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3 against 25

Author:  Yeahjusttrash (tumblr: @cartoonloverstuff)

Artist:  stevetwisp (tumblr: @stevetwisp)

Just a sweet one shot of Johnny, Ash, and Meena trying to watch Rosita’s kids together for a night. Johnny is natural great with the kids. Ash has some difficulty adjusting, but managed. Meena is used to babysitting, just not so many kids at once. Not much in the way of plot. Mostly just fun fluff.

“There’s plenty of snacks in the fridge, help yourselves. First aid kit is in the upstairs bathroom cupboard. Bedtime is at 8pm for the kids.-” Rosita spoke quickly as she went over information Johnny already knew. He had been staying with Rosita and her family for the past few weeks and figured the she was saying all this for the other two teenagers present.

On Johnny’s right was Ash looking completely out of place in the family house and on his left was Meena in her signature nervous stance. “We’ll be back by 11:00 at the latest. Call if you need anything.” Rosita said right before she disappeared out the door with her husband, leaving the three teens in a house with 25 children.

“3 to 25. We got this!” Johnny said with more confidence than he actually had.

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sofpug  asked:

Hey I love your shapeshifter AU and I was wondering, are there any ships you have for the AU or have planned?


McHanzo is definitely one of the main pairings of the story since that it all start when the two met. Then there’s a lot of past R76. Morrison and Reyes were a couple back in the Blackwatch Clan days, in the present they’ve split up but there’s still sexual tension and angst between them.
Gency will be there too with a lot of sadness and angst at the start and tons of fluffy kisses in the end.
Roadrat is finally confirmed and the two junkers live happily in a world of mayhem with a lot of tiny piglets.
Anahardt is also a thing, they were a couple in blackwatch days and still are, they are the founders of the Overwatch Clan and they both spoil Phara very much.
Last but not least, Widowtracer. Tracer have a massive crush on the leader of their enemy’s Clan. Someone save her.
[There will also be hints about past McCreexDeadlock Clan members]

Some side pairings not-fully-part-of-the-story-we-are-working-on-them are:
Zarmei, Bunnyribbit, Symmphara.

We are still making everything up as we go so things might change but this is our general idea!
In the end if anyone have any kind of headcanon about the shapeshifter au / want to use this au for other ships / it’s perfectly fine!
We aggressively ship E V E R Y O N E… Overwatch made us the biggest multishippers ever (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Losers Club at Hanlon Farm

- The Losers have an administrative day and so they decide to spend it at Mike’s farm, even though it means getting up at like 4 in the morning

-Mike is so pleased to have his friends visit and loves teaching them the different aspects of working a farm

-Ben brings a book and reads to the tiny piglets (the book is definitely Charlotte’s Web

-Eddie is at first terrified of all the big animals, especially the cows but he slowly gets more comfortable with them but he refuses to milk them because that’s gross

-Bill loves the chickens and the baby chicks and a chick definitely imprints on him (Richie calls him a “Chick Magnet” and everyone throws hay at Trashmouth)

-Richie makes at least twelve (12) inappropriate jokes while milking a cow

-Bev rolls up her sleeves and immediately helps Mike with all the heavy lifting. Mike loves it bc not only is she fantastic and strong, she doesn’t complain at all (unlike Richie)

-Stan finds the farm so dirty at first but by the end of the day, he’s sitting with the baby goats chilling and having a great time, feeding them from milk bottles.

-Bill steals Stan’s camera and takes pictures of them all doing the work and they all do ridiculous poses but there are also amazing candids.  

-Richie: “Look at all those chickens!!” Eddie: “Those are geese.” Richie: “Do you get comedy?” Stan: “We will once you start doing it.” 

-Stan and Ben name all the animals, and no one has the heart to tell them that these animals are all gonna become dinner soon in the future.

-Bill just owns a baby chick now??? Mike is happy to give it to him. 

basically they all just want to help and support mike which i can relate to


Summery: Cute Reader x Cas Fluff where Cas has baby animals 

Sam and Dean had gone on a hunt leaving you to take care of the still ‘befuddled’ Cas. Not that you minded the angel was rather sweet, although when he popped out you hadn’t expected him to return with a rather sweet baby duck cradled in his hands.


“Look (Y/N).” He whispered as he set it on the bed and stroked its tiny head.” His dopey smile was plastered across his face when the little animal fumbled around on the bed.

“Cas where do you get him?” You giggled as the angel lay flat on the bed so the duck could waddle over to him.

“At a park nearby.” His face fell when the duck made a rather indignant noise and stared at the angel. “Shall I go and get it’s mother?” He asked suddenly.

“Maybe if it wants it’s mother you should send it back.” You said gently and with that he was gone.


It was another good half an hour before the angel returned, this time a cheeky grin on his face and you were sure his pockets concealed several animals as he hurried to the bathroom. You hurried over to the door, knocking when you found it locked.


“Yes?” You jumped when he appeared next to you.


“What’re you doing in there?” You asked suspiciously.


“Filling the bath, the fish say they need water.” Castiel answered before vanishing again.

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diabitch233  asked:

What would be the nicknames for there daughters

Shuu: Probably some variation of her name

Reiji: Child

Ayato: Little bit or champ (he doesn’t care. His children are the best in his opinion)

Kanato: Cupcake, Cookie, Candy, He’d name her after their favorite sweet to share

Laito: Princess, Darling, Dear, anything sweet and shows she’s the light of his life

Subaru: Little Rose or Something flower based

Ruki: Little girl

Kou: Mini/Tiny Neko Chan~!

Yuma: Piglet Or something based on their name

Azusa: Princess, Angel, Sweetie

"Ash" Sing fanfic (1/?)

A/N: oh look my first sing fic. AU idea by my good fromd @favoritestuff. I’m feeling a bit blue lately but I made this for like 2 weeks or so so I’m super proud of this and I had to post it. I might make this a chapter thing but I might not??? I’m not sure enjoy
Also I’m on mobile so long post


“You want to adopt?”

Rosita’s eyes blinked, surprised at his thought while she carried a tiny piglet in her arms, rocking it to sleep while a dozen- maybe even more- others played around the house. Buster put down his cup of tea with a nervous grin. Obviously, she could tell something *else* was in the situation.
“Ah, well, not really, but- Well, I did find her on the street and I may have taken her home, but–”

Hold that thought.

Someone, not something.

“You found her on the street?!” The pig cried. Buster waved his arms around in front of her, gesturing not to explode, or break something. “She was only a baby!”
Rosita calmed down.

Buster put his hands down and went back to sit more relaxed from his defense posture.
“Besides,” the dapper koala explained. “She was behind the theatre in the rain. I don’t think I’d have the strength to just– leave someone like that.”

Rosita’s eyes softened. Abandonment of a child just wasn’t right. She couldn’t do that at all, even if the child was different or much older than expected. She was a mother, and as one, she felt it would’ve been and was her responsibility to take a child- especially an infant- under a roof with the necessities and care that it deserves. Meekly, and like every parent would, Rosita placed a hand on Buster’s, giving him a slightly worrisome look. “I don’t think I could either.”

The koala smiled at her understanding, before getting his pant sleeve tugged by one of the piglets, who was looking up at him from the height of the chair.
“Mr. Moonie?”
He felt like giggling at the name.
“Are you gonna stay for dinner?”

He ruffled up the piglet’s tiny fluff of fur on her head, smiling. “Sorry, sweetie, but I’ve gotta go back to take care of something.”
The other kids around him began to whine and pout as Buster got off the chair.
“It’s fine, kids, I’m sure Mr. Moon will come back in a few days- won’t you?” Rosita asked, as if the entirety of their conversation also marked dates for parenting advice. He chuckled, shaking his head and getting his coat.

