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What about the eye abominations of so-called 'new changelings'? Also, I'm working on my own take of your awesome bug queen

What on earth?? I guess I’ll be watching whatever the fuck these sparkly bastards are this summer….

Aside from the hardened forewings I don’t think I’d draw them too different from that concept I did of Queen Chrysalis. The eyes are definitely compound eyes with pseudopupils, not sure how to make eyelids work with that setup though… Their… uh….. wing tails?? Are weird as heck… do they just not fold their wings properly under the casing? Is it actually coming out of their butt? I’m not sure how to portray that in a way that isn’t dumb…


Words: 3k

Request: Imagine Castiel walking in on you changing w/ fluff and smut. Requested by @castiel-savvy18

Warnings: Sticky sweet fluffy smut, self image and esteem issues, mutual pining, so much lovey-dovey fluff you might think it’s a hallmark movie

A/N: It was a simple request that I went and made complicated; I hope that’s ok. Constructive feedback is always welcome and send me an ask or DM if you’d like to be added to my tag list.


Being the only female living in the bunker, it wasn’t uncommon for you to disappear to your room for a few hours to be alone. Castiel and the Winchesters just assumed you needed some space and never questioned it.

That is, until today. Sam and Dean had been arguing about the best way to take out some mystery monster from a random horror movie on Netflix. Castiel would offer his opinion when asked, but his focus was set on wondering where you were.

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Another Bat!

This pipistrelle bat was brought in to us, after being found in the daytime. Like the brown long-eared bat from last week, pipistrelle bats hibernate and are not usually seen out at this time of year.

Interesting facts: There are more than 1,200 bat species in the world! Bats are the second largest order of mammals (after the rodents), representing about 20% of all classified mammal species worldwide.


Stoat (mustela erminea)

Stoats are small, omnivorous mammals roughly one foot long. They’re found in northern North American and northern Eurasia, as well as being an invasive species to New Zealand. Stoats eat other mammals and, when they can climb into trees, birds. Their prey is commonly larger than themselves which they run down and jump onto. At times stoats surplus kill, taking extra kills as excess meat. In Irish mythologies they were viewed as anthropomorphic families that held rituals for their dead. Stoat pelts were held as a sign of nobility or holiness. 

Summer Guardian (jack x merida)

At Jack’s first Summer Solstice (party) since becoming Guardian he meets a peculiar Summer Guardian. They clash and they fight and they’re seemingly opposites but Jack just finds her fascinating.  

“Whoa–who’s that?” Jack asked, strawberry halfway to his mouth and blue eyes staring at the mess of red curls that just passed him. The wild curls of fiery hair were loose and kept getting in the way of a sunburned face with a spattering of freckles everywhere, with a pair of sharp summer blue eyes that seemed to look through rather than at everything and everyone. Jack bit into the strawberry, sweet flavor bursting on his tongue as he studied the girl. She was about his age, maybe a little older, at least that’s what he thought. Jack still wasn’t sure how old he was. 13? 14? 15? No older than 16 for sure but he was definitely no younger than 13. The girl was wearing an old fashioned blue dress, ripped at the skirt and every time she moved, freckled flesh would flash. The sight made his face hot, but considering the time he grew up it wasn’t all that surprising. On her feet were a pair of sturdy looking brown hunting boots, and strapped across her back was a quiver filled with homemade arrows and a hand carved bow. It was his first Summer Solstice, and there were plenty of Guardians he had never met but he was sure he would have remembered her.  Most Guardians were either much younger than him or much older, physically at least. Jack grabbed Tooth’s sleeve and tugged, pointing unashamedly at the girl who’s face suddenly started turning red with anger. “Who’s that?”

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I can't wait to share my art with you, my lord~! I take pride in it and really hope you will like it! on another note, my brother just got two hamsters and named them Thor and Loki. They're quite adorable but hamster Thor has already bitten me once while hamster Loki is quite cuddly. Anyways, do you like physical touch with people you love?

Your art, in the past, has always been nice to look at. I await your future art. 

You’ve named hamsters after us? I’ve been told they are tiny mammal creatures, so I am not sure to be flattered or insulted. *smirks*

…Yes, with those I love, I am completely fine with physical touch. I trust them enough to not harm me when I am that vulnerable after all.

Creepypasta #492: The Watcher

You know what they say. Children have overactive imaginations. Well, some of them say that children are just ‘more attuned to the paranormal’, but that’s bullshit.

What I’m about to tell you isn’t bullshit. It really happened.

My name is Jake. When I was a youngling, I was always ill at ease. I was always looking over my shoulder. I would always check under my bed and inside my closet before I went to sleep. I believed then (and I still do) that the only thing that we know for certain is what’s right in front of our eyes. And even our eyes can sometimes play tricks on us.

My mother would always tell me the same thing. There’s nothing under your bed, sweetheart. Go to sleep. But I knew she was wrong. I could feel it. A presence. A gentle breeze or a shadow moving in the periphery of my vision. I could feel it watching me, in my bed, while I did my homework, as I watched TV. Lurking in the dark corners of my room. Hiding, ever present, always just out of sight. Watching.

I wasn’t crazy. I was just observant.

Kids are always scared about having monsters under their bed, but for my parents, my absolute conviction was too much. I begged them, I pleaded with them to believe me. But it was no good. They took me to a psychiatrist. Take these twice a day, she said. Take them with some water, she said. I complied, knowing it wouldn’t make the monster go away. This thing didn’t care how many pills I swallowed.

