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What are pocket familiars? It’s hard to pin it down exactly. Each one will help you in some way, but they are all different. Some may bring you comfort. Some might clean your desk while you sleep. Some might bring you luck in finding new friends, or good fortune. Some may do all these things and more. But how should you choose the perfect familiar? That is the easy part. Familiars are not chosen, they choose you.

Summon a pocket familiar with a wish in your heart, and the perfect companion will come to you.

Pocket familiars measure about 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. Their tiny size allows them to accompany you for whatever missions you shall need them, whether that be sleeping in your pocket while you make a journey, sitting on your desk to make it less lonely, or guarding your car while it sits in a parking lot. Their bodies are made of very soft minky, and their masks are made of sturdy wool felt.

I spent like. All day yesterday making a bunch of these guys. They are VERY fun to make haha. And I hope everyone will like them as much as I do so I can justify making more!!

If you want to get a familiar of your own, click the “source” link below to find them on etsy!

A small headcanon:

Right, so everyone knows Yuri Plisetsky is one passionate and hugely competitive teenager. So when Victor suggests that he and Yuuri are the cutest couple ever, because he’s just so extra, Yuri takes that as a challenge. Thus beginning a fierce insta-war over who can take the most cheesy couple photos, poor Otabek and Yuuri happen to be caught in the crossfire.

Yuri Plisetsky is no loser. Otabek is ever suffering. Victor is still fairly convinced he and Yuuri can’t be beaten. Yuuri is mainly just confused, he simply co-operates because its much easier that way.

This is Yuri’s first attempt at grinding Victor and his little piggy into the dust. Soft lighting, ice cream, tooth rotting sweetness.

Victor is not going to let this slide. He is preparing for an all out Instagram couple war. #couplegoals


(ft. a lil tiny tiger plushy)

I continued this… Victor’s post can be found here


Y’know that Umbron plushie I was making a while back, and I said I was almost finished?  Welllll turns out I’ve got a bad habit of starting new projects before finishing old ones…

I started with Chihiro, and it was only meant to be an experiment, to see if I could figure out how to make poseable limbs work… but then I mostly liked the result, just had a few ideas for improvements… and then a Vio happened too.  And the Umbreon is still in the same almost-but-not-quite finished state it was months ago ^^;;

I’m really happy with how they both turned out, though!  They’re very cute and small, only about 4″ tall.  Sometimes I carry Chihiro around in my pocket to take her on adventures with me, and I expect I’ll be doing the same with Vio now that he’s complete, too!  :D


Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K+

Genre: Friendship and romance

Summary: The tiny stuffed toy was her treasure - a little demon that had helped her through good times and bad. And suddenly there he was, breathing, walking, talking, emoting. And asking for a kiss. 

Notes: This drabble poured out as soon as I laid eyes on <<this>> wonderful art by @liku-bears!

It was probably the only really meaningful gift from her father in recent times. It wasn’t much — just a tiny little demon plushie. It could have easily been lost in thousands of other dresses and jewellery that he had also sponsored for her.

Had it not been for the fact the toy was a small reminder of happier times. And of her parents’ love.

One of her fondest childhood memories were of when they would all cuddle together in bed while her mother told stories. In particular, one of a tiny demon that saved lost little kids, only to be misunderstood by the children’s parents when they saw him with them. Her father would supply the dialogues for the angry people, while her mother would do those for the little children and the demon.

Lucy felt for the demon, and protested, insisting that she would have done her best to protect it had she had the chance. Her mother had been so pleased with the suggestion, that she would weave a Lucy into the story to do just that - and she would get to do her own dialogues. And they would go on and on until Jude reminded them of it being past bedtime.

Storytime had been her favourite way to spend time with her family - it was the one time her father and mother could take a break from their royal duties and spend time with her.

Her mother’s sudden loss had been very hard on her and her father, and his subsequent attempts to cope had really dented their relationship. Lucy, now at sixteen years, still couldn’t remember the last time she and her father had really spoken.

The plushie, gifted to her on her tenth birthday, two years after losing her mother, was a small reminder that despite all the evidence that went against it, her father really did care.

She had taken extremely good care of the soft toy ever since. It had a special place beside her pillow at night-time and was the last thing she saw when she went to bed and the first when she woke up. She would talk to it every day — share tales of her day, people she met, things she learnt. She would laugh with it and cry holding it. It was her closest friend, and had been for years now.

Even if it never had it replied back.

Not till right now anyway.

Lucy, the ever graceful celestial princess of Magnolia, fell rather clumsily on her bum when it — he — suddenly spoke.

“Woah, there! You okay?” came the tiny voice again, as the now animated toy (person?) leaned over the bed to ensure she was okay.

“Y-y-you’re talking!”

