tiny pms match

Pantone 685 color match.
Pink hydrangea from my front yard. It survived hurricane Harvey that hit Houston and surrounding towns last week, including mine. My home was spared from the massive flooding that came with it, and I’m deeply thankful for that. But I’m also deeply sad that so many people have lost everything. I earnestly pray that they will survive this. I pray that Houston will survive this. And thrive.

Pantone 4975 color match. Coffee beans from @deathwishcoffee blend. I had the opportunity recently to try the world’s strongest coffee from Death Wish Coffee Co. It’s 2x stronger than your common coffee house blend with a smooth, chocolate and cherry finish. And surprisingly, no bitter taste. Very smooth. My husband and I enjoyed it. If you love strong coffee, you really need to try this one ☕️☠️

Pantone Warm Gray 11 color match. Chia seeds!
If you search under #chiaseeds, you’re bound to see mouth-watering, colorful, healthy foods. Instagram health-foodies everywhere sprinkle this thing on everything. These seeds do pack a very nutritious punch, based on what I’ve read. I never realized tho, that they’re actually gray and have snake-like patterns on them.