I was never able to get a good look at it. But here’s what I assumed at the time: it must have been very tall, as it often watched me for long periods through my second-floor bedroom window, with relative ease. It must have been thin, spindly and flexible, because it was able to compress itself into very small spaces. And it must have been very fast, because it was always able to escape my eyes. It was always able to hide itself, just as I turned my head.

Both of my parents worked during the day, and I would get home from school to an ‘empty’ house. It would stalk me especially hard then. The hairs on the back of my neck would prickle. I would feel it behind me. I’d spin around, but it would dart out of sight, just at that moment.

One evening, I snapped.

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So I had this lying around for a little while, and I just decided to post it before I delve deeper into my final projects for my classes. o3o

A lot of ya have been asking me about the Breezies, so here they are! My headcanon version of the Breezies. c: Again, TL;DRreaders may want to look away! There will be copious amounts of text and headcanons, yush. O:

So with that said, here we gooooooooooooooooooooo!


For my headcanon, I see the Breezies as a species of Flutterpony (they’re basically the equine version of a fairy). The smallest species of Flutterpony, actually. The Flutterpony is related to equine, but they’re a smaller species of equine than most. I’ll get into that much later, when I do headcanon for Flutterponies; for now, we must explore the Breezies!


The Breezies are, as I’ve said, the smallest species of Flutterpony in existence, ranging between 6 to 8 inches tall. They’re generally thin, with long legs, long neck, and a lithe, almost deer-like body. Their manes tend to grow fast and are typically long and thick, and they’re covered in a dense, water-proof coat that comes in a wide range of colors. The front of their legs are covered in hard, protective scales, and sometimes said scales can grow along the backs of the breezies, but it doesn’t happen often. There isn’t much sexual dimorphism between the male and female (both has ridiculously long and thick eyelashes), however males do have ridges among their antenna while females do not. Males also tend to have larger “tusks”, or canine fangs.

Their wings can take on an appearance similar to either a butterfly’s, or a dragonfly’s, but either way their wings are pretty strong in terms of durability. They aren’t necessarily weak flyers, however they obviously have trouble navigating when faced with the world far larger than their own little realm. Their eyes have slitted pupils, and can range from a wide array of colors as well. They tend to match the color of their wings, although their wings’ membranes are pretty transparent.


Despite how “cute” and “cuddly” the Breezie seems to be, they are actually predators. Their diet mostly consists of very tiny mammals and reptiles, tiny fish, insects, and fruits. Their teeth are designed for both crushing and tearing, so they can eat a wide range of things, from animals to insects to flora, and while they do have wings, their bodies are better designed foor running in short bursts of speed. When hunting, they tend to hunt in groups of three, due to safety in numbers and having a better advantage of catching something when with more than one. Both females and males participate in hunting.

 Their favorite meal typically consists of mosquitoes, dragonflies, tiny fish, and berries. 

Being intelligent creatures with a society and such of their own, they also have the tendency to actually cook what they catch, even though they can eat most of such raw.


When Breezies mate, it’s almost always for life. I’ve yet to come up with the general lifespan of a Breezie (shorter than 100, or longer than 100?)but they don’t come to sexual maturity until the age of 13. After that, they generally don’t engage in actively trying to find a mate until after the age of 18, but it depends on the Breezie. Regardless, once two Breezies mate, they will remain with that mate for the remainder of their lives. If one dies, the other will refuse to take on another mate. While not common it isn’t unheard of for a Breezie, if mated (now widowed)but without foals, to die from a broken heart.

A Breezie tends to have only one foal at a time, however it isn’t uncommon for them to have twins or triplets. A Breezie foal is little more than tiny ball of fluff when born, with equally small and useless wings and short antenna. After about a month they will begin to grow their manes and tails out, with can quickly grow in length due to its growth rate. Typically a foal has almost comically long legs and huge, floppy ears. Said ears won’t start to fully stand erect properly until they’ve reached the age of 5.


Breezies are very intelligent creatures, just as smart as any other sentient being, and they thrive in their own sort of society. While there are a good number of them in existence, they are considered a rare species due to their elusiveness and tendency to only venture out of their “realm” once a year. They are highly protected by the Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures.

The Breezies function very much like tribes or small cities. Each society has a leader, a chief or a mayor (male or female, it doesn’t necessarily matter)if you will, and a small council of about three or four other trusted Breezies to keep the order among their members.

Now, this part gave me a little trouble and I’m thinking off the top of my head. So bear with me here. So once a year, the Breezies gather a flock of their strongest fliers to venture outside their own home and into “outside” Equestria in order to travel to central location miles away. This location is relatively unknown by many aside from the Breezies (in that only Breezies can reach it), and is where they go to collect a magic-based pollen. While their own world can sustain itself on its own pollen, this sort of pollen is necessary to better help the Breezies’ lands flourish. The journey to and from this location is about a week’s worth, and is pretty harrowing for the Breezies.

The Breezies themselves are very sociable creatures. While a single Breezie can live without company, it’s often a very lonely existence, as well as very dangerous. Breezies, specifically when traveling outside of their own realm, must keep in large flocks in order to protect themselves all the better, be it from something as simple as the wind to something like a bird of prey. 