“Hell yeah I am!” he grinned. “Finally.”

“B-b-but you’re a toy!”

“Oi, I’m a demon!“ His face tilted to one side. "And you’ve always told me you’re a polite person. Lies!”

Lucy blinked disbelievingly, as the little toy crossed his arms and huffed.

She crawled on her knees back to the edge of her bed to peek at the toy, see for herself if he really was…real.

And while the demon kept his back to her, pouting sulkily, she brought a finger to poke him in the side.

“Hey,” he warned.


“Hey!” His back still faced her.


“Would you— ” he got cut off as Lucy — in a bid to try and confirm once more that felt had indeed given way to flesh — unintentionally began tickling him.

“S-sorry,” she said, not really that sorry. His laughter was heart-warming.

“Oh, you’re gonna pay,” he said, once he’d caught his breath.

“And what are you going to do about it?” Lucy challenged.

He pouted again and Lucy couldn’t help but giggle.

“I didn’t intend to tickle you, if that helps,” she added.

“You’re mean, Luce,” he grumbled.

Lucy raised an eyebrow. “Luce?”

“Well yeah, that’s what I’ve always called you,” he said, rolling away to make room for Lucy to climb and sit on her bed.

“You were listening the whole time?” she asked in wonder.

“Yup,” he replied.

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stuck in a bed with kang daniel

for my lovely ariane; @deepdickdaniel - happy bday boo

daniel x you

bullets as usual,,,,


a/n: sry i havent written in so long! and i forgot how! haha

prompt: ‘you’re pretending to be my significant other so my mum gets off my case only she’s assuming we’re going to be sleeping in the same bed together oh dear’ au

gif creds: me / pic creds: to respective owners. 

  • “daniel, stfu,,”
  • “just take your damn pills and go please” you muttered as he rambled about god knows what this time,, 
  • probably relentlessly thanking you
  • again
  • you hand the vitamin supplements to daniel
  • whether they’re vitamins, gummies, weird cat gadgets, or tiny stuffed plushies
  • everything. daniel. orders. ends. up. delivered. to. your. mailbox. or. door.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! can you write a hc reaction where the mc give the lords a teddy bear/ or any animal plushy? Thank you!

  • Nobunaga receives a puppy plushie as a substitute for the puppy he won’t let himself keep. He hides it during the day so that no one else will see it. He won’t get rid of it because 1) it’s a present, 2) …he just really likes it okay, stop looking at him like that
  • What else can Mitsuhide possibly get but a cat? He displays it proudly in his office and strokes it when he’s trying to figure out something difficult. It’s getting ragged alarmingly quickly. Everyone is worried.
  • Yukimura gets a tiger cub because everybody knows he’s a Shingen fanboy. He keeps it on his shelf. Saizo has caught him talking to it before. Yukimura lives in fear of Saizo telling everyone.
  • Saizo receives a tiny kitten plushie, in memory of the kittens that preferred him over Yukimura. He keeps it in MC’s room and moves it onto her pillow before leaving on missions. It keeps her company when he’s away.
  • Masamune is shook when he receives his rather clumsily made falcon plushie. (Birds are hard, okay?) He realizes how much effort MC has put into it and is super touched. He keeps it in his bedroom and pets it when he needs a pick-me-up.
  • Kojuro gets Bontenmaru… #5? 6? Who knows. He is very charmed. Sometimes he puts it on top of actual tortoise Bontenmaru and watches them crawl around together like the proud tortoise dad he is. Shigezane is just like dude I can’t believe you’re an actual adult
  • HOW CAN INUCHIYO GET ANYTHING BUT A DOG and you’d better believe he’s salty about it. He can’t say anything because it’s a thoughtful handmade gift… but whyyyyyyyyy
  • Hideyoshi gets a really cute monkey plushie. He goes around displaying it to the retainers and the maids. …basically, he just wants to show off. He drags her with him, of course. She’s on show too.
  • Ieyasu receives a tanuki plushie. He’s just like, do you think you’re funny? Do you? Do you??? He keeps it in the very back of his closet. He’ll never hear the end of it if Hanzo sees it.
  • Mitsunari gets a monkey plushie in Hideyoshi’s honour. He keeps it in his office. When he’s asked about it, he gives a long speech about Hideyoshi’s greatness. People don’t seem to stay in his office for long anymore.
  • Kenshin gets a colorful songbird plushie. It’s gorgeous and perfect and he loves it so much. It joins the other treasures in his hoard. He doesn’t have a favorite, exactly, but if he was forced to say…
  • Shingen gets a horse plushie that looks exactly like Kurokumo. He proudly displays it on the door of Kurokumo’s stall. Kurokumo nibbles on it occasionally, much to MC’s dismay.