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They say the ocean is cruel.

It sinks ships, drags sailors down to its depths. It corrodes, it floods, it sweeps away. It’s unpredictable, dangerous– all the more so to those who’ve eaten the Devil’s Fruits.

But Luffy has always thought the ocean was amazing.

Before he ate the Gum-Gum fruit, but even after, even when being an anchor no longer mattered because he’d never be able to swim anymore anyway (and he forgot, so many times he forgot and saltwater filled his lungs and it burns, for something so cold) and even when just walking along a shoreline with waves lapping at his feet could make him tired and weak.

So he couldn’t swim. That doesn’t make the ocean less incredible. It holds fish and weird things that have sank, it holds secrets and adventure, it holds a promise of waves that will carry his ship to his dreams. He doesn’t need to swim to be a Captain anyway, doesn’t harbor a grudge or a fear for all the times he’s nearly become another pile of bones at its bottom.

He remembers– blood, so much blood when Shanks saved him, terrible red staining the water’s surface until that too was swept away. He can’t forget– thrashing, helplessly, because suddenly all he’d ever known about swimming was torn from him and even thrashing like usual didn’t help, the ocean dragging him down down down.

And he still feels it, every time he falls off the ship, every time an enemy shoves him in, every time seastone is thrown at him like poison. He feels it, and he hears the ocean call him, telling him to sink, to relax, to give in. The ocean hates and it hates and it hates, dragging him down, cruel grip on his lungs, his heart, his muscles, his soul.

It says: you deserve to sink. It says: this has been inevitable from the start. It says: give in, rest now, there’s no point and there never was and there never will be.

And Luffy says: why should I have to listen to you?

And Luffy screams. And Luffy thrashes. And Luffy kicks and he floats, if only shortly, if only for as much as the air in his desperate lungs can keep him buoyant, if only for as long as he can scream because he will not, he does not, no one deserves to sink and he will not.

And always– there is someone to drag him out. And always– he does not sink. And someday– someday he might, might finally see the bottom of the ocean, might finally die with his ship and his crew or maybe all alone (and he isn’t sure what he wants, because he wants them to live but he knows they won’t abandon him, knows it as much as he knows he won’t abandon them) and he isn’t afraid of that possibility, because.

They say the ocean is cruel, but Luffy has always thought the ocean is amazing.

No matter how many times it drags him down, it lets him go. It brings him fish. It guides his ship, carries his nakama to their dreams with every ebb and flow of the tide and he could never hate it, never fear it, never truly believe it.

So Luffy sits in his special seat, always just above the water, always within reach of a cruel tide and he smiles at his own reflection in the waves.

If the ocean is cruel, then Luffy is kind enough to love it.

catscartierandchanel  asked:

I need you to have this thought now: The Sunshine child as a little Sea-faring corgi- with a little red vest and a straw hat. He's the kind of little bby corgi that has one ear standing straight up and the other flopped over- and he's always wagging his little stub of a tail because he's always so happy. And when he's confused, the tail stops for a moment as he tilts his head- but goes back to wagging because it's Sunshine child. Luffy will forever be a corgi in my eyes.

I dig that.

I just had to put Zoro in because… because. XD Luffy be a floppy corgi (mixed with ???) while Zoro be a Shiborgi (ShibaxCorgi yo). I can’t draw Corgis shh also i forgot the stub of a tail

once upon a time I prided myself on my clean lines but OH WELL at least I’m drawing things and the only way to get back 2 good is to keep going

I couldn’t get Law’s face to cooperate at all. also, how small can a smile be and still count?

either way, Law’s pretty far gone. that dumbass had no idea what he was getting himself into