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Dear Tumblr, 

I’m sorry that I’ve been such a terrible friend. I’ve been away for far too long. I hope that, over time, you will be able to find it in your heart to forgive me. 

As a symbol of my deepest sincerest apologies, here is a little wizard. Yes, I drew him months ago. Yes, I’ve posted him elsewhere on the web. But, Tumblr, no other site has such a refined scan of this image. Only a dimly-lit warped and distorted version taken from the tiny lens of a truly inadequate smart phone exists. You, my friend, are the sole possessor of this digital original. This scan among scans. You should feel truly special. Now you know how much you mean to me.

my sincerest apologies,


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Hands you tiny Anti to go with your tiny Dark

J̛́͜͢U̧̧̕͘͞S̸T̵͝ ͏҉͢͢͠G̢҉E̶̴̷̴҉T̷̵͢͠ ͏̧̨́͘M̷̴̧͘͝E̸̵̛͏ ̴̕͢͝Ó̸̢͜U͏̡͟T͟͝ ̸̧͟O̕͏F̵̨̕ ̸̷͘H̸̕͠È͘͘͡͏R̴͜E͢͠ ̶̷͠͠D́A̸̕M̧͏͢҉̡N͏̴͟͝ ͝͞҉̢͞I̷̷̵͘T̡͜!̴́̕!̵̨!̴͘͢͡

Mark Rothko, No. 12 (Black on Dark Sienna on Purple), 1960, Oil on canvas
120 1/8 x 105 ¼ in.

I love our old scan of this painting and there’s a version still in the archives of it if you prefer it. Both scans hail from reputable sources, but the old one was insistently red for what was supposed to be a purple painting. While handicapped by the tiny computer lens, you have to put yourself in the frame of mind to realize this painting is in reality ten feet tall. What we can still get even from a scan is the powerfully dark vision that this artwork gives us. Whether you feel it is serene or stormy may depend on you more than Rothko, but it’s exquisite either way. 

Imagine baby Damian (like 14-16 months (he develops early and is a menace to Alfred already) (Alfred doesn’t mind) in a onesie.
Imagine baby Damian–supposed to be IN BED in his CRIB–wiggling down the grand staircase.
He toddles to the study where his dad is sitting.
Bruce is looking into the fire, brow drawn painfully. But then he hears behind him a joyous, “Dad-dee!”
And he turns around and Damian is looking ridiculously small in the doorway, grinning with his toothy smile, drooling a bit.
His son clamors onto his lap and pats the wrinkles out of his face, chiming “Papa papa papa” and bouncing up and down. In his little green onesie with padded feet. (This is important okay I don’t know if y'all have seen babies in onesies but it’s enough to convince you to raise a child and populate the earth because it is that cute)
He grabs Bruce’s nose with his little fingers and Bruce grimaces because even though his son has had his bath his fingers are still s t i c k y.
The toddler babbles and slaps the chair arms, rocking back and forth on his father’s lap. Bruce takes his hands and allows Damian to stumble-walk all over his legs, and when Damian slips between and lands on the leather seat, he hoists him up and sits down with him on the carpeted floor.
Bruce sighs and closes his eyes for one moment and when he opens them his reading glasses are warped out of shape with tiny fingerprints on the lens.
He puts them on while Damian giggles and claps his hands. The toddler pushes himself upright by his hands (that funny baby thing where they place their feet on the floor first and push up their upper body with their hands) and toddles toward the fireplace.
Bruce reaches out and tugs on the baby’s onesie, causing Damian to fall on his diapered behind with a bump. He pouts at Bruce but the father shakes his head and drags him closer, offering the ruined glasses as a distraction.
Damian takes them happily, and soon begins gnawing on the gummied ends. Teething, the everlasting nightmare.
Bruce picks him up and sits down with him in the recliner, tucking him in his arm.
And the two of them slowly drift off to sleep as the fire burns out.

(That was dumb I should have actually made a fic out of this. Oh well.)

