tiny pokeballs are so cute though

Pokemon Cafe @ Bugis Junction

A pop-up Pokemon Cafe opened up in Bugis Junction over the course of May and July. There was a LOT of hype since Pokemon Go was also released around then; a 5 hour queuing time on Open Day alone!

After waiting for the hype to go down for a bit I decided to check it out:

It’s being hosted at Everything with Fries, a french fry joint on Level 4 of Bugis Junction, right beside Eighteen Chefs.

Pokemon pictures to entertain you as you wait in the queue.

You can think about your meal(s) as you wait in line. There’re only 12 items on the menu, and they don’t come cheap. Still cute though. XD

My table mat and complimentary Pokeball coffee mug and coaster. There’s even a tiny Pikachu inside the mug! XD

There’s a photo-taking booth with Pikachu ear headband and coat to tickle your photo-taking senses. XD

I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch so I was STARVING. Decided to splurge on the Pikachu beef patty and mash potatoes with spaghetti, BnW Starter Pokemon truffle fries, Pikachu latte (hot) and Pikachu pancakes as my 2-meals-in-1 high tea session.

I was a little confused at the Pikachu beef patty and mash potatoes until I *coughcutupPikachu’sfacecough*

R.I.P Pikachu. You were delicious and juicy and WORTH EVERY BIT OF COIN. XD

I know I shouldn’t do it, but I just had to take photos of the other dishes. Some of the patrons were kind enough to let me take photos of their meal before they tuck in. Shout out to these AMAZINGLY PATIENT PEOPLE!

The table before mine had a Pikachu cold latte and well, I couldn’t resist. I like how the kind lady positioned her latte so that the Pikachu tail in the table mat kinda match up with the overall latte body. XD

Some guy across from my table had the “Magma Primal Gourdon” (the Pokeball in beef bolognise) and the “Volt Shocker” soda. Nice name spoof. XD

The same guy was nice enough to call me over when his dessert arrived. A Pikachu mini sponge cake amidst cotton candy cloud and vanilla ice cream. The tail biscuit was chipped a little but it’s still a cool photo-op.

After all that trigger-happy photo-taking and eating, it was time to look around the souvenir shop.

It was fun eye-candy, but since I only saved up for the food I didn’t have enough money for any souvenir. ^_^;

Except that complimentary Pokeball coffee mug and coaster. It’s still a cool find though. =D

You can also order Pokeball cream puffs (really BIG cream puffs) and DIY Pokemon cheesecake to bring home at the counter. Speaking of counter…

These super adorable fellas were there to welcome you and wave goodbye.

Overall, though pricey it was a one-of-a-kind experience. Today marks the closure of this quaint little pop-up stall, but the photos bring with them good ol’ memories of a truly unique experience.

Hope some other pop-up Pokemon stall will come by soon!


BJD Box Opening: MYOU Ailsa

I ordered her in stock from Junkyspot, she’s in the normal skin (which is on the yellower side), with the three part torso, small bust and with a face-up. She won’t be keeping the face-up, since she’s destined for the dyeing pot, but she came with it and was still a good price, so I didn’t mind too much. It is quite a cute face-up though. 

Her box is a sparkly beige colour and she came along with a pair of walking dead socks, a pokeball with a tiny transparent Abra, a whale eraser. She also came with a credit card type certificate that appears to be sculpt specific, a little booklet and a maintenance form? Apparently you can use it to send the doll in for maintenance? I’m not entirely sure what that means. Her bag is gorgeous and velvety, it’ll be great for taking her to meets.

Her arms are very nicely strung but her body is a little loose. Surprisingly she’s also more chunky than I was expecting. I was going to have her wear this cute dress that I got from Luts, but it doesn’t fit her. Hopefully I’ll have something she can wear.

So far, she is tentatively named Aisling 

(sorry for the lack of pictures, tumblr apparently decided that the majority of them couldn’t be uploaded no matter what I tried)