Breezies’ natural habitat is a realm of sorts that is blocked off from the “outside” world of Equestria via a portal. It isn’t a separate realm so much as it is an area isolated via barrier magic, however it is very protected, enchanted even, and far more manageable for a Breezie to live in. It isn’t home only to the Breezies, however. They have a variety of wildlife existing within it as well, mainly very tiny rodents, insects, and small little fish in their waters.

While typically tropical with very mild weather, the breezies’ home does still experience weather and seasonal changes with the rest of the world, seeing as they are still a part of it. Rain, snow, winds, all of it. The enchantment of the lands protects the Breezies from most of the harsher weather, but that doesn’t mean they won’t experience a snow storm, or a thunderstorm.


WEEW! And there you go. O: I hope that was okay, for the most part I just kinda did some improvising; I may come back and add some stuff, but I dunno really.

But until then, if you have any questions feel free to ask. And thanks again for stopping by! 


We Have Plenty
A young farmer boy living in a small village has his quiet existence interrupted by a locust attack.

The official We Have Plenty Kickstarter is now LIVE! 

A young farmer boy living in a small village has his quiet existence interrupted by a locust attack.

A combination of careful research and spirited storytelling have given birth to We Have Plenty. This animation highlights the importance of animal diversity to humans, from tiny insects to larger mammals as well as the ones in between. It is set in South Asia and draws inspiration from Yunnan Province and other places such as Vietnam and India. This short shows that even in times of crisis, the human spirit is inextinguishable. Bringing across the message of animal conservation in an accessible and innovative way to new audiences, we catch glimpses into this strange world as he goes about his daily life in a place that has faced local extinction.

This film is a collaboration between students at Rhode Island School of Design and the Savannah College of Art and Design. We are grateful for our friends’ help in making it to the production stage. We truly and wholeheartedly believe our film can spread the message of animal conservation through the experience of a little boy - our protagonist and a representation of the next generation of people. If you believe in our vision, please help us to make it happen! Share with those who you believe would share our vision!

Thank you <3

Rukia tries to figure out who got her a bunny

As requested by anon. :)

Rukia has been given a pet bunny! But she doesn’t know who gave it to her. She is going to ask everyone she thinks might be responsible, and see if she can figure it out!

1. Byakuya

Rukia: Nii-sama! Did you get me this bunny?

Byakuya: No, Rukia. I would never buy a tiny fluffy mammal. 

Byakuya: Too much chance that it is secretly a naked woman.

Byakuya: I suggest you keep your eye on that rabbit.

Rukia: Um, I will!

Byakuya: ….

Byakuya: I am watching you, bunny.

2. Renji

Rukia: Renji! Did you get me a bunny?

Renji: What? No! The giant rabbit had NOTHING to do with me!

Rukia: What?

Renji: …sorry. Wrong list.

3. Orihime

Rukia: Inoue, I can’t figure out who got me this bunny. Was it you?

Orihime: No, I’m sorry!

Orihime: I don’t really know how pets work in the afterlife!

Orihime: Is that a ghost bunny?

Rukia: Shhhh, don’t listen to her, Chappy!

4. Chad

Rukia: Um, Sado - did you maybe buy me a bunny?

Chad: No, it wasn’t me.

Chad: I can no longer buy people pets.

Chad: I always end up keeping them myself because they are so cute.

Chad: I currently have 7 kittens, 3 puppies and a particularly adorable lizard.

Rukia: Um

5. Yachiru

Rukia: Yachiru, I know you like to get people animals.

Rukia: Did you get me this bunny like you got all those koi for my captain?

Yachiru: Nope - you’ve never gotten me candy!

Rukia: Oh good, then maybe this bunny isn’t stolen!

6. Ichigo

Rukia: Hey, Ichigo. Is this bunny from you?

Ichigo: Like I’d encourage your bunny obsession.


Rukia: You’re lucky I don’t want Chappy to see violence.

7. As Nodt

Rukia: As Nodt, PLEASE tell me this bunny isn’t from you.

As Nodt: Is it a scary bunny?

Rukia: Nope, it is pretty darn fluffy.

As Nodt: Then I don’t think you need to worry.

8. Ukitake

Rukia: Captain, sorry to bother you, but did you get me this bunny?

Ukitake: Nah, I’m more a life-sized statue kind of guy.

Ukitake: Don’t worry - yours is coming!

Rukia: Yay?

9. Kiyone & Sentaro

Rukia: Hey, uh, did either of you guys get me this bunny?

Kiyone: Rukia, we love you, but….we both wanted your job.

Sentaro: Like, a lot.

Kiyone: We’ve been big about it!

Sentaro: But not “buy you a present” big.

Rukia: I-I guess I understand that!

10. Ishida

Rukia: Ishida, did you get me this bunny? Maybe as an apology for joining the Quincy?

Ishida: I would never buy a live bunny for you.

Ishida: I would make you a stuffed one!

Ishida: Hypothetically. If I wanted to apologize. Which I don’t.

Ishdia: Yay Quincy!

Rukia: Maybe we’ll talk later.

11. Hitsugaya

Rukia: Captain Hitsugaya, I’m getting desperate! Is this bunny from you?

Hitsugaya: Why on earth would I get you a rabbit?

Rukia: Ice zanpakuto solidarity?

Hitsugaya: Yeah….I don’t do that.

Rukia: I figured it was a longshot. 

12. Shinji

Rukia: Hirako, you hit on everybody. Did you get me this bunny to flirt with me?