( safety-dancer here is baby Damian. You speak, I deliver. Bling bling, I’m your fairy godmother!)

AOS Fic - The First Night

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk

Jim wakes to a stirring of the mattress.

“B’nes?” he mumbles, lazily cocking one eye open and edging awkwardly to Bones’ side of the bed.

“Dad?” a small voice just dares to breathe. Tiny hands brush hesitantly against the edge of the bed, reaching, searching. “Daddy?”

Jo’s voice is small, strained in the darkness, almost as if she’s trying to mask her tears or calm the tremble in her jaw. 

Jim sits up now, shaking off the last remnants of a dream -  fireworks and soft kisses under the night sky - and orders, “Lights, ten percent.”

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@maymayumove Errr…does this even look like detective len anymore, I’m sorry if I made slight changes..(I thought of magical fairy len this time, hope you like magical creatures..)


Waking Up in Vegas- A Pete Dunne Fic

tag list: @karleedaniels27, @southernbelle24, @fluffyhales, @smolsassynalilsmartassy, @blondekel77, @balorismydemonking, @wrestlingnoob, @nao-balor, @xfirespritex, @youngandbiitter

warnings: head over heels in love peter, real names, a love so pure it might make your heart hurt, language of the adult variety

I so imagine Peter is quite the romantic who falls in love very hard….

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wow u kno what. i was thinking about barry sorta being the big spoon but in the way that he just hops into bed behind Len and curls up against his back, arms around lens waist, and buries his face against him. he just folds himself and makes himself tiny against lens back and snoozes and Len is like....... holy crap he's so fucking cute but u didn't hear it from me

HDJSSJKS IM YELLIN!!!! Barry is such a Cuddle Monster and he’ll come home exhausted from flash business and Leonard will already be in bed so he just nyooms in behind him and attaches himself to him like a koala. and leonard is like. “oh god fucking here we go again” bc barry, however innocent looking, and whether it be consciously or not, has him in a death grip and if he tries moving it’ll only get tighter. but he allows it because he knows that cuddling helps barry sleep better and plus, barry is just so cute???? so he has to put down whatever book he was reading and turn in for the night with barry latching on to his back

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When I'm sad, I look through your Winston discourse tag and then I laugh. Roasting the gorilla has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Your reactions crack me the fuck up. Thank you for letting me talk shit about him on your blog. It really helps sometimes.

fun fact about the internet: if you google “gorilla thumbs up” you can find chimpanzees giving thumbs ups

and gorillas flipping you off

and this extremely dramatically lit photo of a gorilla trying and failing

The Elevator

My writing contribution to the ZoNami Bang! Bang! 2017 held by @zonamievents! With original art from @gg-xx ! Enjoy!

Magazine AU featuring ZoNa: What do you get when you put a feisty travel reporter in an elevator with a moody photographer? Mugiwara Mag is about to find out!

Nami jammed her index finger into the button calling for the elevator, but it seemed to take ages. As she tapped her foot and tied her hair up in a high ponytail, she mumbled to herself, “Be my navigator, he said. You’ll travel the world, he said.” She scoffed. “Wonder what this meeting will be about…maybe I’ll get to go out of the building!”

Regardless of her pout, she was not ungrateful for the job. To write about places she had never seen, to explore and map it out…it was what she had always dreamed of doing. She turned to look at the giant poster size profiles of the rest of the Mugiwara Mag team. The posters stated their position and skill sets, highlights of their work, and Nami envied each one.

“Even Chopper has one…” she cried, looking at Robin and Franky’s adoptive son’s portrait with angst. Suffice to say, he was a magazine intern and shadowing Law, but she was supposed to be Lead Travel Reporter, not a glorified accountant, and secretary.