“I’ll try to make it. Have a good night, Rosita!”


Buster opened the door to his office room, where he was met with Eddie, sitting comfortably on the desk while carrying a tiny, sleeping porcupine in his arms. Buster took his coat off and tiredly lied down on the surface of the desk, just a few inches away from his boyfriend’s lap.

“You tired?” Eddie smugly remarked.
The koala let out an “Mmph,” followed by a few crawls closer to the sheep to see the baby.

“Is she okay?” He leaned in to peek at the mess of tiny quills and two puffy ears. Eddie smiled tiredly and showed her off without waking her. Buster’s eyes widened.
“She was pretty loud earlier, I had to visit my mom to see if she could help.” Eddie said in a low voice.

Buster smiled at the little porcupine. “She looks so peaceful…” He drifted.
The black sheep only shook his head and huffed. “Wish I was in her shoes.”

With closer inspection, Buster saw that Eddie had grown tired from trying to take care of the baby. In a sweet and gentle manner, he cupped a hand over his lover’s cheek and looked at him with a worried expression. Eddie responded with a not-so-pleased grumble.

“You might need to get some rest.”
“You sure you’ll be okay?”
The koala nodded.

Eddie felt his cheek get lightly pecked, causing him to wake up by ‘the slightest bit.’ Slightly annoyed, he places the baby in her makeshift crib and gets his jacket out, putting on the sleeves as he makes his way to the door. Suddenly, he feels as if he forgot something important.

“Hey, Buster!’
“Have you thought on names?”

Buster gave the porcupine a slight squint and a good, hard look before smiling.



5 AM, on a Saturday. It had to be 5 AM.

To his surprise, most of Buster’s night was quiet apart from the breeze coming from the window. Nothing else for at least 9 hours except the silence, his thoughts and the wind.

The koala was awoken by the muffled sound of a baby’s cries. With a tired yawn, he rolled out of his desk and rushed to the small makeshift crib made out of pillows and comforters. (from Eddie, of course.)

“Shh shh shh! It’s okay, it’s okay, Ash- I’ve got you.”
Buster picked up the tiny porcupine and held her to his chest, slowly rocking her to calm down. He remembered how his own father used to tell him how he would wake up after a long nap and needed to be rocked. The thought made him quiet down and sigh.
“Daddy’s got you.”

He let himself move his arms downward to look at Ash. She smiled. ‘Looks like you’ll be awake for a while.’
Buster turned to his phone and groaned silently.



Eddie huffed and answered the call.
“Ed? I think you might need to come over. Ash is awake, and she isn’t willing to go to sleep.”
He yawned. “I’ll be right there.”

Eddie made a mental note to let Buster finish moving in with him.


This Vine Of A Tiny Piglet Prancing Through Grass Will Be The Best 6 Seconds Of Your Day

160506 Baekhyun’s birthday party, full translation

* Last updated 160519 6pm KST. I’ve attempted to translate all of Baekhyun’s dialogue during the party, as much as can be gathered from various voice files.

* If you take any part of this anywhere else, please be sure to cite me by this link, or by my twitter handle at least. Since I’m continuously editing and adding, I would appreciate it if you would link directly to this post instead of only copypasting or screencapping =)

- - - - - - - - - -

(Enter Baekhyun)

Hi everyone! Hi! There are people on the second floor, too. Can we have lights for the second floor? Hi~ So many of you are here. Today, I’m doing the MCing, I’m the main character, I’m gonna do everything by myself.

Guys it’s cold outside, right? Did the rain get you? (Fans: No!) Some of you are nodding your heads, did you not bring umbrellas? We don’t have umbrellas at our dorm. But we have cars, we have our manager’s car, so it’s okay. Do I see some folks who are dressed in too-thin clothes? Not that I’m giving away clothes or anything, just kidding. What if you guys get cold when going home? Let’s warm up those bodies, now, right here~ (Fans cheer) Great reaction~

(Fans’ faces appear on screen, fans are surprised) Why why, what happened? What just happened? (Fans explain) What? Ah, you were onscreen? Eris were onscreen? But why are you booing! All of you are so pretty!

So folks, let’s start the actual Kyoongday party! You guys got here through a lot of competition, so, congratulations! So should we get started on the Kyoongday party? (Fans: Yes!) Were you guys waiting? (Fans: Yes!) I was waiting for this too. Now… (Cake is brought in) Ah, the cake comes just in time. Stuff like this should usually be a surprise, but since our Kyoongday party is self-planned, I know the whole schedule. So now, what should you guys do? (Fans: Sing!) You guys can sing. One, two, start! *Baekhyun hums to fans’ birthday song*

Now since you’ve sung me the song yourselves, I will make a wish for you guys and blow out the candle. *gathers hands and makes a wish* I’m blowing this out~ *blows out candle* Should I cut it too? (Fans ask for slanted cut) You want me to cut it at an angle? Don’t I have to fall over while I’m cutting to do that? Hahaha slanted cut, that’s right, I should do that because I can’t cut through the middle, I have to do it slightly sideways, like this! So, how is it, do you like it? (Fans: Yes!) We are cutting it in a new way.

- Cutting the birthday cake

I would really like to share this cake with all of you, and you guys know, I always talked about a snack party before, but you see, I realized that bringing food is prohibited here in Artium. Since I’m a public figure, and you guys are fans of public figures, we have to keep the law. You understand, right? We can’t have a snack party but… I’m really sad about it, I originally wanted to have a huge pile of snacks in one spot, and see your faces up close, but this Artium is kind of…old-fashioned… But still, thank you guys so much, really.

You know, having a party like this is really rare for me, since I was born. You know when you’re little you invite your friends home and order chicken, pizza, kimbab, you buy that kind of stuff and have a party, like Mc—s and all that, you get together in a big room and eat it, right? I’ve never been able to do that. I used to say, what’s the use of having a party, I can just hang out casually with friends. But after debuting, and seeing our members celebrate their birthdays on stage one by one, I did start wanting to do something. I too wanted to gather together the people that I like, just like this, I wanted a party! So I…well, it wasn’t exactly me who rented out this place, but it was rented in my name and here we are! I’m awesome, right? I want you guys to tell me I’m amazing! (Fans: Amazing!) Will you guys smile for anything I do today? (Fans: Yes!) Good!

Then… *Baek finds hats on the cake tray* Should I try one of these on? This one? *puts on cone hat* How do you like it? How is it? I was looking around and saw some weird colored lights on the second floor, weird cat-eye colors, like when you shine a light into a puppy’s eyes. Some of you must have brought binoculars… Hi! Can you see my face well? *laughs* Since it’s so far, I give you permission to use binoculars.

The next thing up is…! My MCing is rusty, right? It’s my first MC gig since Inkigayo…

- Q&A time

Next corner! (Q&A panels brought in) It’s Q&A time! So we got some questions from you guys ahead of time, questions for me, there were a lot of unique questions… I haven’t been able to read these beforehand, the managers refused to show it to me till now, saying just look at them on stage. For real! Why would I lie to you guys today, and this is nothing to lie about!

