tiny mouth

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Omg i'm so glad you're accepting prompts bc you're literally my favorite <3 Okay so unilock Molly and Sherlock are bffs and they basically do everything together but they're both totally in love with each other and so fluffiness ensues (i know it's really cliche but i can't help it sorry D:)

*points in your direction* Hey, Nonny. You. Yeah, you. You’re cool. Way cool. This is kind of based off a headcanon I have about University!Sherlolly that they sometimes used one another to get out of awkward situations.

There’s the smell of extinguished cigarettes in the air, the ashtray filled with white and orange, tiny embers glowing. His mouth feels dry from alcohol (should’ve followed advice, but he’s damned if he admits it) and she falls into the green leather space beside him.

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