tiny optimus prime


oh no, I can`t stop thinking that it happened after Megatron’s death T_T

I know that we, as a fandom, joke about Optimus Prime dying and coming back but lets be real here, Megatron doesn’t die. He just takes long naps enforced by serious injury. And sometimes death.

It’s fine, all you gotta do is dump his corpse in space/the ocean and he’ll be back (possibly as Galvatron/with a sick new paintjob/literally God) in like, a week.

And I didn’t even feel motivated to try and look up his deaths in comics. Has he been dying in IDW? I feel like he’s died or at least been assumed dead at least once. Maybe twice.

Anyways, the point is, don’t worry.

anonymous asked:

!!! okay but, can we get the TFP/TFA Autobots reacting to finding out their gem s/o IS a fusion (like of 2 tinier gems)

ive been doin a lot of tfa, so tfp this time!

Transformers: Prime

Ratchet yells in shock the first time he finds you two unfused.

Optimus and Arcee just kinda stare in shock when you two are unfused for the first time.

Bumblebee and Smokescreen let out a startled noise, before excitedly asking you to fuse again so they can see your fusion dance.

Bulkhead is shocked, but thinks you two are adorable as all hell. You’re so tiny…..

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could u do a chat between Optimus and a human s/o about how tiny they are?

Optimus Prime: Getting the chance to actually rest and lay around with Optimus was very rare, so you savored the moment. You traced your fingers gently across the little dents and scratches that marred his arm as you watched some television, trying to engrain every detail into your mind.

“What are you doing?” he asked, your tiny movements gaining his attention.

“I figured that you’d have some scratches, but I really didn’t know it would be this many,” you commented.

He raised an optic ridge as he glanced down at you. “It seems perfectly fine to me.”

“Really? Hmm, maybe it’s because I’m so small compared to you,” you offered. “I can see these little sections up close, making all these marks more prominent.”

He nodded with a knowing look. “Too true. A small build simply provides a different perspective. But do you know what I like most about your small stature?”


“How cute you look.”