Oh here’s a good one. “What was your birth-dream [the dream your parents have foretelling a baby in the works, a common Korean thing] and baby name?” Do any of you guys know my birth-dream? (No!) I’ve never told this on broadcasts, right? (Right!) You guys are really in luck! So I’m not sure what my baby name was, but I do know my name was originally supposed to be “Baekho” [white tiger]. But it was too…strong a name to live with, so my parents said, be gentle in life, so I became Baek “Hyun” [the CHN letter for Hyun stands for ‘gentle, benevolent’], and yes I think I’m living “gently”, or more like “dizzily” [the two words sound similar]. And about my birth-dream, my father dreamt one and my mom had her own too, which one would you like to hear first? So my dad had this dream one night, what he saw was a white piglet, a tiny one, he was washing this tiny white piglet endlessly in the bath. That was my birth-dream. I’m a white piglet, that’s why it’s so hard for me to get rid of my nutella tummy… That’s how it’s connected. (Fans ask for nutella flash) No way, no way. And my mom’s was of a snake. It’s really important to hear what kind of snake it was! It was a “flower-snake”. I actually looked these up on the Internet, because you naturally get curious, right? And I found out that both the white pig and the flower-snake are supposed to mean that it’s a girl baby. (Someone screams: That’s why you’re pretty!) Hey I’m not pretty, I’m handsome! *laughs* So anyway, both my parents thought I was gonna be a girl before I was born. My mom craved strawberries and other pretty things when I was in her belly, so they thought I was a baby, wait no, they knew I was a baby, they thought I was a girl baby… But when I was actually born, I had all this hair on my head, and these huge ears, I was a little monkey! If you look at any of my pictures from right after I was born, I’m not kidding, say my face is here, then my ears are this huge. *gestures* I’d love to show it to you, but I don’t have the pictures with me, maybe later… I’ll post it on Instagram!

Anyway, that’s that about my birth-dream and baby name, we’ve done one question… Should I do all of them? (Someone yells: We have lots of time!) You have lots of time? Okay then, let’s just play until the last buses come! You guys might have to walk home!

“Would you count as your daughters even ‘daughters’ that are older than Dad?” Yessss. Of course I do. See, the reason I used the word ‘Dad’ was because I saw this picture on Instagram. It was a picture of EXO and EXO-L holding hands and walking together. To be honest, it’s not possible for EXO-L to go that extra step ahead of us on our road, you guys are accompanying us on the road that we’ve walked. So I thought it would be so nice to be a Dad, because Dads try things out in advance, and go one step ahead to check out the road, and keep watch in case anything bad is there. So that’s why I wanted to call you daughters, and whether you’re older or younger, you’re all daughters! Because EXO-Ls are the daughters.

“Do you still make puppy sounds in your sleep?” I keep waking myself up with these sounds, I surprise myself awake. When I’m super tired, it happens without me even knowing, and I wake up like “Eek!”. I still do this, and I don’t think I’ll be able to fix it all my life. (Fans: Don’t fix it!) What? Don’t be sick? Don’t fix it? *snorts* I won’t fix it then.

“How do you usually do your signature after you pay with a card?” How do you guys do it? I bet it’s all the same for everyone, be honest, okay? Raise your hand if you draw a straight line. A circle? A heart? A squiggly line? Oh, I see lots of people do squiggly lines. When they ask me for a signature after paying, I do this (straight line gesture). So guys, how are you supposed to sign from now on? (Fans: Straight line!) Because why? We can’t be bothered! Yes.

Oh this also looks like a fun question. “The meaning of Supreme for Baekhyun?” In fact, I do have a lot of stuff from Supreme. First of all I do like it, and every Friday there are new items going on sale on the Internet, and sometimes I’ve waited since 11:59 the night before for that…but you know, the reason I like this brand is, well I usually like wearing training pants, and comfortable clothing, and Supreme is the kind of brand that feels comfortable while also looking kinda good. So that’s why I like Supreme. (Someone yells: I like *you*!) What? You just like me? Just one person at a time, tell me as a representative. Just one. *laughs*

I’ll read another question. “When are you reminded of fans the most?” There’s an additional note here, saying “don’t say ‘always’”. Very detailed person, whoever it is. Just…when we do pre-recordings, we’ve done it a few times without fans watching us. You guys know about this too, right? When broadcast companies say they’re busy and they need to get stuff done quickly…there were times when fans had actually come to the recording, but couldn’t get in. At those times I really missed seeing the fans. Because for real, performing on stage facing an empty audience, it really drains your energy. When we’re taking MV shoots, we don’t have fans in front of us, but thinking we’d be able to show you something, I get really curious about your reactions, so it’s exciting and I can do it, but doing a performance onstage without you guys…it really feels lonesome. When I do a stage without you guys watching, I guess that’s when I think of you the most.

“How do you remove your eyeliner?” Removing eyeliner? I do it the exact same way you guys do! I remove it in front of a mirror, making weird faces. Admit it, all of you guys do that too. I bet none of you do it all prettily and daintily, cuz I’ve done eyeliner for a long time, so I know a lot about this. When you fill it down to that membrane—guys this is all a secret, people are going to be at me like I’m a makeup fan, but I’ve just done it for a long time and heard lots of stuff!—when you fill the membrane it’s hard to remove with cotton pads, you need a Q-tip. And if you want to use a Q-tip, you have to lift this part [of the eye] with your hand, right? You have to lift this, and how do you do it? *lifts eyelid* Like this, right? If you do this, you can’t have a decent face. There will never be a day where I can show you guys how I remove makeup…Well maybe if we do a reality show later?

So what should I answer next? All of it? There’s a super silly question here. “Do you really dance better than Shim Jaewon?” (Fans: Show us! Show us!) I… *dances Overdose intro* I did really try hard to dance well. But Jaewon hyung…Jaewon hyung is really so great at dancing. As for me, a little while later, after we have our comeback, like we’ll eventually do, and after finishing that up, if I have time, I’m planning to get dance lessons, I’m gonna go full-scale and stand right by Kai. *laughs*

The bottom one? This one? *crouches to reach bottom one* Why are you guys giving me such a difficult one? “What do you do first thing in the morning?” What do I do first thing in the morning? (Fans: Stretching and yawning!) Wow, I haven’t stretched in the morning in a while. What do I do in the morning… (Fans throw out suggestions) Guys, it’s my personal everyday life, how do you describe it so well… Going to the bathroom, looking at my cell phone… When I wake up in the morning, what do I do? (Fans: Turn off the alarm!) I don’t even set an alarm, I’m just not the type to wake up to an alarm, someone else wakes me up. When I wake up, the first thing I do is take medicine, just stuff that’s good for me, like vitamins. I’m jjang, right? Guys, I’ve tried taking all those vitamins. When I was young, you know how parents would say, eat this, it’s good for you, try it! And what did you guys do? Nah, I’m good, I’ll eat it after I get home, it doesn’t do anything for me. But try getting a little older, life gets really hard. Taking that one vitamin makes your day better. So remember to take those vitamins, okay?

Hmm. “Do you get special hand care?” No, I don’t. What I really thank my parents for is this, that my mom has really beautiful hands. Mine are exactly the same as hers. (Fans: Get insurance!) What? Insurance? I have too many scars on it…I grew up wild. I’m a guy, a dude with rough hands.

“How do you usually take care of your throat?” A lot of you guys are really curious about this, right? (Fans: Yes!) My throat is actually a lot sturdier than you might think. For real. Well, my throat does get hoarse sometimes, especially at the end of concerts, it gets really hoarse. Then I go to sleep thinking, “looks like I might not be able to sing tomorrow morning”, then I wake up, and I do it. My throat becomes so clear, like, when was I ever sick? But I’ve recently caught a cold, and my heart hurts to show you me being like this, but I ask you guys to be understanding, okay?

“Please make a 3-line poem from our fandom name!”
Ex - EXO-L is…
So - Precious [sojunghada]
El - El Dorado
(Fans cheer) Huh, so you guys like this kind of thing… (Fan says: El Dorado!) *Baek bursts out singing El Dorado*

“Whatchu doing tomorrow?” Tomorrow I’m filming. You’re asking what filming it is? What do you think it will be? I’ll take an answer from just one of you. (Fan in first row: Drama!) Drama? Correct! It’s drama filming tomorrow. It’s a lot of work, really.