Her eyes finally settled on the one team member she had yet to meet…Roronoa Zoro, the magazine’s photographer. He was always sending the rest of them pictures of what they needed but did not have many or any of himself. His work constantly took him around the world on extravagant trips, but now he looked down at Nami in a way that made her self-conscious. She thought she saw a glimpse of another scar down his deep V-neck when the ding of the elevator made her jump. She swore she saw the picture smirk at her but shook her head and spun around on her heels to face the open elevator doors.

“Oof!” She knew she wasn’t close enough to have smacked into the wall and so her palms went up to feel soft cotton. It smelled like metal and… Mint?

“Oi. Why are you smelling me?” Zoro was ready to act on his question with aggression, but the next moment caught his breath as big, brown doe eyes peered up at him. They were wide and wet as she gazed at him with unbridled concentration. It brought him ease but also made him realize that they had remained so close for a good portion of a minute.

“Ah!” She said shakily, jumping back so that her hands, practically in his shirt at one point, were at her sides and rolled into tiny fists.

He watched her move, a simple gold bracelet jingling against a glass watch face that protruded like a snow globe. Her navy-blue sweater dress hugged every curve and cut abruptly mid-thigh, letting creamy skin peek out before being hidden by knee-high brown boots. He had seen those eyes before…in a recent hire file Luffy had sent him. Being Mugiwara Mag’s second in command meant Zoro had a say in who got hired at the company or not. Of course, Zoro hardly disagreed with the boss…and Luffy fell in love with her quickly. Zoro gave the girl one more quick look over. “Ah, you’re the new navigator.”

She blinked as his baritone echoed in the empty halls.  "What?“

"You know…the one guiding this ‘ship’ or whatever. Luffy likes sailing analogies from some reason.”

Nami nodded. “That explains why his email signature is 'Captain Monkey D. Luffy, The King of the Pirates’…”

Zoro chuckled and Nami found it refreshing to hear such light-hearted sound come from such a scary face. It’s not so scary if I’m being honest.

“Yeah, no, that’s also our company softball team name. The Pirates. We won last year and they do this stupid crowning ceremony…but the parties always have great alcohol.”

Nami grinned. “Oh, that sounds fun!”

Zoro nodded and then the room lulled to an awkward silence. Nami watched him stand still, like a stone. He donned another green V-neck that tucked into his black jeans. Around his waist were multiple belts, and Nami wondered why he needed so many until she saw the bundle it held to his hip. His right hand rested on it while a camera hung precariously by a green strap around his neck. She crossed her arms, and her chest rose with the movement. “You gonna be careful with those?”

Zoro followed her sharp head nod to his side. He swiftly unhooked one and swung the long black lens up, holding it eye level. “Yeah.”

Nami scoffed. “Yeah? You know how much it costs?”

Zoro furrowed his brow. “So?”

Nami simply turned her head and eyed him sideways. “Shouldn’t need all that equipment to take a decent picture.” She didn’t know why she wanted to berate him, but for some reason…it felt right. She liked watching him grit his teeth and steam. It broke the infatuation she had over his cool expression, the one she didn’t mind staring at.

Zoro fumed. “What? I can take photos with or without expensive lenses but these are mine. They’re special.”

“Company paid for them?”

Zoro blinked. “I guess?”

Nami stepped forward and poked his chest. “Then they are as much mine as they are yours.” She reached for the closest one, but Zoro swung his arm into the air. Nami knew the other two were just hanging by his side, but she persisted at the one towering over her. He watched her jump, and her whole hair jumped with her. Her cheeks were puffed out and her lips small but puckered as if she had to concentrate on the task. Finally, she stopped and a hand hovered over Zoro’s heart like a heat lamp. “I guess this one will do.”

“When did you-”

“Careless with company’s equipment, as well as clueless about money? Tsk. Tsk. The second in command is quite a-”

Zoro lunged at her, pried the camera out of her small palm with one hand, and squeezed her into his chest with the other arm. Nami gasped at the abruptness. One moment she felt in control and the next, she felt his muscles…the features that his picture couldn’t show. It rippled against her and she imagined the hours he put in a day to get his body this way. Zoro was too preoccupied with his victory to feel her against him until her hands wandered. “Whoa! You’re a thief and a pervert!”

