tiny little thing to relieve some stress

how i use my bujo!

this is going to be a low quality post but hopefully jam-packed with info so!! here we go! (also disclaimer: this is me being completely honest about my bullet journal. i haven’t always had the best relationship with it but recently i think i’ve fixed our relationship at least a little and have accepted some of its flaws and in turn learned things about myself) 

monthly spreads:

pictures: august spread, july spread, march spread, all unfinished lol

paint samples, printed pictures, torn out pieces of lined paper, doodles, goals, my tiny collection of washi tape, tickets, fortunes (from the cookies). i literally have never completed a monthly spread because as you will see, i like making things cute but it’s not my top priority nor is it my favorite stress-relieving method.


i do not plan this ahead because as i’ve mentioned before, i have no idea how things will change or even how many chores i’m going to have to do three days from now. usually i have a vague idea in my mind of how things will turn out looking, but as much as i want to have a cute bujo, it’s not my main concern.

pics: spread from a few weeks ago, current (unfinished) spread

other things i like to include: a general list of things to remember/get done during the week if i have free time, trackers (water and sleep are my most used, but i recently tried a productivity and skincare one too!), sometimes doodles, sometimes tickets from things i’ve done.

other pages (and some of my favorites!):

pics: ideas because i’m going to be editor-in-chief of my school newspaper, calendar/plan for my sat and act prep, notes from a seminar i went to back in january

  • budget
  • notes from one-off meetings, conferences, seminars
  • brainstorms
  • plans for assignments or big tests i need to study for
  • wishlist
  • i’m pen pals w/ several people so i have a page where i list out what i want to send to who, what i’ve collected to send, who i haven’t mailed in a while, etc.
  • doodle pages
  • personal pages (as i’m feeling lost with my other personal journal and need a place to dump out my feelings)
  • key points from books i’m reading for pleasure (i’m reading one on early admission rn)
  • lists of ideas for articles/blog posts, art projects
  • books/films
  • habit trackers (i love them but im so bad at completing them lmao)
  • tips for myself (that i usually end up making into posts, i.e. this started as a simple thing in my bullet journal)

okay!! that’s all i have for y’all but i hope it was at least a little bit helpful! feel free to hmu if you have any other questions or want to submit pictures of your own bujo!! (and check out my insta?)

xoxo annie