Shinji: N-


Shinji: Yup! It’s mine!


13. Aaroniero

Rukia: Please tell me this bunny isn’t from you.

Aaroniero: You killed me. I feel very little warmth toward you.

Rukia: Oh, thank goodness!

14. Keigo & Mizuiro

Rukia: Keigo, you’re weird. And Mizuiro, you’re mysterious.

Rukia: Is this bunny from either of you?

Keigo: I would NEVER hit on Ichigo’s crush!

Rukia: What?

Mizuiro (covering Keigo’s mouth): Please ignore Asano-san. Sometimes he says things.

15. Riruka

Rukia: I feel like we ended our fight as friends. Kind of.

Rukia: Did you get me this bunny?

Riruka: If the bunny was cute, I’d keep it, and if it wasn’t, I’d never buy it!!!!

Rukia: Um, fair enough. 

16. Isshin, Karin, and Yuzu

Rukia: Did any of you get me this bunny? As some sort of welcome present?

Karin: Nobody in this household could take care of the rabbit while you and Ichigo were gone. I’d never inflect that on a bunny.

Yuzu: It’s cute, but no I didn’t!

Isshin: A pet! I should totally have thought of that!

Isshin: Forgive me, Masaki!!!!!!!

Rukia: N-never mind!

16. Coda

Rukia: I’ve asked everybody I can think of!

Rukia: Who on earth got me this bunny???

Ashido: You never asked me.

Rukia: Oh my goodness, it’s -


Rukia: Wait, who are you again?

Ashido: Ashido!


Ashido: The guy you said you’d rescue from the menos grande forest?


Ashido: I put my name in the card!

Rukia: Ohhhhhh! I was WONDERING what that weird word was!


Rukia: Thank you for the bunny?

Tiny instruments

I guess it’s almost impossible for a tiny to play a normal sized instrument so I’ve spent some time wondering what they could play and I came to the following conclusion:

Guitars: made out of nut-shells or shells from the shore stringed with fibres from grass or hair from mammals

Flutes: made out of tiny wooden sticks or tiny metal sticks

Drums: well nut-shells and skin from a tiny mammal or paper

Viola/Violin/Cello/Double Bass: acorns and fibres from plants or very very thin wood strings, maybe hair from mammals

Harp: a weirdly shaped stick stringed with hair and grass fibres

And since they have to use mostly natural stuff, their instruments are mostly unique

(please add your ideas)

Zootopia/ Robin Hood Fan fiction: Take a Stand Chapter 4

(AN/ Holy moley i didn’t expect this many follows, likes, favourites and reviews but can I say THANK YOU to everyone who has read, followed, liked, favourited and reviewed this fan fic, please forgive my dyslexic mistakes and without further ado let’s cracking with this chapter…)

LINK : https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/4/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 4- Truth

The black Vixen then stood up to thank Nick but her face morphed into shock and she nearly shrieked “Nick!?”

“Hey Victoria.” Nick grumbled, clearly unhappy to see the vixen.

“What are you doing here!?” Victoria garbled with surprise.

“Your daughter stopped in front of our car.” Nick replied dryly.

Victoria looked at the car, then Judy then back at Nick and asked “You’re a cop now?”

Judy and Luna were both confused by what was transpiring, but Judy felt the horrible itch of jealousy as she asked “You two know each other?”

“Victoria’s an old ‘Friend’ of mine.” Nick reworded, wanting this conversation to end as quick as possible.

“Mommy you know a police officer? That’s cool.” Luna smiled up at her mother.

Victoria looked shaken for a moment as she looked back down at the cheery kit “L-Luna did you say thank you to the nice officers?” She asked, all flustered, she nervously stroked the black fur of her cheek.

“Thank you officers.” Luna beamed with a beautiful smile.

“Well we best be going,” Nick replied dryly, ignoring the child and avoiding eye contact with the dark coloured vixen as he got back into the cruiser “you coming Carrots?”

“Ri—ght.” Judy dragged, getting a good look at Victoria before glancing down with a friendlier look and tone to Luna “You stay safe sweetie.”

“Yes Ma'am.” Luna said before waving at the Bunny cop as she got back into the car, Victoria and Luna quickly got off the road and walked down the pavement in the opposite direction Nick and Judy were heading.

Judy started the engine and took a brief sideway glance at Nick and asked in a caring tone “You alright?”

“Not really.” Nick replied, knowing it was pointless to lie to his best friend.

Judy put the car into gear and continued to drive towards Nick’s apartment “Is she an ex girlfriend?” Judy asked with a careful tone.

“Yeah,” Nick answered looking a little ticked off “that cheat is my ex.”

“She cheated on you?” Judy gasped a little “Nick I’m sorry.”

“It was a long time ago,” Nick tried to play it cool “come on we got a rally to get to.”

It only took five more minutes for the pair to arrive at Nick’s place “Just wait here, I’ll be a few minutes.” Nick said as he made his way to the steps of his building.

