tiny pencils

anonymous asked:

i love your faces so much!!!!!???? they are so CUTE. very boopable indeed

THANKS ANON i drew something boopable for you

(sorry i didn’t finish it bc that tiny pencil couldn’t fit in my hand anymore

For the anon who asked:

Could you please draw us more Bo-Katan? For example Bo-Katan and Depa? Because you-know-what didn’t happen and Satine has be taken to heal to Coruscant by Obi-Wan and now the Jedi Order is helping Mandalore, for example?

AU in which Bo-Katan Kryze leads an army of Jedi ladies to liberate Mandalore, y/y?

get wrecked, Maul

Wolf dreams

It’s miniature painting on 23x17mm agate stone, very tiny (:
(Pencil for a size comparison)

I decided to do a little Etsy sale this Sunday, some wolfs and a few dragon pendants will be there. This one also will become a pendant soon and would be on sale.
Sorry for inactivity - my birthday was on this week, and soon  I will travel to another country for 2 weeks, so I’m very busy^^

moutonhexapode  asked:

If you don't have too many requests yet, how about Dirk in B7 :-) ? I can't wait to see your art!

Hey there!

Sorry for the wait, but here you go! You were actually the first one to make a request, so decided to give you something a bit more than the usual rough sketch/outline that I typically do.

Hope you enjoy, fam! ^^-



hello everyone! i use a loooot of pens on a daily basis, so i thought it’d be cool to let you guys take a sneak peek into my pencil cases! without further ado, here’s a quick rundown on my pencil case contents!

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samuel seabury as tumbleweed- the one no one ever uses and seems pretty unimportant. appears once and annoys the shit out of you.

eliza schuyler as that pretty turquoise color- the one you don’t let anyone touch because it is your favorite. eventually breaks and that breaks your heart.

hamilton as that blue one that looks like purple/black- thought you could trust them,,,,apparently you can’t. makes bad decisions left and right.

jefferson as magenta- comes in out of nowhere but steals the show. flamboyant af

madison as red orange- doesn’t really seem necessary but most definitely packs a punch. very pretty on their own

burr as orange- completely the opposite of the blue one that is actually purple/black in every way. gets angry and overexcited pretty easily

maria reynolds as those tiny colored pencils that have no pigment- no no no no no STOP

peggy as mac and cheese- not seen enough,,,,too special

john laurens as brilliant red, but also light pink- powerful but v v sweet. the apple of my eye 😪

lafayette as teal- most people’s favorite but still amazing. you can always rely on it to get the job done. disappears before you are done using it.

washington as forest green- in almost every pack. the only one you actually remember. rolls off the table right before you are finished

angelica as black- the staple of every set. you can’t always find it immediately, but you’ll find it eventually and it’ll always be there. it’s holding the whole piece together

charles lee as the crayon sharpener on the back of those big crayon packs- ruins everything, the wax, the wrapper, your life. Needs to leave and needs to be replaced with something better.

phillip as the purple/black one that is actually blue- like father like son. picks fights with people.

hercules MULLIGAN as mahogany- exotic. you get way too over excited when you see it. fashionable