tiny paper

can we just take a minute to imagine dean and cas dancing?

  • catching each other’s eye in a medieval hall as they bow to each other and side-step, knowing they’ll sneak off to the stables later.
  • grinning as they clutch to each other and swing around a ceilidh hall.
  • laughing as they press close and spin and swing dance in 20s jazz clubs.
  • holding hands as they jump up and down at sock hops.
  • listening to norah jones in their kitchen as they sway, no space between them.
  • dressed in dirty suspenders and tuxes and pjs and flannel and dancing ancient dances and traditional dances and modern dances
  • just dancing

Chỉ là, bỗng dưng nhớ lại chút chuyện đã qua… Có một người đã từng giúp tôi lưu lại những hồi ức thanh xuân tươi đẹp nhất, vừa sôi nổi, ngốc nghếch, vừa cuồng dại vô cùng…

Bỗng nhiên rất nhớ một người

Người ấy cười rất đẹp, ánh mắt tỏa sáng lấp lánh

Người ấy rất ít nói, cũng không thích hứa hẹn nhiều

Người ấy lạnh lùng, kỳ thực lại giống mùa xuân, bình yên và ấm áp

Khi người ấy ở bên, tôi không nói. Khi người đi mất, tôi mới hay, người sẽ quên tôi, mà tôi, thì vẫn yêu người…

The flipping between 2D and 3D worlds in Super Paper Mario are used in tandem with puzzles and challenges that thrive on hidden information or specific set pieces. By building the world in this way, where certain objects are always flat, and others can be 3D when looked at correctly, it expands the environment to accommodate a more measured, patient style of play, while also retaining the platforming sensibilities the game is also going for.

Got an Essay to Write?

Here’s how to use up space when you are just absolutely done with life

-make all periods a font size or two up from the one you’ve been directed to use

-put two spaces after every period

-WATCH YO COMMAS you’re prob missing fifty of them

-2.15 space it

-MLA format the header

-use “such as” instead of “like”

-use “therefore” or “as a result of” instead of “so”

-add a space after every indent

-make the margins on your paper a TINY bit bigger

-get rid of all contractions

-see that word that’s so close to being on the next line? put it on the next line

*keep in mind that one or two of these may conflict with the essay’s instructions

*don’t forget to take a break and breathe some non-recycled air and close your eyes and love yoself <3

this has gotten me through several papers so i hope this helps. reblog this please, save a grade and some sanity