Zoro released her to see her fling some hair over her shoulder and smirk. “Me? You’re the one holding me like I’m the body pillow that you obviously sleep with!”

“Body pillow? What! No-”



“No, Na-mi! You don’t even know my name and yet you converse with me like you know me then start grabbing me-”

“You literally insulted my work and then stole from me.” Their pointing and jabbing finally made contact but they were oblivious to how close they were in their senseless anger. Zoro looked down at her and Nami pushed herself up on her toes so that their foreheads butted with each other. Zoro found himself locking onto her eyes as if searching for some sort of signal or a clue telling him why he needed to be so loud with her. Nami. The new girl.

Nami returned the heated gaze, silently praying she wasn’t blushing or doing something stupid. It was easy to stare at a picture, but then when the picture talked back and was so in need of correcting, she felt her heart wanted nothing more than to teach him a lesson. If I don’t do it, who else will? “You know…” Zoro watched Nami’s lips curve. He flinched at the way it looked, hungry and vicious. “I bet your pictures aren’t even that great.”

Excuse me?” Zoro was glaring at her cruel indifference.

“You heard me! I think I can take a photo on my cracked flip phone and it’d be better that yours!”

Zoro’s one good eye wanted to fall out of his socket with how wide he was opening it. “Fine! Prove it, you…you- witch!”

Nami laughed and Zoro tried not to acknowledge the fluttering in his chest at the sound. “Witch? What are we…five?”

Zoro opened his mouth to retort but she held up a hand to silence him. And he did. Damn it! Why am I just doing what she wants?

Nami tugged down the high collar of her dress and pulled out a phone she maneuvered out of her hidden cleavage. Zoro watched her, his lips tight at her bare nature. Nami grinned at his staring. “What? This dress has no pockets.” Flipping the phone open, she nudged herself against him. “But it seems you want to see if I hid anything else in here.”

She teased him but to no avail. With a quick hand pressing her face away, Zoro merely stated, “Nope. Hurry up and take your stupid picture.”

Nami pouted and Zoro did his best not to smirk. He certainly thought she was attractive and he was attracted, but his pride and his sense of worth were on the line. No way I’m letting her sneaky moves get in my way. Nami turned on her phone and pulled up the camera. She aimed it at him swiftly, catching him by surprise.

“No, no. I don’t get my picture taken. I take the pictures.”

Nami rolled her eyes. “Well, you never said what I had to take a picture of, so this is fair.”

“Then what? I take a selfie, and we see which one is better?”

Nami tapped her chin with her finger as if in thought, but with a sweet and knowing smile, she said, “Why don’t you take a picture of me then? If I think it is good, then you win.”

Zoro immediately raised his hand in protest. “Nope! You are a liar and a cheat. How do I know you won’t just say you hate it to spite me?”

“Alright, we can get votes from the other team members? Sound fair?”

Zoro grunted in thought. That idiotic love cook will pick hers for no other reasons other than she’s a woman and he hates me. He watched her twirl around impatiently. But, he won’t deny a great picture of her either…while the others will be fair. Zoro sneered, “Okay. Deal.”

Nami nodded and stretched out her hand. “Good. Let’s shake on it.”

“Don’t trust me?”

Nami smiled and replied sarcastically, “No. I just want to hold your hand is all.”

Zoro rolled his eye and reluctantly shook her hand, but Zoro felt like he wanted to keep his hand there…or at least it wouldn’t move back. Finally, Nami took a step back and aimed her tiny lens at him.

“Okay. Think happy thoughts.”

Zoro snorted. “Wow, that’s great.”

Nami bit her lip. No matter how she looked at him, his expression remained bored or angry. Meanwhile, Zoro was busy remaining emotionless in hopes that her pictures would be bad. I’ll get him to smile. “Hey, Zoro- tell me about your first love.”

