tiny man bun

do u know those guys who have those tiny ass man - buns even tho they have like no hair, and they only wear supreme clothing and the “anti social social club” sweaters. the corny black dudes who’re all fake woke and be on twitter like “2 all my beautiful, chocolate, nubian sistahs… respeck yourselves and start dressing as a a lady should"   ??   BECAUSE THAT IS VIRGIL

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maybe a yooseven body switch? or any rfa body switch? please and thank you (love your blog btw!)

I love the idea, thank you! I somehow thought that Seven as Yoosung would be funnier but when I was finished I thought Yoosung as Seven would be better… so here is a not so good body switch… listening to k-pop again is distracting af..

The alarm clock filled the darkness of his room with a loud beep. His head hurt when he opened his eyes slowly to shut it off. Wait, he couldn’t remember going to bed, or going to sleep. When did he close his eyes? His neck hurt and as he tries to stretch himself. The moment a bit of blonde hair falls into his face, Seven jumps up. Since when does he have blonde hair? Did Vanderwood play a prank on him? Did he bleach his hair? Did he do anything to his babies? Seven turns around and catches Yoosung in a mirror next to him. He asks himself why Yoosung would have a picture of himself in his room until Yoosung mirrors Sevens movements.

Slowly, he looks down, sees brown pants and shoes that are definitely not his. His hand strokes his face, pulls his cheeks and hair in disbelief. And then he turns the lights on and he finds himself in Yoosungs room. “I need to call Yoosung… No… Myself?” he mutters to himself as he dials his own number. “Seven?!” Yoosung seems calm. Too calm. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SEVEN?! WHY AM I YOU?! WHAT IS THIS HERE?! EXPLAIN!” Seven suppresses a laugh “Calm down, Yoosung I’m sure I can solve this problem somehow. I just need my equipment.” Yoosung inhales sharply. “There’s a small problem, Seven. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO TO MY CLASSES AND HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO YOUR JOB?!” There’s silence for a minute until Seven sighs loudly:” Okay, listen. I’ll be going to your classes and you’ll do nothing.” “How can I do nothing? What if your maid comes in and what should I tell your girlfriend and saeran?” Seven didn’t consider the people that hang around his place. “Well, first of all; if you touch her inappropiatley I will destroy you. Second of all, if you just stay infront of the PC or just come to your place and call it a secret mission, everything will be fine…” Seven can’t hear Yoosung nodding, but he takes the silence on the other end of the line as a yes and just hangs up. His neck is killing him, and his clothes feel like he slept in them. It’s Yoosungs old hoodie and his old jeans. His hair is falling in his eyes and just being 10 minutes in Yoosungs body are annoying as hell. He undresses himself and opens Yoosungs wardrobe. In the back, he finds an old leather Jacket. And by the sight of this very unusual item, Seven grins from one ear to the other.
With a loud bang, the classroom door flings open and crashes against the wall. Seven, or Yoosung enters the room. White shirt, leather jacket and his hair clipped back in a tiny man bun. Behind his ear, sits a cigarette and at his shirt dangles a pair of sunglasses.

Seven doesn’t say a word when he enters the room. He goes to one of the seats next to a group of girls and slouches himself down without granting them a look. He notices that people start to whisper about him, but he doesn’t care. Instead, he just leans back and listens to the Prof. In the corner of his eye he notices one girl. She’s looking at him every now and then, she seems curious about Yoosungs new attire.

After class Seven feels a light tap on his shoulder. A group of girls stand before him and giggle when he turns around. In one swift move he takes of his sunglasses and has put them on, together with a cheeky smirk. “What can I do for you, ladies?” another giggle from two of them. Their leader begins to talk, but Seven isn’t listening. The girl that has been eying him the whole time, looks directly at him again. But as their eyes meet, she hushes away. Seven doesn’t know what’s happening when he’s ripped out of his trance by a kiss on the cheek and a tiny paper in his hand. He crunches it up and runs after the mysterious girl. She looks cute and his a little bit smaller than Yoosung. Not as cute as his girlfriend, though, but that is hard to achieve. “Hey! You!” The girl stops and looks in Sevens direction. She has a curious look in her eyes, which intensifies as she musters Yoosung from head to toe. “Would you like a milkshake? Or coffee?” Somehow, this bold Yoosung suits Seven much better than the baby Yoosung. “Sure, why not?” Her voice is quiet and soft, almost a whisper. A wide sile spreads across Yoosungs face.

