tiny little baby gifs

You know, I can’t remember which copy of Catz I had as a kid. I have a feeling it was Catz 5 because the cover art looks pretty familiar. Although in saying that it’s hard to find a lot of information beyond Youtube videos and a Wikipedia page on the Petz series as a whole.

So this is going to be yet another ‘vague memories of a game I played when I was a kid’ review. You go in, you adopt an kitten, or… Kittenz. Because the ‘Z’ is incredibly important in making the brand, I guess. And then you take it home and fill your home with neat stuff for the kittenz/catz to play with. 

It’s like an early Nintendogs, I suppose, if it was made by the same people who made Facade. And no, I’m not kitten (ha ha, cat humor for you). 

You can also teach the catz tricks for treats and pets, or. Treatz and petz…? As well as include bits and pieces of customization. For example, being the cool edgy cat loving kid I was, I figured out how to play custom music on the ingame stereo and cooed over my sweet animals while listening to Static X. 

Somehow there was no dissonance from that and only served to enhance my experience while playing this game? 

Another interesting feature is being able to breed the catz. I was purely interested in knowing I could have kittenz, tiny little itty bitty babies who clung to their mother. It was cute shit. But apparently there was some kind of whole breeding system to get specific colours and whatnot. I mean that’s fine if you care about that kind of thing, I guess.

I just wanted to watch cats… Catz, being very cute. Which I did. I think this series is still going, under Ubisoft? I know I’ve seen it around on DS and Wii, but was that the last one? 

I wonder what a modern Catz game is like. Probably nowhere near as charming with the janky animation that only the studio behind Facade could give us.