“What kind of feeling do you get when fans sing in unison?” At awards ceremonies, or Dream Concerts, you know, when we can really tell where our fans are? At those times, we really don’t want to go offstage. I really don’t want to go, but the security staff tell us repeatedly to leave. The reason [I don’t want to go] is, you know at these events there are a lot of EXO-Ls, and you guys cheer really loudly, right? So wherever we go, we hear cheers, like, “Baekhyun-ah!” “D.O.-yah! Suho-ya!” and “EXO!” That feels really good for us, like we have backup forces with us. So we don’t want to go back in, but we’re always going back against our will. We say, we want to stay, we want to stay with EXO-L, but we have to go. We can’t stay.

So I’m gonna do just one more. “Where did you get the idea for the ‘Unfair’ costume stage?” It was just because I wanted the stage to be… Wait, you guys all know it was me who had the idea for that stage, right? (Fans: Yes!) You know, there are a lot of jobs out there, not just in our country but all over the world, right? I wanted to get people in any jobs, various kinds of jobs, to enjoy our song together. To hear our song and get cheered up and excited. So that’s why I proposed wearing various job costumes for the ‘Unfair’ stage, and our members are all really obliging, so they were all like, “Sure!” So my idea for those costumes was accepted. You guys liked it, right? I really enjoyed it too.

So this is the end of the Q&A session… I did want to get to the other ones, but the stuff I just told you now, is the “cream of the crop”. You all know what that means, right? Just checking, because some of you are so little, little babies even.

- Best of Best corner

There’s another corner, well, it’s also a panel. ”Best Of Best Baekhyun”!

“Best 3 Songs that Suit Baekhyun Well”!
I heard before I came up here that they took out songs that were EXO’s. There were a lot of EXO songs submitted, right?

Let’s look at #3 first. Best 3, third place! [“Butterfly Grave” by Take] This is the song I sang during a student trip in high school. I can’t remember how it goes… (Fans call out lines) I can’t hear a thing you’re saying! *sings song beautifully* It’s been so long since I’ve sung this… Back then, I was a high schooler, and what would I have known? I just thought with my buddies, let’s do some harmonizing, and so we sang this song, and we harmonized…out of tune. *laughs*

Second place! [“The Manual” by Eddy Kim] Have I ever sung this song? (Fans: No!) I was really surprised about this, but it’s here because it’s a song that you guys love, right? So just now backstage, I listened to this song, just briefly. So I can only sing a really short part of it. I don’t really know the lyrics… *sings part of song* I’ll practice this and sing it somewhere. (Fans call out other songs they want him to sing) *jokingly* You’re…going to hit me? Oh, *mimics fan yelling* “Butterfly Grave!!!” So scary… I will sing it for you.

I gotta tell you, this [cone hat] is getting uncomfortable… It’s like a horn. I need to take it off, I bet my hair’s all flat… *tosses hair*

First place. [“Moon of Seoul” by Kim Gunmo] You guys like songs like this? This is the song I played on the piano some time back. *sings full verse with adlib* How was it? My throat’s not so good today, so I ask for your understanding. But I’m working really hard so that I can sing all this stuff to you guys.

Would you like to look at what’s up next? Are you guys curious? (Fans cheer) 2nd floor, are you curious? (Even louder cheering) Ooh, I think the 2nd floor has a louder voice!

“Best Top 3 Moments when Baekhyunee Looks Awesome”! Remember, it wasn’t me that chose this topic! This one really wasn’t my idea.

So “Awesome Moments”, I’ll start at #3. Third place! “When dancing on the stage, especially the hip-thrusting in ‘Overdose’”. One of my legs got longer than the other because of that… *giggles* You want to see it one more time? (Fans: Yes!) Ahh, my hips… I’ll still show it to you. *does Overdose intro* *giggles* You guys might not know this but originally, the opening of Overdose was Kai’s part. (Someone yells: Did you take it away?) What do you mean, I took it away? We don’t have that kind of authority, we just do what the company tells us. It’s just that I have wider hips… Of course Kai is the better dancer, but I ended up doing it, with my wide hips.

Let’s look at #2. [“When breathing”] *Baekhyun tries to breathe heavily into the mic* I frankly have no idea what I can do for this. I guess I should just sit here and only breathe.

Let’s go straight to #1. First place! (Fans: Ta-da!) Wow we even have BGM here? “When singing on the stage”. This is true. To be honest, I’m doing a drama and I’ve done a musical, I’ve experienced a variety of jobs, but I think I have the most fun when doing a song performance, that’s just me. Personally, I wanted to experience everything, of course I wanted to be a singer first, but I did want to try out other things. But as I’d expected, for me, I’m happiest when I’m performing [as a singer] on stage.

*drinks water* (Fans cheer) It’s just me drinking water and you react like this! Should we move on? (Fans: Yes!) What’s an awesome moment~

Now, “Actions and words that EXO-L would like to see or hear from Baekhyun”! (Fans: Being alive!) What? Licking my arm? Wisdom tooth? [all sound similar in Korean] Oh, being alive! I…I still have a long way to go, guys. I’m gonna stay alive for a while. *giggles*

I’m gonna start with #3. (Someone yells: Light switch dance!) Who’s talking about the light switch dance… #3, one two three! “Let’s be together for a long time”, “EXO-L Pose”. You know, when we get awards at awards ceremonies, those times and even at other times, I say “let’s be together for a long time”, right? I think that’s similar to what I said before, about doing some stages when you guys weren’t there. So I have a wish that those kinds of feelings won’t return, so that’s why I say, let’s last long, and I’m always thankful to you all above anything else.

And the EXO-L pose… You guys don’t know which exact pose is the EXO-L pose, right? Some people think it’s this [second finger pointing up]…and some people think it’s this [thumb pointing up]… I can tell right now that there are lots of “latecomer” fans here! [fans who’ve entered the fandom only recently] The latecomer fans might be confused, but the older fans will know the sign as this [thumb pointing up]. This is the right one, folks. You know, when we’re on stage and too excited, even we go “EXO-L” [and use the wrong sign]. So either way works, but the sign we first made is this one. Why was this? It was because…well at first it was this [thumb heart], but then we said, nah, we should make it larger, to make it easy to see even from far away… And if we look at this [old sign] from far away, it might look like an offensive gesture! So let’s make this very clear, so that’s why it became the current “EXO-L” sign. You guys didn’t know this, right? Today you guys are learning a lot of new things.

Now, #2! “Eri-ya, Daddy’s here”. Dear Eri, Daddy’s here. This…you like this? (Fans: Yes!) I should do it a lot then. Eri-ya, Daddy’s here.

For the action, “Dance”? (Fans scream stuff) Those folks over there are draining my energy, they keep asking for the light switch dance… No light switch dance… I’ve gotten older, I’m not gonna go like this *small gesture* again, right? *giggles* So anyway, I’ve been feeling that I have some talent for dancing, so I’m trying to do more of it little by little. Maybe learn some popping, that’s what I’m gonna do.

#1! [“I love you”, “Aegyo”] *deep voice* I love you. *giggles* Since I have to do it suddenly, my voice went all deep. Whoo!