He became confused at her inquiry. Did I hear her right?


“Hmmm…not quite right!”

Zoro just stared at her. “W-why would you ask that?”

Nami appreciated the way he seemed to fumble.







“Why didn’t it work out?”

“Let’s change the subject.”


“Couldn’t commit?”

Zoro grit his teeth. “No.”

“Didn’t want kids?”


She didn’t want kids?”

“Okay. Let’s move on.”


“Have you moved on?”


Zoro looked away from her, and Nami stopped her prodding and watched the vein at his temple pulse. I really irritated him. “Don’t photographers usually ask their models questions and get them more comfortable in front of the camera?”

Zoro ran a hand through his short green hair. “Yes, but I don’t shoot people. I do landscapes…places…objects. Things that the team needs.”

Nami smiled. “Oh, so I am the first to be shot by the great Roronoa Zoro?”

Zoro gave her a dirty look. “I might actually shoot you.” Nami frowned and Zoro felt guilty for being so violent in his teasing. Taking a moment to look at her, then away, he mumbled, “Well, you aren’t making anyone comfortable so-”

But Nami cut him off with a quick gasp as her phone beeped fiercely. “Oh shoot! I forgot I had a meeting with Luffy. Damn it, Zoro, you’re gonna make me late.”

As she closed her phone and walked past him, Zoro followed close behind her. “Me? You’re the one that started the whole game.”

As she pressed the button for the elevator, again, she sighed, “Yeah, so? I’m ending it, and that’s that.”

Zoro swiftly placed his hand against the elevator doors, leaning in to whisper into Nami’s right ear. “That’s not your call.”

Nami was watching him eye her against the reflective metal of the doors, and she felt herself grow warm at the lack of space. Suddenly, the elevator opened and his leaning against it shoved them both inside. He pressed against her back, or more accurately, her rear. His camera and lenses graciously swung to his side so that the large straps and buckles holding them in place were the only intrusions between his tight black jeans and her short dress. “Ah, Zoro, watch it!” She teased, trying to play off that feeling him from behind was just as good as feeling him from in front.

Zoro grunted. “The door opened! It wasn’t my fault.”

They peeled off each other as the doors closed behind them. Nami turned to the panel of buttons. “Are you going up, too, clueless idiot?”

Zoro crossed his arms and Nami tried not to watch as his chest tightened underneath his shirt. “Yeah.”

Nami rolled her eyes and moved to the corner of the elevator, to distance herself from him. “Good, maybe I can convince Luffy to drop your sorry money-wasting ass.”

There she goes again…as if I’m not her superior. “Who died and made you queen, huh? And why would he do that?”

Nami stuck her nose in the air. “He listens to me.”

“Probably because you shout in his ear.”

Nami fake cried, wiping an invisible tear from her eye. “Oh, Zoro, are you trying to hurt my feelings? Listen, I am good at writing. But what I do better? Money. And you-” she closed the distance between them, which grew smaller and smaller as they continued to shout – “are going on way too many trips. And for what? One or two pictures.”

“Award winning! I am worth a hell of a lot more than you!”

“Ha! You owe this company so much in travel fees because you cannot manage to make it back in one piece so I’m sure if we’re counting your debt…yeah, you’re worth millions!”

I’m going to kill her. And just when Zoro was ready to wrap his hands around her neck, the elevator shook which brought her body into his own. His hands found themselves around her waist, holding her steady as the giant metal box continued to scrape and whine. 

Nami attempted to stand on her own, but in his arms, her body went slack. She burrowed her head into his chest as the lights flickered on and off, and she tried her best not to scream least he mocked her. As if in response, his hold grew tighter and Nami held back from inhaling him in again. Damn it, why does he have to be a fake ass and yelling at me one second then holding me the next?

Finally, the lights went out as the elevator came to an abrupt halt. Nami and Zoro continued to hold onto each other in the soft darkness. 



“Get your hand off my ass.”

