back beside Tae’s knees.  He looked down at you, flashing his sharp teeth as he laughed.

“Tired?” he grinned.

“Nope,” you denied, lifting your torso to rest on his thigh. Most people found Tae intimidating, untouchable, but you couldn’t see it. Taehyung was comfortable, easy to be with and you found yourself preferring to hang out with him more than anyone else. You felt Tae run his fingers through your hair, softly tilting your head to the side and exposing the smooth skin of your neck. This is what you did these days, lay around, if he felt like it Tae would drink from you. You’d come to enjoy it, as weird as that sounded. He’d been completely against feeding from you at first and he’d use his ‘manipulation’ to dull your curiosity, but on your 19th birthday his resistance faded as you laid on your bed, arms behind your head. He stood by your door, soft eyes trailing over you. It was the first time you’d actually seen him as a vampire, as anything other than your friend, and his eyes seemed to sharpen as you smirked at him.

“Don’t tempt me,” he’d growled, eyes swirling but your curiosity wasn’t fading, instead you felt heightened, excited as he moved towards you. That night was your first time in a lot of ways, not just having an immortal man drink your blood. You stared up at Taehyung, heat beating faster and faster as his hands moved across your skin.

“How old are you?” You sighed as Taehyung leaned down, pressing his lips to your forehead.

“Don’t you ever get tired of asking?” he breathed, sliding his hands down your stomach to tug at the hem of your shirt. You shook your head, arching your back so he could pull it off of you. Taehyung pressed his lips to yours.

“I’m much, much, much,” he whispered between kisses, moving to drag his sharp teeth to graze your collarbones, “much older than you,”