“Don’t worry we have plenty of time.” Judy assured, jumping down out of the car, it was way too warm to stay inside.
Nick was about to make his way up the building steps when he spotted something on the grey coloured stone, it was an arrow. Not one of the high tech tranq arrows that the MCB had showed off earlier; this was home made. It was a simple twig with a few stray leaves still hanging off of it with a pointy bit of sharpened wood on the tip, Nick recognised it immediately it was just like the ones he used to play with when he was a kid, when his dad was teaching him archery. He noticed that there was a scrap of paper tied around the arrow, he carefully picked up the twig arrow and untied the paper before reading the note written in blue biro 'You and Hopps meet me at the Champion bar 7pm, I’ve got some info on the M.M gang- Finnick’

“Finnick?” Nick said with puzzlement, what the hell was he doing with one of these arrows?

“Nick?” Judy asked, noticing the confused and sad face of her partner.

Nick snapped out of his dreary haze and revealed “Looks like Finnick might have some intel for us.”


Judy and Nick arrived at city hall over an hour early, and even that was after stopping off for coffee and a quick bite to eat. A makeshift stage had been set up in front of the city hall with the Zootopia News Network logo dotted all over it. Various news crews had set up their equipment around the stage and Judy noticed there was already a crowd of mammals growing with each minute before the rally actually began, Nick had decided if it was possible he was going to be on TV he wanted to look his best, he was well groomed and even wearing his pristine officer hat that he very rarely wore. Nick and Judy had placed themselves at the side of the stage so they could run on easily if anything were to happen to the two mayoral candidates. “This is waste of our time.” Nick grumbled crossing his arms, looking out at the three hundred or so mammals that had gathered around the stage waiting for the show to start, there was also another dozen cops dotted around the city hall for security.

“Look if the M.M gang left the newspaper clipping at the scene of the crime it must mean something right?” Judy reasoned.
“Violence isn’t there style,” Nick pointed out “they use sleeper arrows, plus what’s there to steal at a political rally? Zilch, that’s what.”

“Look let’s just get this babysitting job done then we can go see Finnick, ok?” Judy replied, to be honest she thought this whole thing was futile as well.

“Sounds like a plan Carrots.” Nick agreed, a few more seconds past before he asked “Say do you want to hang out my place tonight, watch a movie, order a pizza? I mean I was going to treat you to breakfast this morning.”

Judy’s amethyst eyes lit up at this suggestion Maybe I can tell him tonight she thought as she answered in a casual voice “Sure; just no freaking out like a baby if we watch a scary movie.”

“That was one time.” Nick griped.

Judy giggled briefly before adding in a teasing voice “Don’t worry if you get scared you can hold my paw.”

“Funny.” Nick responded with a narrow gaze. Just then a familiar face walked onto the stage; Fabine Growley, the ZNN anchor came onto stage holding a microphone.

“Good afternoon everyone and thank you for attending this mayoral rally organised by ZNN,” The Snow Leopard addressed the crowd “today we will hear from our two candidates about their ambitions and policies they will enact if they are voted in as Mayor of this great city.”

Some members of the crowd started to cheer as they spotted an elderly tan furred wolf on the stage steps waiting for his cue to come on stage “First up we have the mammal who has served this city for thirty years as a councilman but has also been a leading figure in civil rights campaigning; Mr. Trevor Moon.” Fabine introduced and the glasses wearing wolf walked up onto the stage waving to the cheering crowd, even though the wolf was in his sixties he looked rather fashionable in his royal blue suit.

“And our other candidate; the District Attorney who’s relentless mission to stamp out organised crime has led to a 30% drop in crime in the two years he’s been in charge; Mr. Raymond Bastille.” Fabine announced before a muscular wolverine with dark brown fur strolled onto stage waving at his cheering supporters.

“Now gentlemen this is not a debate,” Fabine spoke to both candidates “today the citizens of Zootopia want to hear three promises that you will fulfil if you are elected as mayor.” Fabine handed the mic to the wolf “Mr. Moon you first.”

Moon smiled as he took the microphone and spoke into it with a jovial tone “Thank you Fabine and thank you to all the mammals who have shown up today.” Causing a cheer from about half of the crowd. “Ladies and Gentlemen I was born and raised in the Sherwood district of Savannah central; where the mammals are working class and proud but are also under the heel of corrupt landlords. Take a walk through Sherwood and you’ll see derelict buildings and families being charged sky high prices for sub par properties that’s why my first promise to the people of Zootopia is if I am elected I will provide better social housing and strict laws on rent control and living conditions for landlords.” This caused a huge round of applause from the crowd and even some of the Bastille supporters looked impressed, Nick was smiling since he grew up in the Sherwood area and knew how bad it could be.

Moon then walked over to Bastille and handed over the mic, both of them sharing a civil nod before Bastille began to speak in a deep and commanding voice “You know I grew up working class to; sure I was from Tundra Town where the crime rate is lower but there was always a unseen crime going on; Tax evasion. For too long the richest 10% of city have ducked and dived their way to get out of paying the proper amount of Tax to the city; that’s why my first promise is to bring in a new policy to make the richest citizens pay more tax to ease and lower the burden on the everyday mammal of Zootopia.” Again both sides of the crowd seemed to agree with this policy and a huge round of applause followed, Judy wasn’t used to this sort of crowd during elections. Back in Bunnyburrow they had the same mayor since she was born and elections were just seen as a formality.