Aegyo? I really rarely watch any TV, but when I was waiting backstage, when I was backstage I saw this heart thing on “Running Man”, what was it? I don’t really know how to do these things. I really don’t! I tried to watch it on YouTube… (Fan: Watch it now!) Watch it now? Haha… What else would be an option? (Fans scream stuff) Bbuing-bbuing is so old, how many years ago was that really! (Fans scream more stuff, Baekhyun tries to figure it out) Ah, “Shy Shy Shy”! What song was that from again? What? Could just one of you tell me how the melody goes? *sings part, with lyrics changed to include ‘Eri’* Is this the right one? *sings more* Is this it? This was a nice piece of choreo… At first I was wondering, what in the world is this “Sha Sha Sha”? Since I used to play a lot of games when I was little, I first thought it was “Shot!”, so something like “God sh-sh-shot”. That’s what I thought. But one day I did a search on the Internet for “What does ‘Sha Sha Sha’ mean?”, and I found out that it was from the song “Cheer Up” from those artists. One more time? One more time? I envy the folks who have these moves, because it feels good as you do it, you don’t get embarrassed. *sings again* This is nice, can’t we get choreo like this too? It’s also a nice melody. *sings* “Because of meeting Eris, Shy Shy Shy”. I think this was the first time I’ve envied someone else’s song.

So this is the end of the three topics we’ve prepared, the Best 3, Best of Best Baekhyun, channel closed!

- Dream duet with EXO-L

So what’s up next is… Something in order to become one with you all. This January, I released a song called “Dream” with Suzy sunbae, right? (Fans: Yes!) The reception was really good. To be honest, I never imagined it would stay at #1 for so long. But even though we hadn’t been on broadcasts, we even got #1 trophies. Ah…really…it’s really thanks to you guys. Of course there was Suzy sunbaenim’s power, but your power…was a little bit greater. Anyway, you all got a piece of paper when you came in, right? (Fans: Yes!) Just to help latecoming fans figure it out—because I guess latecoming fans might not know this song very well—you guys sing Suzy sunbae’s part, and I will sing it like a duet with you. Let’s start…Fantastic Duo!

Cue song, please.

~ Baekhyun and EXO-L sing Dream ~

Wow, wow… Really, this is so lovely. All of you sing so well, how is this even possible! We need more corners like this! Singing together, isn’t it so fun? (Fans: Yes!) This is so great! This is so awesome… (Fans ask for one more time) What, let’s do it again? Sing “Dream” one more time? (Fans yell out songs they’d like to sing) What?

(Enter D.O.)
D: Yes, it was a great song~
(Fans go crazy)
B: What is this? What are you doing here, D.O.!
D: Yes, hello, I’m here as a special MC, I’m very happy to be attending Baekhyunee’s birthday party.
B: Woah~
D: Today is really a happy day.
B: D.O., how, I mean, aren’t you busy?
D: Uh, all the other members are busy but I had no schedule.
B: *laughs* Guys, we’re having a really great time today, right? Getting to see D.O. too? D.O. from “It’s Okay It’s Love”? D.O.-ssi, let’s first sit, since we now have a guest… *offers D.O. a chair and sits down too* Wow, I really didn’t know this, guys. (Fans boo) I told you guys, why would I lie today? Oh, so just now, I was supposed to get two more cue cards, but… *D.O. shows his cue card* …and this is why I didn’t get it! They said, we’ll send it up later, and they sent it by D.O. Then are you going to be MCing, D.O.-ssi?
D: Yes, I’m going to be running a quiz. I’ll start right now. This quiz, what should I call it?
B: It’s an OX quiz!
D: It’s an OX quiz, and all of you here shouldn’t lie, you should really play this game honestly with a clear conscience since you’re here as Baekhyun’s fans!
B: “Game”? *mimics D.O.’s heavy G sound*
D: If you got it wrong, be honest and put your hand down, and if you’re right, you continue…
B: Yes yes!
D: You get the rules, right?
B: Nice and big over your heads, guys, if we say “Baekhyun’s name is Byun Baekhyun!” then you all raise your arms over your heads and make an O, if not, make an X. Then if you got it wrong, you put your hand down. The last ten survivors—or if there’s more survivors, we’ll choose ten through another game—ten people will be getting a gift prepared by me on your way out! Just a hint about the gifts, there’s a Nature Republic cosmetic set… (Fans groan) Guys, guys! Wait guys, guys! (Fans: Yes!) I know there was the whole PPL thing with “Miracles in December”, but… Nature Republic does have some great stuff, so I picked out that to give to you guys, and there’s a gift certificate for Ashley’s [a buffet restaurant], and a SPAO T-shirt, a Hat’s On hat… Ten of you will take these home at the end of the party! Got it, everyone? (Fans: Yes!) Now, D.O.-ssi…
D: I was just looking at the questions, and…
B: Yes yes!
D: I think all Baekhyun fans will be able to get these right.
B: Ah…
D: But there are some difficult ones too! Yes, so here goes the question…the quiz. Here’s the first question! (Fans: Ta-da!) Eh…?
B: They’re doing “ta-da” for us.

- OX quiz

D: So the first question. (Fans: Ta-da!) Baekhyun’s birthday is May…sorry, it’s May 6th. Then, “Baekhyun’s birthday is…a Saturday”! Choose O or X. Who made these questions anyway? I think everyone’s going to get this 100%, so it should be a practice game. *Baekhyun chimes in in agreement* 

Now, for the second question. “Baekhyun has one brother and one sister”. One two three— whoa. I can’t see a single O. Anyone who got it wrong should not continue with the game, okay?

B: You can’t get this one wrong.

D: Okay. I’ll speed this up. Third question. “In ‘Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’, the role Baekhyun will play is Prince #9”. One two three— (Fans boo) *sighs* This one you shouldn’t get wrong. What should we do if there are too many survivors?

B: What can we do, we should just continue the game then!

D: You know what, if it comes to that I’ll ask you guys questions myself. If we get to the end of these, and we still have lots of people standing, I’ll pose the questions. Now, fourth question. “In ‘EXO 90:2014’, the song that Baekhyun reinterpreted is god’s ‘To Mother’”. (Fans boo) 

B: Why, how… Does this mean that there are so few latecomer fans here? (Fan yells: They rewatch it!) Oh, latecomer fans rewatch the old shows? (Fans: Yes!) The things technology does for you these days…Next question please, not even a single person has dropped out yet.

D: Here goes the fifth question. “Baekhyun’s age in EXO… Baekhyun… *stutters* Baekhyun’s age in EXO is fourth from the back”. (Fans boo) One two three. I’ll just go quickly from here. Sixth question. “Baekhyun’s Chinese zodiac sign is the rooster”. One two three. Okay all of you put down your hands. The right answer is “blood type O”. 

B: My sign is the monkey… D.O.-ssi, you look like you’re quite…drunk.
D: I’ll pick some of the more difficult ones. These are too easy.
B: Yes yes.
D: Hmm. (Fans: Cute!) Baekhyun… (Fans: Cute!!!)

B: Guys, there might be a problem here. There might be latecomer fans, like, they might have entered the fandom just yesterday. But even if they’re like, I don’t know the answer to this, all you fans sitting next to them would be saying, “No, that’s not right, X!”, and they’d just copy you. So guys, don’t say anything and just do the OX action. Because you have to eliminate the people next to you if you want the gift! Being together is not good, at least today at this moment, it’s not good to go together. Got it? (Fans: Yes!)

D: “The day of Baekhyun’s first Instagram post is…May 7th, 2016”. One two three—

B: Whoa… There are some splits now! It must be the latecomers!

D: And the answer is…O!
B: Wow!
D: Wow, many of you got it wrong.
B: A bunch of you got eliminated! You all must be the latecomers. Right? First of all, you guys who got it right, please stand up.
D: There are more on the second floor, right?
B: Yes, there are folks on the second floor.
D: I can’t really see well. The second floor is pretty much half and half.
B: *pointing to one fan* Are you standing up even though you got it wrong? No? Okay, I must have seen wrong. So I think everyone has stood up now.

D: I’ll go on to the next question.
B: This is so fun.
D: This time I’ll up the difficulty level.
B: Good.
D: In “Showtime”, Baekhyun said he couldn’t eat a whole chicken by himself. But what about today’s Baekhyun… This is a fifty-fifty situation, I don’t know the answer either. Only Baekhyun knows.
B: So hard…
D: Let’s do this.
B: It’s so hard, it really is fifty-fifty.

