tiny lil people


Some quick doodles of classmates about 10 years in the future


I’ve spent two years on tumblr dot com and it gave me the anxiety™ and here’s some redraws of some of my first art I posted (surprise it’s all eddsworld)

I redrew the same things last year too, comparisons between those and the recent ones under the cut (warning tho: I wasgoing through a weird experimental phase at that time. shit’s gross)

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Recently I had a small, impromptu show of some of my illustrations, cards & sketchbooks at a wonderful friends’ house as part of an open studio art route. Really loved the reactions from two tiny royally-clad visitors in particular! (This was the picture in question, by the way, haha a new Game of Thrones twist!)

reasons i am ready for fall

-sweaters and hats and scarves and stuff

-pumpkins everywhere especially those lil tiny ones people line up on their porch those ones 

-rewatching over the garden wall because it got that Autumn Feel ™

-warm drinks and stuff aw yiss give me all the hot apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes you got son

reasons i am not ready for fall 


-The Inevitable Threat Of The Harsh New England Winter Draws Nearer…. Spare Me From This Frozen Bitter Hellscape Of Ice……….

anonymous asked:

Ghoul grumps obvs: You know how house cats rub their tiny lil heads on things/ people to mark them as theirs or as something they like? Imagine Arin walking around the office and rubbing on everyone because he's feeling especially affectionate and everyone is rubbing behind his ears and hugging him and ah just tiny cute house cat Arin !!!!

I had this sitting here forever forgive me;;; i normally clean out my inbox when it gets too full but!! i was like i cant get rid of this prompt its too cute aaaaaa

Like, imagine Arin caught a bit of a nasty virus so hes been cooped up in his house u_u but like as soon as hes feeling slightly better (and doped up on medication lmao) hes ridiculously giddy and affectionate <3 Suzy drives him to the grump space so he can see everyone and they think he looks so cute w his huge blanket and DS held limply in his huge paws.

He shuffles to random people around the office while theyre working. Not bothering them really, just enjoying their company. He quietly watches Kevin edit some videos, occasionally giggling under his breath when he sees something silly on the capture.

Kevin pats his head and Arins like >:0!!!! I love u

Dans talking to Barry when hes suddenly nudged forward, hair pooling in the front of his face as Arin bunts him behind his fins. His sinuses are still acting up so the purrs coming out of his mouth are quiet and stuttered. Hes not clinging onto Dan, choosing to cling to his blanket so Dan can clearly move if hes uncomfortable. But Arin is sick and way more affectionate than usual so he would hate to push him away.

Dan says hello and Arin gives him this dopey, spacey looking smile before rubbing his cheeks against the back of his head. His poor nose is cold n wet so when he accidentally boops Dans neck, Dan shouts lmao

Barrys like ‘deuces’ im not going through this again byeee

im not much of a people pleaser tbh like even when I was a tiny lil 4 year old people would tell me to do something and I would be like “no??” and i have always been intentionally contrary and defiant and just doin my own thing which isn’t always good. actually it’s usually bad. i’m not very pleasant.