Bastille passed the mic back to his more softly spoken opponent, Moon took the mic and looked at the front of the crowd where a few dozen rodents were standing on a specially built platform for them to watch the debate; most of the tiny mammals were holding 'Moon for Mayor’ signs. “Little Rodentia,” Moon began “whilst it is one of the smaller districts of Zootopia it is home to nearly a third of our citizens, 30 million rodents live in our great city and who protects them? Not the ZPD, instead the city spends a mind blowing $300 million on hiring a private security company who work like mercenaries and bounty hunters who answer to no one, and what do we get as a result? Bribes, brutality and crime running wild. For my second promise I will build five police precincts in Little Rodentia and hire at least 400 rodent officers to the ZPD within my first year of power.” This got tiny cheers from the rodents whilst the rest of the mammals in the crowd clapped and nodded. Judy chuckled to herself, she was currently the smallest officer in the ZPD it was hard to think that within in a year there could be a few hundred cops smaller than her.

The microphone then went back to Bastille who turned and looked at Nick and Judy and smiled “The brave men and women of the ZPD, can we give them a round of applause folks?” Bastille invited causing a huge eruption of clapping and the news cameras to point at Nick and Judy, the rabbit gave a bashful wave whilst Nick tipped his officer hat in a cool manner (he knew he was right to wear it today). “These brave mammals put their lives on the line every day,” Bastille continued “and my time as DA has shown how hard working and diligent the ZPD are. But too often criminals slip through loopholes in our laws and policies, so my second promise is to give the ZPD more funding powers to tackle organised crime in our city.”

“More powers? What do you think that means?” Nick asked Judy.

“No idea, just sounds like political bluster to me.” Judy replied quietly.

Moon was then handed the Mic for his final promise but instead of the happy expression he was wearing moments ago he looked rather serious “This promise is going to divide people, but I feel like it must be brought to the forefront of politics. As Fabine said earlier I have been a civil rights campaigner for years, I fought for predator’s rights to attend prey schools, for equal pay for female mammals and for gay marriage; which of course if I hadn’t have fought for I would have never been able to marry my late husband.” Moon explained, before looking at the gold wedding band on his finger. “But do you know who still can’t marry? Mammals of different species.” Upon hearing this Nick’s heart rate picked up and all of Judy’s fur stood on end.

“For too long Interspecies couples have been persecuted, shunned and been denied the right to marry, well I say enough is enough; I am taking a stand! For my final promise; if I am elected as your mayor I will legalise Interspecies marriage!” Moon promised in a loud and grand voice.

This caused a mix reaction from the crowd; a large potion just jeered and booed the councilman whilst other cheered “Moon for Mayor!” Judy looked out at the mammals booing and felt a chill down her spine Do Mammals hate Inters that much?

“He’s got my vote.” Nick grinned, applauding the wolf.

Judy looked up at the unfazed Nick and asked “Doesn’t that bother you?” nodding at the angry mammals.

Nick gazed at the beautiful bunny and replied “Never let them see that they get to you.” Before giving a cheeky wink.

Judy’s worried face melted away and she gave a grin at her partner she about to say something but then Bastille voice came out over the speaker “No.” he simply said “My third promise is simple, marriage should be kept between mammals of the same species, so if I am elected mayor of Zootopia I will block the interspecies marriage bill and keep Zootopia’s species pure!” This resulted in massive roar of cheers from the crowd and a smaller portion voicing their disagreement.

“Sweet cheese and crackers.” Judy mumbled, that sick feeling of fear in the pit of her stomach rising again. Judy had a feeling this election would bring out the worst in some mammals.


Just as Judy and Nick predicted the M.M gang didn’t show up at the rally, soon as the event was over they drove back to precinct 1 and dropped off the patrol car back in parking lot. The pair walked the five minute stroll to 'The Champion’ pub where Finnick would be waiting making sure to bring the arrow he left for them in a black bag. They got to the pub entrance to find Waddles the bouncer beside the door chatting with a few patrons enjoying a cigarette.

“Hey Waddles.” Nick greeted the Pig.

“Evenin’ Wilde, what’s with the hat?” Waddles laughed.

“Thought I try looking fancy for once.” Nick smirked, tipping his hat.

“Whatever you say,” Waddles gave a small laugh “how’s it hanging Hopps?”

“Ugh, just been to that dumb rally at City Hall.” Judy complained.

“Don’t tell me you support that dick Bastille.” Waddles said cautiously.

“Heck no!” Judy responded “I’m voting for Moon!”

Waddles smiled and playfully punched Judy in the arm “That a girl.” He complimented “All I’ve been hearing tonight night is 'Bastille is my vote’ and 'Inters are wrong’.”

“Um, you’re a inter?” Judy guessed.

“Yeah,” Waddles happily admitted “me and Gompers have been seeing each other for two years now.”

Judy absorbed this info and gave a happy look “You two actually suit each other.” She complimented before walking into the pub with Nick “See you later.”

The pub was pretty busy, both Nick and Judy spotted and waved at their fellow off duty officers as they made their way to the bar. Where Gompers and a Two horned Rhino barmaid were serving drinks. “Nick, Judy what can I get for ya’?” Gompers asked, her multiple ear piercings jingling with each movement.

“Two beers please.” Judy ordered.

“Coming right up.” Gompers acknowledged before grabbing two pint glasses and going over to pump.

“Hey Gompers, you seen Finnick around?” Nick cut to the chase.

“Yeah he’s over in the corner snug.” The goat replied “Go join him, I’ll bring these over.”

“Thanks.” Judy responded before her and Nick made their way to the snug in the far corner of the bar where there was less mammals. As they made it to the snug, they found Finnick halfway through his own pint of larger and texting on his phone, but he looked a lot more stylish than when Nick last saw him, he was in a jet black tailored suit with a blood red shirt and black tie underneath.