D: “Baekhyun can eat a whole chicken by himself, right now”. One two three— (to Baekhyun) You chose an answer, right?

B: *sighs* One whole chicken… To be honest, I can do it. This is a really difficult question, right guys? But the reason I came to eat a whole chicken was, one day I was so hungry, and asked the manager to order me a box of chicken, since I didn’t know the delivery numbers. As I was eating it…it disappeared. But there’s this, you know there’s smoke-grilled chicken and fried chicken—I can’t eat a lot of the fried, but I can eat a lot of the smoked. (Fans yell) Does that mean it’s an X? (Fans: Yes!) But it’s still chicken! Okay, let’s redo this one. Since you guys can’t see this in person, it’s not fair. D.O.-ssi, up your game.

D: I’ll try something fair.
B: Yes yes.

D: This is the fourteenth question. “Baekhyun has a mole on the right side of his upper lip, and on his right thumb”. One two three— Oh, this is another split question.

B: Quite a split. You guys need to choose quickly!
D: Choose quickly! The answer is…X.
B: Anyone who raised O, I have a mole on the right side of my upper lip…and my left thumb! Across in a diagonal, like this. 

D: Now then, right to the next question.
B: Yes. There really aren’t many left, the first floor is almost all down, and just 7 or 8 on the second floor…

D: Can I go? The fifteenth question. “The meaning of ‘ggaepsong’, the popular phrase that Baekhyun coined, is ‘Too bad/what a shame’”. One two three—

B: I can see some Xs, three people, four people, those four folks can put their hands down.

D: Can I ask Baekhyun-ssi for an explanation? About this?
B: About “ggaepsong”? You guys know how I used to do this, right? “Aggapda” [too bad] … “ggaepsong”! (Fans cheer) *jokingly* A lot of you must be latecomers, not knowing this stuff.

D: This next one seems quite difficult. I’ll get right to it. The sixteenth question. “Baekhyun’s ‘Beautiful’…*stutters*…‘Beau-ti-ful’ was released on April 22, 2015”. One two three!

B: Please raise your hands right away! Okay, there are a lot of Xs…
D: Guess what I just saw, I saw someone doing this [one sign] and changing to this [the other sign]… You need to make this clear, guys!
B: Raise your hands to the sky, guys!
D: Make a big gesture! Make it big! Yes. I’ll tell you the answer now.

B: The answer is…!
D: The answer is O.
B: Wow~

(Fan yells: Baekhyun-ah, I got it right!)
B: Oh, you got it right?

D: There are three people on the second floor…
B: Three people left! And on the first floor…

*Baekhyun and D.O. count survivors*

D: There are around ten…
B: Ten people.
D: There are still around ten people, so…

B: And I need to make a correction, I didn’t have ten gifts for this game, I wasn’t supposed to give it away all at once, but still since this is a huge party, I’ll give as much away at once as I can. There are seven sets, so I’ll have to choose seven people. All right? I’m sorry, I’ll prepare more next time. Back to you!

D: This is the seventeenth question. “In ‘Dream’, Baekhyun uses the word ‘dream’…five times”. One two three!

B: You have to make big gestures! On the second floor we’re split between X and O, and I’m not sure what those guys over there are doing but… X, X, X, X…O…there’s only one O on the lower floor.

D: Then I’ll give the answer. The answer is X.
B: Wow~
D: He sings the word twice by himself, and twice with the other female artist.
B: Wow~
D: It’s written on here.

B: So how many of you are left now? Let’s start counting, one! two! three! four! five! six! Over there, over there! seven! eight! nine! ten! eleven! twelve! thir…teen. Right? Thirteen… People who did the O just now, you should sit down! None of you? No one “died”? (Fans laugh) No one lost this game? I apologize for saying “those who died”. Anyway, there’s still quite a few of you left!

D: The difficulty level is going slowly up.
B: Yes.
D: I’ll give you the eighteenth question.
B: Number eighteen!

D: “Among the songs in EXO’s second full album ‘EXODUS’, the song with the most parts sung by Baekhyun is…’What If’”. One two three!

B: Hmm…more Xs I think…
D: Someone on the second floor gave an O.
B: Two Os, one X… Let’s hear the answer.

D: I’ll give the answer. The answer is X! The song with most parts sung by Baekhyun is “My Answer”. Now you know, don’t get it wrong next time.
B: But well, we haven’t sung “My Answer” that often. (Fans: Sing it!) *Baek counts* One, two, three people, four five six seven eight people… 

(Fans start chanting “Just one verse!”)
D: Just one verse!
B: *sings one verse from “My Answer”* My throat is so dry…

(Fans cheer, ask for D.O. to sing)
D: So now…yeaaah— I’m sorry…next question… [drowned out by fanchant] 

(Fans chant “Do Kyungsoo”)
B: They’ve been waiting for a long time.
D: *sighs* *sings tiny part of next verse* 

D: Now straight on to question number nineteen. “In ‘Call Me Baby’, Baekhyun’s parts are 35 seconds total”. One two three!

B: Ahh, this one is really super difficult. So difficult. You just gotta guess, to be honest.
D: On the second floor, X and O…
B: Just one X, oh no, there’s someone else at the back?
D: X and O.
B: X and O.

D: I’ll give you the answer. The answer is…X.

B: Oh, now that there are very few Xs left, I think we can finish this game up, right?

D: Baekhyun’s parts are 25 seconds total. So is it O or X?
(Fans: X!)

B: Okay then, anyone left still standing, please come on up on stage…
D: How many are there left?
B: How many of you are left? I think I can give you the gifts now, right away. Are people way in the back having a hard time [getting down]?
D: They’ve gotten downstairs.
B: Oh, I hear they’ve gotten down. 

B: Then all the winners, please come up on stage now! Congratulations! Whoo! You guys are so truly accomplished! Wow… Here’s a baby doll that looks exactly like me… Congratulations, congratulations.
*hands out gifts together with D.O.*
D: Congratulations, congratulations.
B: For the improvement of your skin, although it’s already good! Congratulations! Four people have gotten gifts now, two more, please come on up… Congratulations!
D: Congratulations! 

D: Now this… [one gift is left out of seven]
B: The one person who held up an O just now! The one who said O last time, please come on up! (Fans protest)
D: I’m sorry, but if we redo the game now [to pick one more person], it will really take too long…
B: Guys, the ones who lost the first round are having a hard time right now [just waiting around]. (Fans protest) You want us to choose a random person? Then I’ll call out a number, since we don’t have a box to draw from. Now, number 5-6, fifty-six! *calls out more numbers* (Fans protest) Wait, we do have this! [random seat numbers?] When did they prepare this for us? Now then, wow we have more, we have room for three people. You guys… I’ll choose two people now, hope you all really want this… 171, and is this a number or what? Row O? Yes it is, row O, row O, it was an alphabet. Number 14! Wow…the sound of applause…please come forward. The third one will be announced by D.O.
D: It’s Baekhyun’s, Baekhyunee should do it.
B: All right.
(Fans get excited)
B: What, where! Where is it— Row L, EXO-L’s L, number 30!
D: Congratulations.
B: You envy them, right? (Fans: Yes!) Next time, I’ll have to prepare more, right?

B: So, we’ve spent some fun time like this. D.O.-ssi.
D: Yes?
B: Since you managed to come help me like this, our fans liked it very much, right? (Fans: Yes!) We even heard a bit of your singing. *mimics supershort part of D.O.’s “My Answer”*

D: You know, I was listening to you guys singing “Dream” backstage…
B: Wasn’t it so great? Honestly, it was really so so great.
D: When we sing, whenever you fans sing along… (Fans call for “Crying Out”, from “Cart” OST) Oh, “Crying Out”… *laughs* Listening to you fans singing along gives us the best feeling, I think. I’m not leaving yet, and…back to you Baekhyun-ssi.

