tiny piglets

"Ash" Sing fanfic (1/?)

A/N: oh look my first sing fic. AU idea by my good fromd @favoritestuff. I’m feeling a bit blue lately but I made this for like 2 weeks or so so I’m super proud of this and I had to post it. I might make this a chapter thing but I might not??? I’m not sure enjoy
Also I’m on mobile so long post


“You want to adopt?”

Rosita’s eyes blinked, surprised at his thought while she carried a tiny piglet in her arms, rocking it to sleep while a dozen- maybe even more- others played around the house. Buster put down his cup of tea with a nervous grin. Obviously, she could tell something *else* was in the situation.
“Ah, well, not really, but- Well, I did find her on the street and I may have taken her home, but–”

Hold that thought.

Someone, not something.

“You found her on the street?!” The pig cried. Buster waved his arms around in front of her, gesturing not to explode, or break something. “She was only a baby!”
Rosita calmed down.

Buster put his hands down and went back to sit more relaxed from his defense posture.
“Besides,” the dapper koala explained. “She was behind the theatre in the rain. I don’t think I’d have the strength to just– leave someone like that.”

Rosita’s eyes softened. Abandonment of a child just wasn’t right. She couldn’t do that at all, even if the child was different or much older than expected. She was a mother, and as one, she felt it would’ve been and was her responsibility to take a child- especially an infant- under a roof with the necessities and care that it deserves. Meekly, and like every parent would, Rosita placed a hand on Buster’s, giving him a slightly worrisome look. “I don’t think I could either.”

The koala smiled at her understanding, before getting his pant sleeve tugged by one of the piglets, who was looking up at him from the height of the chair.
“Mr. Moonie?”
He felt like giggling at the name.
“Are you gonna stay for dinner?”

He ruffled up the piglet’s tiny fluff of fur on her head, smiling. “Sorry, sweetie, but I’ve gotta go back to take care of something.”
The other kids around him began to whine and pout as Buster got off the chair.
“It’s fine, kids, I’m sure Mr. Moon will come back in a few days- won’t you?” Rosita asked, as if the entirety of their conversation also marked dates for parenting advice. He chuckled, shaking his head and getting his coat.

“I’ll try to make it. Have a good night, Rosita!”


Buster opened the door to his office room, where he was met with Eddie, sitting comfortably on the desk while carrying a tiny, sleeping porcupine in his arms. Buster took his coat off and tiredly lied down on the surface of the desk, just a few inches away from his boyfriend’s lap.

“You tired?” Eddie smugly remarked.
The koala let out an “Mmph,” followed by a few crawls closer to the sheep to see the baby.

“Is she okay?” He leaned in to peek at the mess of tiny quills and two puffy ears. Eddie smiled tiredly and showed her off without waking her. Buster’s eyes widened.
“She was pretty loud earlier, I had to visit my mom to see if she could help.” Eddie said in a low voice.

Buster smiled at the little porcupine. “She looks so peaceful…” He drifted.
The black sheep only shook his head and huffed. “Wish I was in her shoes.”

With closer inspection, Buster saw that Eddie had grown tired from trying to take care of the baby. In a sweet and gentle manner, he cupped a hand over his lover’s cheek and looked at him with a worried expression. Eddie responded with a not-so-pleased grumble.

“You might need to get some rest.”
“You sure you’ll be okay?”
The koala nodded.

Eddie felt his cheek get lightly pecked, causing him to wake up by ‘the slightest bit.’ Slightly annoyed, he places the baby in her makeshift crib and gets his jacket out, putting on the sleeves as he makes his way to the door. Suddenly, he feels as if he forgot something important.

“Hey, Buster!’
“Have you thought on names?”

Buster gave the porcupine a slight squint and a good, hard look before smiling.



5 AM, on a Saturday. It had to be 5 AM.

To his surprise, most of Buster’s night was quiet apart from the breeze coming from the window. Nothing else for at least 9 hours except the silence, his thoughts and the wind.

The koala was awoken by the muffled sound of a baby’s cries. With a tired yawn, he rolled out of his desk and rushed to the small makeshift crib made out of pillows and comforters. (from Eddie, of course.)

“Shh shh shh! It’s okay, it’s okay, Ash- I’ve got you.”
Buster picked up the tiny porcupine and held her to his chest, slowly rocking her to calm down. He remembered how his own father used to tell him how he would wake up after a long nap and needed to be rocked. The thought made him quiet down and sigh.
“Daddy’s got you.”

He let himself move his arms downward to look at Ash. She smiled. ‘Looks like you’ll be awake for a while.’
Buster turned to his phone and groaned silently.



Eddie huffed and answered the call.
“Ed? I think you might need to come over. Ash is awake, and she isn’t willing to go to sleep.”
He yawned. “I’ll be right there.”

Eddie made a mental note to let Buster finish moving in with him.