“What! You moved your ass into my hand- I was clearly stopping you from falling!”

“You lying sack of-”

There was static crackle and then a voice chimed, “My, my. You two look…nice.”

Nami and Zoro practically flung each other away as they shouted into the air above their heads.

“No, Robin, this  is not what it looks like!” Nami pleaded with the older woman.

“Where the hell is Franky- the elevator is busted!”

Another voice boomed over the speakers, “Ah, Zoro-bro. Robin came to visit and you know how that goes.” Robin giggled in the background.

“Disgusting. I don’t need to know. And don’t call me ‘bro’.”

Nami brushed herself off and fixed her hair. “Hey, Franky! What’s up with the elevator?”

“Sorry, sis, I was doing some fixes on the building, and I think the elevator didn’t get updated so just give me a super-second and it should be up and ready.”

“Fine.” Zoro and Nami said in unison, both pouting in their own way.

Zoro squinted at Nami through the darkness, trying to make out her face. Of all the places and all the people, he had to be stuck in an elevator with someone like Nami. “I think they did this on purpose.”

Nami looked at him with disinterest and slid down to sit on the floor. “Who?”

“The team.”

“Ha! Your ego has no bounds! Here we are trapped in an elevator and your only logic is that the people trying to get us out are out to get you. For what?”

Zoro slid down to sit on the floor as well, gingerly placing his lenses and camera in his lap. “I don’t know. To play some kind of game.”

“Though this has been the most fun I’ve ever had, Zoro…I highly doubt it.” Nami said mockingly.

“Well. Aren’t you playing some weird game, too? To mock me somehow?”

Nami went pink at the logic. It was true. She did go through unnecessarily long lengths to hurt him, and she wasn’t entirely sure why. He made it easy, and even though they hadn’t formally met until this moment, Nami felt like she knew him. Or wanted to know him. “You know what, Zoro? I am going to concede.”

Zoro tried to surmise from her expression if there was another game to be played, but the lack of light was getting the better of his usually keen eyesight. “What does that mean?”

“It means I will delete every picture I took of you.”

Zoro was about to smirk when Nami continued, “For every question that you answer.”


“Yes. I’m a writer. I like getting to know people…really get into their brains, and it would be good to know a fellow team member.”


“Yeah, yeah.” Nami waved him down, “Just answer the questions truthfully.”

“Are you saying I’d lie?”

Nami had managed to inch closer to him. With their outstretched legs, her heeled boots grazed his hip, but Zoro didn’t move away from her touch. “Zoro, would you lie to me?”

She is always testing me. With a fierce stare, he summoned all the defiance he had. “No.”

“Great, I’ll hold you to it. Alright…who was the woman that broke your heart?”

Zoro blinked, and as if in some cruel irony, the lights flickered on with a hum. Nami saw the concern on his face. It wasn’t necessarily soft, but…warm as if his muscles forgot how to make a frown not solely out of anger. “Next.”

As soon as he said it, Nami’s phone went from inside her dress to pointing directly at him.


“Hey! You said you wouldn’t take any more pictures.” He shuffled over to her, attempting to wrestle the phone from her grasp. She resisted and in the process, they brought each other closer. Nami had folded her legs underneath her but Zoro’s feet pressed against the wall behind her, locking her in between his bent legs.

Nami leaned in to shout, trying to pull her arms away from him. “No, I said that for every answered question, I’d delete a photo. But you didn’t answer a question, so this is your punishment.”

Zoro watched her, while she defiantly kept her gaze. He dropped her hands and then his head. With a heavy sigh, he relaxed his body, completely comfortable with their proximity. “You can’t have your heart broken by someone who never had it in the first place.”

Nami expected short, terse answers, regardless of the weight of her questions. But Zoro spoke with a sincerity she was not accustomed to. He leaned back as if to move away from her but Nami placed a soft hand on his bare forearm. The touch shocked them both, but she left her hand there still and he welcomed it with no resistance. Nami flipped through her gallery and selected an image. She tilted it towards him so he could watch as she deleted one awkward photo.