B: Yes. The next corner is another “live” corner! I chose this song because I wanted you guys to reminisce later about today’s birthday party, decades from now, and think on it as a good memory. If you look at the lyrics, it goes like, ‘Those were the good times, back when I knew you’. Even these days, or even after I turned twenty, I look back on my school days and kinda miss it. Just like that, when you guys get a little older, maybe even have sons and daughters, get married, and think about this day, you will feel good, right? So, this is a song that pretends we’re back at that time, that we’re returning to a certain time. I’ll sing it for you.

~ Baekhyun sings “Distant Stars” by 스무살 ~

~ Members sing Happy Birthday song on VCR ~

Chanyeol: Sincerely wishing Baekhyun a happy birthday! So we heard that Baekhyun was going to hold a birthday party in order to create good memories with fans on his birthday. We think it’s a wonderful opportunity for you all to be together, but we ourselves have schedules that keep us from attending, so we’re sad. And…I hope Baekhyun spends the best day possible today…
Chen: Personally I wish Baekhyun had really been able to do the snack party he wanted today.
Chanyeol: I heard that Baekhyun already…
Chen: For real?
Chanyeol: Or maybe not! So anyway, I hope all of you guys have fun at the birthday party…and now…
Chen: Me too me too me too. Baekhyun, I wish you a happy birthday, the day that comes only once a year. Have a great time with the fans, and I’ll see you at the dorm, we’ll congratulate you on our own.
Chanyeol: Congratulations, Baekhyun!
Chen: Congratulations!

Suho: Baekhyun-ah. I truly wish you a happy birthday. What I’m saying is all true.
B: But it sounds false!
Suho: It’s been quite a while since I’ve known you, can’t believe you’re already twenty-five…
B: That look in his eyes says it’s false! That style of talking is also false!
Suho: Since our debut, you followed my lead very well…
B: False! This settles it, it’s false.
Suho: You also talk so well in a fun way, make fans laugh…really…I feel good about this. I feel like I raised you. What do you think, D.O.?
D.O.: Just…always…I am thankful for all the hard work you do for us, both onstage and off the stage. I hope that you will always keep your body in good health.
Chen or Suho: Just his body?
D.O.: His body and his mind, too. (Members joke around) Anyway, I sincerely wish you a happy birthday, and I hope your days are filled only with happy things.
Suho: Yeah, sincere congratulations on your 25th birthday, we hope you spend quality time, a happy time with our EXO-L fans.
Chanyeol: Bye, thanks!

Sehun: You’ll be watching this VCR together with our fans…
B: More false looks! The look in Kai’s eyes is false!
Sehun: You’re the main character of the day, so I hope you spend a happy day today…since it’s your birthday, I’d like to say something sentimental and nice, but I can’t think of any. Have a great time, and I hope you fans all have a great time here as well. Happy birthday, hyung!
Kai: First of all, I wish you a very happy birthday, and since you’re spending your 25th birthday with your fans, I think it will be an even more meaningful and precious day. So I hope that you’ll be happy today, and we’ll be congratulating you individually too, so hope you look forward to that! See you back at the dorm, bye!

Lay: Yo, Baekhyun! Happy birthday! … Looking forward to [ ]. Please show us some awesome dancing! I’ll be waiting for your six-pack abs.

Xiumin: Baekhyun.
B: Xiumin hyung!
Xiumin: You’re now halfway to fifty years old. And very soon, before you know it…you’ll be thirty. You’re getting to be in your late twenties, and…it’s a slippery slope! I’m just joking. Sincere best wishes for your birthday. You’re working so hard filming for your drama these days, but it will be very useful for your future, so hang in there. And really, after meeting you and…since we’re working out together these days, we see each other a lot, right? I learned one thing from you. I started talking more. Your present is…well…the fans you have in front of you…but if you want something more, then… (Fans scream over whatever Xiumin did onscreen) Work hard, be healthy, and let’s be chummy. Happy birthday, and see you soon! Bye!
B: Bye~

B: I’m amazed, when did you all find time to film all this? Judging from their clothes, Kai and Sehun’s looks like it was taken when we were in Japan for the fanmeet. This is all very touching. Some of these folks didn’t have eyes full of sincerity, but still… But what Xiumin hyung said is really true. Xiumin hyung spent a lot of time with me and he really began talking more, you guys will probably be able to tell. Xiumin hyung is really good at talking…

(Enter Xiumin)

B: Whoa whoa, what is this! (Fans go crazy) Can I ask for a self-introduction?
X: Hello, I’m Baekhyun’s hyung, Xiumin!
B: Hyung, did you have no schedules today as well?
X: What are you saying! I had schedules today!
B: Ooh~
X: I just got back from some finish-up work on a film.
B: Finish-up work? Ah, great, finish-up work.
X: I was gonna just go back home and rest, but since it’s your birthday, and since I’d be seeing all these fans…that’s why I came.
B: Guys you keep asking for songs…we’re not a jukebox! I’d rather talk about the things we want to talk about. Xiumin hyung, I just saw you here [on the screen].

D: We had a really hard time trying to film these videos, and keeping it a secret from Baekhyun. What did you think, what are your reactions, after seeing this?
B: I’m just so thankful, and… (Fans shout “False!”) No, for real! Guys! First of all, I was very thankful, and… This is my birthday party, right? I feel like I’m here as a guest… Anyway, although I’m so happy just to be congratulated by all of you fans here, still I’m also really touched by the fact that these members, who went through all the busy schedules with me, still managed to do these recordings even in the midst of their busy times. Now I musn’t think it bothersome to congratulate other members on their birthdays.

X: You guys should know, what Baekhyun’s done today is really an amazing thing. It’s really amazing that he gathered you together for this birthday feast…
B: I can’t believe he said “feast”…if it’s a birthday “feast” I feel like I should sit down like this [like old folks] “All right kids.”
X: Sorry, sorry. “Party”, a birthday “party”. Isn’t it great, you guys? (Fans: Yes!) To be honest I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. There’s a lot that gets in the way…
B: I’ll be the MC for you! [if you do a birthday party]
X: What? You’ll be the MC? Then I’m gonna do this next time.
B: Yes.
X: If I don’t do a party, it’s because Baekhyun isn’t MCing for me.
B: How was my MCing today? (Fans yell encouragement) It was smooth, right? (Fans: Yes!) Hear that? Just leave it to me. And D.O.-ssi, will you be having a birthday party?
D: Well, I did some MCing today, but I feel like I’m not so good…
B: [mimics how D.O. stuttered over the song title before] “Beau-ti-ful”…

B: Anyway, now with these two people here…we have a special corner. Actually, I heard that there are some people here with the same birthday as mine. But they didn’t get to be congratulated for themselves, but rather came to congratulate me, right? How thankful a thing that is! So I wanted to congratulate them as well, so I’m going to call them up on stage. Now, I heard that there were three people here with the birthday May 6th. Could you stand up, please? Will you come forward? Please come forward. For these folks, in addition to those gifts we just gave out… Whoa, there’s four of you! Five of you! There are five for May 6th! Five…

X: There’s a phrase for situations like this. “Can I see some ID?”

B: No no no. Oh, so there’s only three gifts… We’ll have to draw lots for this, I’m so sorry… [to staff] Couldn’t we have some more gifts? Noona? Wait, there’s more, there’s more! First, Kim Jina, Park Mikyung, Oh Juyoung, we’ll give these folks the gifts we’ve prepared. Kim Jina-nim? Congratulations. And Park Mikyung…congratulations. Oh Juyoung-nim…congratulations. 

