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Imagine tiny-tot amis Enjolras, Courfeyrac and Combeferre staging a mini-revolution in kindergarten because Grantaire needs more time to finish his little art projects and there just isn't enough free time to do so - according to Enjolras, Grantaire's art is extremely important as he desperately wishes to see a finished work of fingerpainting darn it! They all try to drag the rest of their little friends into the coup.


Okay so Grantaire is really bad at time managing and he’s been testing technique for finger painting and stuff, with his feet, with his hands, etc etc so he’s a bit behind.

So les Amis barricade the door with cushions and form a dam so that Grantaire can finish his fingerpainting in peace. Enjolras is very passionate about this, he’ll shout and make a mess to distract the teachers if he must.

They even managed to enroll the tiny Patron-Minette into this (more like Diaper-Minette imiright) by promising them candy, and Patron-Minette babies bites and don’t play nice, so that’s always an asset.

In the end, Grantaire manages to finish his fingerpainting and gives Enjolras a kiss on the cheek and Enjolras has led his first of many rebellions against authority :’)


#11- Interview outfit
[ varevare​ ]

“Aren’t you too little to handle such a BIG responsibility? It’s unbelievable how a 10 year old was able to handle such a huge company! ”

“You underestimate my capabilities…”

They should now make a magazine about successful, young, and talented kids now because Damian just showed everyone that size and age never mattered. Hehe.

OH. Thank you, thank yooooou sooo much for prompting Dami!! I’ve always needed to draw more and more of him. (T3T) And aaaaah thank you for giving me the chance to draw him in fancy clothes. XD HE LOOKS SO ADORABLE LOOK AT HIS LITTLE SUIT. QWQ

And wow… He looks just like his father. o(≧∇≦o) LOOK AT DAT.

Here’s the tag for “Draw your character wearing this meme” in case you guys want to give it a go and check out the other prompts!