With a quick glance, he said, “You don’t need to prove anything to me. I trust you.”

It was Nami’s turn to be caught off guard. She felt the hair on the back of her neck rise and goosebumps peppered her flesh. In fear that he saw the pink in her cheeks, Nami quickly looked down and continued, “You didn’t love her?”

Zoro was feeling less interrogated and more willing to speak, which was a feeling he rarely or ever got. Besides Luffy, no one really knew about his personal life. Not that they didn’t attempt to know him, but it wasn’t this easy. “I liked the idea of her. She…she reminded me a childhood friend, who died. Both shared the same passions…similar mindsets, but the resemblance was uncanny. I don’t believe in the supernatural, and I don’t believe in coincidences either…but it just felt like she was brought back.”

“Did…did she love you?”

“I think so. But what she wanted from me…I couldn’t give. And so, she found it elsewhere.”

“She cheated?”

“Yes, but she did it to make me upset. The fact that I didn’t care just proved to the both of us that I wasn’t into this relationship.”

“What was her name?”

Zoro finally looked up with his signature frown plastered on his face. “I’ve answered like a million questions-“

“And I’ve been deleting while you’ve talked.” Nami finally raised her head cautiously, trying to channel her persuasive nature. “Do you not trust me anymore? What? Are you a liar?”

Zoro stiffened. “Fine! Geez.”

“No, go ahead, Zoro. Clearly, I can’t be trust-“

“Her name was Tashigi.”

As if back to normal, Nami continued. “Japanese, too?”


“You have a type then?”

Zoro went back to being on guard. “What? No.”

“Black hair. Dark eyes.”

“Yeah. But I like light hair and light eyes.”

“How light? Are my eyes too light?” Nami peered at him, his face only inches away from her own. Her eyebrows knitted in thought to conceal the selfish nature of her question.

Zoro tried to understand where her inquiry was going and so he lost his rigid candor. “Yeah, they’re fine.”

Nami sat back with a smile, but before she let herself sit on her praises too long, she started her next question, “Was she a better photographer than you?”

Without hesitation, Zoro said, “Never.”

Nami started to laugh. “Oh, gosh. Your ego never stops growing.”

“No, these are facts.”


“Well, what makes you think you’re such an amazing writer?”

“Good writing comes from those who know a bad story.”

“Bad story?”

Nami fidgeted and rose to her feet. “I need to walk around for a bit. My butt is so numb.” She winked down at Zoro, “Do you know how to relieve that?”

Zoro grunted in annoyance and rose, as well. “As if.”

Nami pouted while fixing her hair, looking over her shoulder to say, “Boo, Zoro, you’re no fun.”

With swift hands, Zoro grabbed his camera, put on a lens, and pointed it in Nami’s direction.


Nami lunged. “Hey, that was a terrible angle!”

Zoro simply raised the camera over his head again, “You didn’t answer my question.”

Nami frowned and Zoro enjoyed her misery, but then she signed and he felt the shakiness in her exhale.

“Whatever. I don’t have any bad angles actually,” she said confidently.

Zoro squinted at her pompous nature. “You’re a liar and a hypocrite.”


“I’ve complied with your ridiculous rules. And yet when I ask for a modicum of respect, you ignore me.”

“Respect? You are just asking me something I don’t want to talk about.”

“Then lie.”

Nami was hurt at his solution. “So, you just assumed I would?”

Zoro shook his head and peered down at her. “No. I just know I’ll be able to tell the difference.”

Nami let out a dry chuckle, “Zoro. You don’t know me. We’ve literally just met.”

“And yet you know something about me only one handful of people know.”

“Not my fault you’re a blabbermouth.”

“We both know I’m not.”

Nami looked at his intense stare. Even with one eye, it seemed as if the scar added to his possessive nature, and she couldn’t deny him. “What makes you so sure?”