Two hours go by and Seven has a fun time as Yoosung. Especially after hooking Yoosung up with this cute girls from one of his classes. He tried to be as much of Yoosung as possible. Except for a few lies. A game addict that is likely to fail all his classes is not a suitable boyfriend. Instead, he brought back the old Yoosung. The one that worked hard for school and didn’t waste time on games and one that looked really handsome in a suit. Seven brings his small date back home and even receives a little hug from her, before his phone rings. “Hiya, Yoosung!” “Seven, please come home… This is crazy I don’t know what to do. Everyone is crazy and I just want to go home!” Yoosung begins to whine like a baby. “Ya… I’m coming.” With a grin, seven makes his way towards his home… thinking about a good excuse for his style and regretting that he didn’t cross dress Yoosung as a woman.

Marauder's YouTube Channels

Remus Lupin with his wee Hozier cover songs channel (and the occasional ukulele tutorial) because of that one time he managed to get his curls into a tiny man bun, a friend said he looked like the singer and he belted out the words to Take Me To Church jokingly but by the time he had finished, he’d gained fifty bucks and a free coffee. His username is Howlin-at-the-Moony and he occasionally appears in Firelily’s videos, bringing with him his ukulele and sarcasm at full max. His fans love it when he goes off topic and ‘gets his claws out’, his video suddenly a sassy overview of the latest news. They also have a conspiracy theory about him secretly being a werewolf.

James Potter has a cooking video blog called Mama’s Secret Indian Recipes under the username DeerOhDeer. People don’t watch it for the recipes (which are still really good) however, but for the wildly enthusiastic discussions he diverges to whilst trying to explain his process. The videos usually consist of a passionate James, covered in flour and sauce, ranting about gay penguins or his favourite footie team and his best mate siriuslybetterthanyou ‘taste testing’. They especially love it when James forgets about whisking or whatever and starts to sign along furiously with his argument, which once resulted in him almost burning his kitchen down.

Firelily, or Lily Evans, is an up and coming singer/songwriter who occasionally does collabs with other YouTube stars, her videos are often random mash ups of songs she has come up with, book reviews, movies she’s recently read or funny videos of her friends reacting to various things. She also organizes a lot of inter YouTuber events, and appears on a lot of other peoples channels; nobody will forget the time she showed up on DeerOhDeer’s channel and the the two ended up making out on the naan after a massive debate about whether or not New Zealand should be allowed gerbils. There’s a whole fandom dedicated to them.

Sirius Black (siriuslybetterthanyou) is a self proclaimed, Radical Degenerate Queer™, who started a channel after fans of James’ begged to see him more. It’s mostly pranks and How To makeup tutorials, all done in sign, or with someone signing for him if his hands aren’t free. siriuslybetterthanyou also does a lot of collaborations with other YouTubers, one of his more famous things being the invention of ‘Pranktember’, where all YouTubers who signed up would be randomly pranked over the course of the month. One memorable incident involving a bucket of ice water, a white shirt and Howlin-At-The-Moony (not to mention a whole lotta flirting in the comments of their vids) and Remus and Sirius get a fandom almost as big as James and Lily.

Kick it like Barnes

Summary: Bucky is a professional football (soccer) player and it’s the readers first time watching a game in the stadium.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,803

Warnings: mention of dc characters? lmao

A/N: Due to the uefa euro I’m kinda really obsessed with football atm so I needed to write this one. I’m not a football expert tho so I apologize for any logic mistakes. I hope you like it!

You woke up due to the movements in bed next to you and slowly opened your eyes, only to see Bucky climbing out of bed, only wearing his boxershorts. The sun shone perfectly through the half opened windows and made his skin look golden. It was like there was a spotlight pointing directly at his abs and dear god, you could never get used to waking up to this sight. It was just too perfect to be true.

“Hey”, you murmured sleep deprived and started rubbing your eyes. Considering the fact that you were currently residing in a five-star hotel you had thought that it meant sleeping till noon and getting roomservice. But reality looked different. 

“Hey Doll”, Bucky smiled at you as he crawled back into bed and placed a kiss on your lips but you quickly shook your head and tried to stop him from kissing you.

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God bless the person who made this

reason i want skyeward to be together again

I want Skye and Ward to be Happy

I want them to make up in some way, no matter how long it takes

I want them to kiss each other

I want them to cuddle

I want them to have sex

I want them to make breakfast for each other

I want Ward to hold skye in his arms 

I want Skye to sit on Ward’s lap

I want them to aggressively make out when no one is around

I want them to touch and slap each others asses

I want Skye wearing Ward’s shirts over tiny shorts/underwear

I want Ward to pick up Skye and make her feel taller

I want Ward to make Skye feel safe.

I want Skye to make Ward feel redeemed and valued

But in the end

I want Daisy ‘Skye’ Johnson and Grant Douglas Ward to have a healthy, happy relationship together. It might never happen, but It will in my heart.