Nick gave a impressed whistle as he settled into the snug “Look at you, all suited up.” He grinned.

“I always had more style than you Nick.” Finnick joked with his deep voice.

“It’s good to see you Finnick.” Judy said politely, sitting beside Nick

“You keeping my boy in check? Just kick his ass if he steps out of line.” Finnick kidded.

“Ok,” Gompers said as she walked over with the two beers for Nick and Judy and placed them on the table “who’s tab am I putting this on?”

“His.” Judy nodded at Nick.

“Hers.” Nick protested.

“Put it on mine Gompers, save these two bickering.” Finnick answered “And get one for yourself.”

“Thanks babe.” Gompers replied, blowing the small fox a kiss as she trotted off back to the bar.

As soon as Gompers was out of earshot, Nick put the black bag containing the arrow on the table and said in a serious manner “Let’s get down to business.”

“Ok but before I say anything let me say; I’m coming here as a friend and not as a snitch.” Finnick clarified.

“Ok.” Judy said, unsure of what was going on.

“I’ve started working for Mr. Big again,” Finnick announced “hence the suit.”

“What are you doing for him?” Nick asked in vain.

Finnick let out a small chuckle before snorting “You think I’d tell two cops what I’m up to? What do you take me for?”

“So Mr. Big sent you?” Judy guessed, taking a sip of her beer.

Finnick took a look at Judy for a second before asking “How much do you know about the M.M gang?”

“Not a lot.” Judy answered with honesty.

“So I’m assuming you don’t know what this arrow means?” Finnick asked again, retrieving the twig arrow from the bag.

“No.” Judy answered with a shake of her head.

“Back in the old days before you born and I was just a kit everyone knew what these arrows meant,” Nick explained, picking up the arrow “if you had harmless twig arrow presented to you it meant you were an ally and under the protection of the M.M gang.”

“And if you had a sharp black arrow shot at your door it meant you were an enemy of the M.M gang.” Finnick added.

“So this means Mr Big is a friend of the M.M gang?” Judy assumed.

“I wasn’t around at Mr. Big’s mansion last night but apparently the M.M gang snuck in for a private audience with the boss.” Finnick elaborated.

“Was it him!?” Nick suddenly snapped “Was it Hood and Little John?” this sudden outburst surprised Judy but Finnick looked like he had expected this reaction.

“The Boss wouldn’t say, you know what he’s like with secrets.” Finnick tried to calm his old friend down. “Besides we both know the original Hood is dead.”

“Wait you guys knew about the Hood?” Judy asked, genuinely intrested.

“The Hood was a hero to the poor of Zootopia back in the day, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.” Finnick answered with a nostalgic smile.

“So what did the M.M gang want with Mr. Big?” Nick asked, getting back on track and taking a glug of his beer.

“To give him some info, seems there’s a new drug on the streets and it’s causing a lot of tension between the families. According to the M.M gang two crime syndicates have joined forces to take over the drug trade in the city and of course you know how much Mr. Big hates drugs.” Finnick revealed.

“Why does Mr. Big hate drugs?” Judy followed up.

Nick sighed before answering “Fru Fru used to have a twin sister.”

“What do you mean 'Used to’?” Judy asked, fearing the answer.

“Fru Fru’s twin; Sophia was a wiz with numbers,” Nick recalled, picturing the nerdy little shrew “the kid was a genius but when she got to college something snapped in her and she got hooked on the junk, she overdosed a few days before her and Fru Fru’s 21st birthday.”

“Oh my gosh.” Judy gasped, her paws shooting up and covering her mouth.

“That kid was wonderful, even I cried when I found out she passed. Fru Fru didn’t speak for weeks, it was like a piece of her had died with her twin.” Finnick remembered with a mellow tone.

“Since then Mr. Big has had a tough no drugs rule in Tundra Town and heaven help the mammal who tries to peddle drugs in his territory.” Nick explained further.

“Poor Fru Fru, she seems so happy I never would guessed she had been through such a tragedy.” Judy commented.

“And that’s why Mr. Big insisted I bring this intel to you two; the only cops he trusts.” Finnick said before reaching into the inner pocket of his blazer and producing a clear baggy with two bright pink pills inside it “They call it 'Morrigan’ after the goddess of war; it’s a new type of addictive steroid.”

Nick took the baggy of pills and slipped them in his pocket to reduce his friend’s exposure “You said two crime syndicate leaders have joined forces, which ones?” Nick asked, knowing all the dark corners of the city.

“Madame Misdaad and Professor Rattigan.” Finnick confessed in a hushed voice.

“Shit.” Nick quietly hissed, taking a large swig of his beer to calm his nerves.

“What’s wrong? Why is that bad?” Judy asked, worried by Nick’s reaction.

“I guess you never knew growing up in the sticks and all but these two mob bosses are brutal, Madame Misdaad is a Zebraand the only reason she ain’t in jail is cos’ she’s got most of the city’s cops in her pocket.” Finnick answered, looking around to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

“Dirty cops?” Judy queried with a whisper.

“Not all cops are honest like you and Nick.” Finnick laid out some home truths.

“And if Misdaad is working with Rattigan then we’re really in trouble.” Nick added.

“Why who’s Rattigan?” Judy probed.