And for these folks, for the birthday folks today, we’ll take selfies…I’ll take individual selfies with you guys, and sign it to give you. I’m doing this because…because I’m so thankful to these folks. Even though it was their birthday, they gave up meeting their own friends and came to me, and that’s something to be really grateful for. This deserves some applause. So now we’ll be taking some selfies. Which of you will go first? Will you take it then? What pose…what kind of pose…

X: Let’s take some more pictures.
D: Relax, relax…

D: Wait, first let’s finish taking these pictures…
B: Let’s first take these pictures, come over here.
D: One, two, three!

B: And the other person whose birthday was today, please come on up. Anyone whose birthday is today will get this… We’ll give you this hat and this gift certificate. Congratulations. Let’s take another photo. Even if you kinda don’t want to.
D: Here it goes. One, two, three.
B: Okay, please go on. Those of you who were born on May 6th will  probably have gotten two gifts every year, for May 5th [Children’s Day in Korea] and May 6th.
D: I’ll take the picture now. One, two, three.
B: Thanks. Now I’ll sign these and give them to you. Why don’t you guys say happy birthday to each other. Such a nice ambience, right?
X: You guys feel jealous, right? I’d have felt the same if it were me.
D: Thank you. Thank you.
(Fans applaud birthday fans)

B: So, thank you all again for coming to celebrate with me even when it’s your own birthday, and I feel so glad that this party happened. As time goes by, I feel like I’m in one clique with you all. Like fellow conspirators! Families, friends, being one, it’s getting old by now, right? For today, let’s just say, partners in conspiracy! All in one gang. Let’s be a gang! Anyway, now my birthday party has to…end…but there’s still this. I was only supposed to do two songs today, but I prepared another one. How did you guys like it today, did you enjoy it? (Fans: Yes!) For me, too, in my entire life, among the times I’ve been so directly loved, I think today is when I’ve received the biggest amount of love. *drinks water* I feel like I’ve become a boxer… I feel like I’ve received the biggest amount of love, and it feels great, and I really think I’ll be happy untill the moment I fall asleep tonight. After I fall asleep I can’t really tell whether I’m happy or not, so realistically I’ll just say, until I fall asleep. And tomorrow, when I wake up, the fact that I actually had this party will be unreal. Today, it was such a relief to me that it became a temporary holiday, because…the powers-that-be all know whose birthday it is. The sky knows and the earth knows… Anyway, it’s great that it was a holiday today, and I thank you guys so much for giving me your time on a day when you could rest, for giving me this time to spend together with you. (Fans say: “Me too!”) Some of you probably come from far away… Jejudo? Daegu…Busan…Malaysia…Germany…Alaska? So many of you come from far away. When you guys head home, since it’s been raining and it’s chilly, well I can’t give you extra clothes but head home as quickly as you can, okay? And if it rains, hold the umbrella down low, so that your pants won’t get wet, like this. Thank you so much for today, and last of all, thank you so much to Xiumin hyung and D.O., thank you for coming… You guys are grateful too, right? (Fans: Yes!) I’m really so grateful, please give them a round of applause!

D: Can I say just one thing?
B: Yes, just one thing!
D: Baekhyun always, always takes charge of the heart of EXO, he firmly watches over it, I wanted to share these words of gratitude…
B: “Words of gratitude”, even…
D: And really, there are folks who made it here and folks who didn’t, but Baekhyun really got a lot of strength from all of you fans. I’ve been by his side watching him all along, and he’s really gained a lot of strength from you. (Fans: “I love you!”) Baekhyun will always make you guys happy, going forward, and I hope that all of you will love Baekhyun too, for all his life. (Fans: I love you!)
B: The folks here today will love D.O.-ssi as well. Of course, right? Because you EXO-L fans are fans of all of us. Could you please say “D.O., we love you”? (Fans: “D.O., we love you!”) See, they all feel the same. EXO-L are all my daughters.

X: Really, Baekhyun could have taken some more rest, but truly for the sake of you guys, to meet you guys, he held this party on purpose. You guys know this, right? I don’t know if I should say this but I personally have seen that Baekhyun’s schedule these days is really quite tight. And he’s not in his best condition. But he’s still here, just so he can see you guys… And the drama Baekhyun’s filming this year, aren’t you guys excited about it? I’m really excited. Baekhyun, and D.O., and me also, we all have our individual projects going on, so I’d like to ask you guys for your attention. Thank you!
D: We’ll have to say goodbye now. Thank you all, we’ll be going back in.
B: Thank you, bye~

B: I’m so grateful for this, I really didn’t know they were coming. For real. (Fans boo) I didn’t know they’d be coming, and I didn’t even know about those videos, I didn’t even imagine, for real. But it’s so heartwarming. And so many of you came… Just now, coming into Artium, I was really very surprised. I was getting off the car, playing some games on my phone, then I heard all this cheering, so I was like this…for real… Wasn’t my acting good just now? Once again, thank you so much for coming to congratulate me. I asked them to save a spot for May 6th a month ago. It was such a stroke of luck that made May 6th a temporary holiday… I was so worried, I even thought of holding this event on the 5th. But I felt that it would be best to celebrate on the actual day, so I decided on May 6th, and I’m so thankful that so many of you made it here. And last of all, all of you who have given me love in past years will probably have wanted to hear this one song. (Fans: “Beautiful”!) I’ll sing…”Beautiful”.

~ Baekhyun sings “두근거려 (Beautiful)” ~

~ Baekhyun adlibs “I love you”, “I love you too” as the song ends ~

(Fans: “I love you too!”)

B: Now, I went a little overboard doing three songs today, and I don’t know how you guys found it…my voice wasn’t the best. I did really try hard, but there will have been lots of parts where I wasn’t up to par. But I hope you will listen with an understanding ear, okay? Okay then guys…I love you too, but…in order to remember this moment, could we take a picture together? Let’s take a picture! Does everyone fit in the picture? Now let’s all look pretty, according to each of our unique characteristics… Should we take it now? I’ll take five shots, five shots! You all have to do different poses each time! One two three! One two three! One two three! One two three! One two three!

I’m so sad… (Fans: “Don’t go!”) This was the first time I sang “Beautiful”, so I was really nervous. But it was nice, because when I’m singing to you guys like this, all that’s needed is for my heart to be in the song. Once again, I’d like to extend words of gratitude to everyone who came, and I’ll conclude with some aegyo.

Next time around, I’ll come back to…“Meet with Eris, Shy Shy Shy”! Goodbye~ I love you~ Thank you~ Thank you~ Bye~ Bye to the second floor too! It was so far, you didn’t get to see well, right? I’m sorry~ Be safe on your way home! Be careful of the bad guys roaming around outside, leave a message on Instagram if anything happens. I’m going! I’m really going! “Meeting with Eris, Shy Shy Shy”! I’m really on my way out! See you again soon! Bye! Our comeback’s right around the corner!

(Exit Baekhyun)


Just a tiny micro piglet prancing through the grass!

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Reigisa with “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” Please ☺️

ft: reigisa dads!! because…why not…


“Washing dishes, washing dishes,” Yuki sings as she “dries” little plastic spoons and cups over a bucket. “Daddy–uh, I mean, Husband–can I have the soap?”

“Can I have the soap, please,” Rei says, never one to forget manners even when he and Nagisa are playing pretend with their four-year-old daughter. 

“Please?” Yuki says, smiling toothily, and Nagisa can tell the instant Rei’s heart melts.

“Of course, sweetie,” he hands over the tiny little toy bottle and smiles at Yuki so fondly Nagisa falls in love all over again.

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