Zoro smirked, a cocky grin but as he brought his face down, she felt the warmth. “I’m a great photographer, on my way to being world famous. Just because I don’t capture people doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m looking for.”

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. Nami despised being vulnerable, and it took a great deal of time for her to welcome people into her life. With Zoro, she felt raw. And yet, she opened her mouth to speak, “Bad stories come from bad lives.”

“What was so bad about it?” Zoro said it mockingly, testing her truthfulness. However, his temperament changed as he watched her cave into herself, her shoulders hunched and head low.

“When you’re younger…it’s easier to tell who the villains are and who the good guys are. But when all the good guys are too scared or…leave…why not just be…bad? ”

It started as dry heaving, heavy exhales as she continued to twist her left bicep. Zoro wondered what secrets hid underneath her clawing, but he recognized they had to be deep. Then he saw the smallest tears formed in her eyes as her face grew red with anger and fear of humiliation. Shit. Too far.  

Zoro was a man of very few words, and according to others, even fewer emotions. Yet, as he watched her, he didn’t dare stop her, to remove from her the choice to stop herself. He didn’t tell her to not cry or “it’s okay” because they both knew it wasn’t. He had bullied her to talk, but she made a choice to let him in and he was not going to belittle that decision. Her dry shaky exhales quieted as her body found air again, though, in the space, she felt claustrophobic.

“Nami,” he spoke quietly trying to figure out the right words to say when she looked at him, and Zoro lost his breath at the sight of her yet again. As quickly as his realization hit him, his camera went up. With nothing more than a simple, small lens, he captured her.


Nami began to yell but as Zoro studied the image and smiled, he motioned it to her. She had yet to see him smile, and while she wiped at her face and calmed herself down, she was curious as to why an image of her gave him such a rare reaction. She finally exhaled and shook the bad thoughts from her head, angry with herself for even letting him in so far. She tugged at his camera forcefully, making him choke a bit, but he stood his ground. However, Nami did not seem as pleased with the image as Zoro was. She flatly responded, “You literally cut me up.”

Zoro’s confusion turned to anger. “What? It’s an artist choice.”

“No, you literally cut out my face and body simultaneously…how is it possible to suck so much?”

Oh wow! Okay. You know what- I thought you got it.”

“Got what, Zoro? I only see my chin and my hand is covering half of that!”

“No! The smile! Geez, are you even looking?”

Nami was happy her blush hid under her rage. “What is there to look at? I can’t see anything!”

Zoro scoffed, “That’s why you’re a writer and I’m an artist.”

“My writing is art!”

“Ha! A picture is worth a thousand words.”

“You idiot! If none of those words make any sense, what’s the point?”

“Well, I get it.”

“I don’t. Come here, I’m deleting it.”

“What? No!”

“Zoro! Seriously. That picture sucks.”

“No, you wanted a picture and you got a picture.”

“You can’t show that to the others.”

“I won’t.”

“Then you don’t need it.”

“But I want it.”

“No, you creep. You can’t have a picture of me like that!”

They were running around the tiny elevator like a cat and mouse…or more like a tiger and cat. Zoro will his bigger body and ferocious shouts lumbering away from Nami’s tiny but quick movements. 

All of a sudden, the elevator jostled and came crashing down. Swiftly, Zoro let go of his camera and grabbed Nami. The force of the drop pushed them all around and Zoro tried his best to wrap his body around her own so that any contact with the metal door, walls or floor came to him. Nami yelled as the elevator made a sickening screech and halted. Both bodies rammed into the floor. In the quiet stillness, Zoro looked at his chest to see Nami laying there. 

“Nami. Nami. Oi, witch!”

Nami snapped back, “Shut up, idiot- I’m not dead!”

Zoro looked down at her, though his neck and back were sore from being a human pinball. He tried to untangle himself from her, his right arm securing her from her lower back to her head and his left arm tightly across her…

“Wow, Zoro. