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Idw Transformers and TFA crossover?

This is a long post because I lost control. Sorry.

Please imagine IDW Brainstorm recreated the geobomb for universe jumping. Like not a universe with a different timeline, but one of those universes with unlimited possibilities.

Rodimus and Nightbeat practically jumped head first into the universe traveling machine. They came to a world where the Autobot are tiny, the Decepticons are HUGE. (“Are Decepticons and Autobots labels for species, not factions?” Nightbeat asks excitedly). Femmes were always a part of Cybertron. Primes are not holy beings, but a military rank. There’s a tiny techno organic that’s made from Decepticon CNA who immediately wormed her way into nerdy hearts.

Ofc one of the first things they do is gawk at their alternate universe’s selves. Rodimus is a little perturbed that his alternate self was so close to dying from cosmic rust, but they bond because IDW Rodimus loves TFA Roddy’s colors and sick bow. He immediately commissions Brainstorm for a golden bow and arrows that can ignite/trail flames. Everyone grew a crush on this gorgeous Rodimus Prime, even his alternate self.

The Rod Squad took multiple selfies with this super cute (AMAZINGLY kissable tiny Optimus Prime). With mixed feelings but with an uncontrollable need, most of them hit on a bemused OP.

The Ratchets meet. Nuff said. Drift laughs because “Primus, your grouchiness jumped universes 💕,” before flirting with this short and thick version of Ratchet. He finds TFA Ratchet endlessly alluring and charming. IDW Ratchet begrudgingly tolerates this because it’s him? Kinda? He’s still happy to know that Drift would like him in multiple universes. TFA Ratchet is confused and flattered, and bats away TFA Bumblebee’s sulking.

TFA Bumblebee found IDW unbearably attractive and sobbed into Bulkhead’s arms in despair. From then on he made goo goo eyes at his Ratchet before catching himself and drives off into the horizon for a few hours.

Rodimus immediately laughs into Sentinel Prime’s face upon meeting him. Magnus had to apologize for decency and diplomacy, but he almost broke a smile. Not so feared here, IDW Sentinel Prime.

On the TFA universe’s side, the Autobot were a little wary of the “Autobot” flightframes. It doesn’t help that the Rod Squad’s flight frames are big and shady. Brainstorm was a triple-crosser and mad scientist. Cyclonus proved to universally follow(”ed?”) Galvatron. THEY MET WHIRL.

(More under the cut.)

Most have very negative feelings about Whirl at first. Here’s an “Autobot” who definitely a Decepticon in disguise. He’s huge, a flightframe, vulgar, and blood thirsty. How can an Autobot be bloodthirsty? They were wary of Whirl. Whirl however doesn’t give much fucks. He just wants to fight these huge ass Decepticons, and spitefully and gleefully flaunts himself. He terrorizes the civilian Autobots (he snorts vocally) by flying in their city before Magnus made him stop. He has it personally out for Shockwave, who looks too similar to him. He screeches and flap his rotors the first time he saw Shockwave.

To the Decepticons, however, they find Brainstorm, Cyclonus, and especially Whirl, incredibly hot. Megatron immediately orders recruitment efforts, and wistfully strokes his monitor. Blitzwing made the posters: WANTED. “In more ways that one” were the subtexts.

Many TFA Autobots are more comfortable Tailgate, Rewind, and Swerve because they’re small and non threatening–familiar and indisputably cute.

Finally, Brainstorm meets TFA Perceptor. His good time was ruined for a while. He thought that his universe was mocking him. TFA Perceptor is the amalgamation of the two people he desperately wanted in his life. And ofc TFA Percy could not possibly return his affections because this Perceptor erased his emotions. He still wants to hang around TFA Perceptor and Wheeljack though, for the sake of science.

I got to talking with @deerkat, and decided that MAYBE TFA Perceptor isn’t totally unaffected. Brainstorm is a genius flightframe who built a time machine that supposedly created his universe*. Brainstorm is supposed to be an example of why Perceptor erased his emotions, but Brainstorm’s passion, impulse, and love is what made him achieve so much–more than what Percy or a planet full of Autobot scientists has ever done. This Perceptor wants to be close to study this illogical and eccentric scientist. For science of course. Hmm yes, just for science.

Please add to this if you have any headcanons about this type of crossover 💞.

*In Braintorm’s arc Braintorm canonically made it possible for multiple universes to exist because Perceptor messed around with his paradox padlock. What a guy.


oh no, I can`t stop thinking that it happened after Megatron’s death T_T

I know that we, as a fandom, joke about Optimus Prime dying and coming back but lets be real here, Megatron doesn’t die. He just takes long naps enforced by serious injury. And sometimes death.

It’s fine, all you gotta do is dump his corpse in space/the ocean and he’ll be back (possibly as Galvatron/with a sick new paintjob/literally God) in like, a week.

And I didn’t even feel motivated to try and look up his deaths in comics. Has he been dying in IDW? I feel like he’s died or at least been assumed dead at least once. Maybe twice.

Anyways, the point is, don’t worry.

anonymous asked:

could u do a chat between Optimus and a human s/o about how tiny they are?

Optimus Prime: Getting the chance to actually rest and lay around with Optimus was very rare, so you savored the moment. You traced your fingers gently across the little dents and scratches that marred his arm as you watched some television, trying to engrain every detail into your mind.

“What are you doing?” he asked, your tiny movements gaining his attention.

“I figured that you’d have some scratches, but I really didn’t know it would be this many,” you commented.

He raised an optic ridge as he glanced down at you. “It seems perfectly fine to me.”

“Really? Hmm, maybe it’s because I’m so small compared to you,” you offered. “I can see these little sections up close, making all these marks more prominent.”

He nodded with a knowing look. “Too true. A small build simply provides a different perspective. But do you know what I like most about your small stature?”


“How cute you look.”

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!!! okay but, can we get the TFP/TFA Autobots reacting to finding out their gem s/o IS a fusion (like of 2 tinier gems)

ive been doin a lot of tfa, so tfp this time!

Transformers: Prime

Ratchet yells in shock the first time he finds you two unfused.

Optimus and Arcee just kinda stare in shock when you two are unfused for the first time.

Bumblebee and Smokescreen let out a startled noise, before excitedly asking you to fuse again so they can see your fusion dance.

Bulkhead is shocked, but thinks you two are adorable as all hell. You’re so tiny…..