“Rattigan is the biggest drug chemist in the city and runs all the gangs in Little Rodentia, as flamboyant as he is murderous rumour is he has a Wildcat enforcer named Felicia that eats mice who don’t obey him.” Nick recalled with a grim shudder.

“The cat eats mice!?” Judy squeaked with fear.

Suddenly Finnick’s message tone buzzed, the fennec quickly read the message before saying “I got to go, duty calls and all that.”

“Thanks for the heads up, we appreciate it.” Nick said truthfully.

“Listen just between you two and me you might want to go to the fight arena in Sahara Square tomorrow night; Misdaad’s dealers are known to deal there.” Finnick offered before walking to the bar and hopping a bar stool to give Gompers a hundred dollar bill before leaving.

“What do we do?” Nick asked his more experienced partner.

“We’re on the late shift tomorrow, when we go in we give the intel to the chief.” Judy decided.


Nick and Judy only stayed at The Champion a little while longer just to finish their beers, they had decided to walk back to Nick’s place grabbing a extra large Veggie supreme pizza with a side order of deep fried crickets for Nick on the way home. “So what movie are we going to watch tonight?” Nick asked, already munching on the fired crickets as they walked into his apartment building.

“Something scary.” Judy teased, nudging her best friend in the ribs.

“C'mon Carrots after the day we just had I need some comedy.” Nick rebuffed.

“Fine you big baby; comedy it is.” Judy sniggered.

“…What a day.” Nick sighed, as he pressed the elevator button, Nick lived on the eighth floor and he didn’t feel like trudging up the staircase.

“You ok?” Judy asked, seeing a crack of vulnerability in her favourite Fox’s face.

“All I wanted to do today was take you out to breakfast, I’m sorry Fluff.” Nick confessed, as the elevator door opened.

“Why are you apologising? Dumb Fox.” Judy brushed off, stepping inside the elevator and selting the 8th floor button “Although meeting your ex was unexpected.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.” Nick groaned “It’s a shame that poor kit has Victoria for a mom.”

“Hey don’t be mean, I bet she’s a great Mom.” Judy chastised “Anyway I think the rally outside City Hall was worse.”

“I’m kinda’ surprised you’re a Moon supporter.” Nick commented, not realising how offensive he was being, the elevator started moving up.

“What do you mean?” Judy asked, feeling a punch in the gut.

“Well you know….” Nick trailed off, realising the mistake he had made.

Judy cleared her throat, put the pizza box on the floor of the lift and hit the 'Emergency Stop’ button on the elevator panel bringing the machine to a shuddering halt “No I don’t know, enlighten me.” Judy said aggressively.

“Carrots I didn’t mean…” Nick tried to deescalate the situation.

“No; tell me what you meant and be honest, I can tell when you’re lying Nicholas Pieberius Wilde.” Judy threatened, placing her paws on her hips.

“Well, um, it’s just,” Nick struggled, sweating “you’re from Bunnyburrow.”

“And what has that got to do with anything?” Judy questioned, feeling hurt.

“Carrots…” Nick said, losing his composure.

“Tell me Nick!” Judy barked, tears threatening to fall from her serene eyes.

“It’s just mammals from the countryside tend to be more conservative.” Nick said, knowing each word would hurt the woman he loved.

Judy was quiet for a good seconds and her fists were tightened with anger “Do you think all Bunnies are like that?” she spat.

“No, of course not.” Nick tried to recover, his heart breaking upon seeing the wounded look in his Sly Bunny’s eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me!?” Judy shouted, her eyes began streaming tears.

“Tell you what?” Nick choked with panic.

“That you’re a Inter!” Judy answered with force “I’m your best friend and you never told me, why?”

“Because…” Nick whispered back away from her.

“Because what!?” Judy yelled, frustrated and pulling at her velvety soft ears.

“I might lose you.” Nick confessed, scared of what would transpire next.

“Lose me?” Judy uttered looking directly at Nick’s emerald eyes.

“Carrots, no…Judy, you’ve gotta’ know how I feel about you.” Nick said with a strained voice, taking a nervous step towards the sublime beauty before him.

“Nick?” Judy’s voice fluttered like her heart, she then got a steely look in her amethyst eyes and charged at the handsome vulpine, jumped up, wrapped her arms around her Dumb Fox and planted her lips upon his after ten or so seconds she pulled back and whispered “Nick, belong to me, be mine and only mine.” Before rubbing her cheeks upon his, leaving her scent on him.

Nick hadn’t felt so powerless in years but he was glad to be Judy’s love and he confirmed this with the words “Judy, I’m yours.”

Judy heard this and threw aside her inhibitions, Judy grabbed Nick’s hat and tossed it away before planting another kiss on her love’s lips “I want you.” Judy growled seductively into Nick’s ear before nibbling on it playfully.
Nick heard this and let his instinct take over, he fell to the floor of the elevator with Judy straddled on top of him yanking off his tie and letting it land on his brush. She then dared “Tear my clothes off.”

“What?” Nick yipped, whilst Judy caressed his chest.

“Use your claws and tear off my clothes.” Judy ordered before lovingly licking her Fox’s cheek.

Nick obeyed and swiped at Judy’s pants leaving clear tear marks before ripping off her bulletproof vest and popping open her shirt so he could see her bare chest, Nick nuzzled into the grey fur of her chest before saying “I love you.”

“I love you to.” Judy cried before kissing Nick deeply.

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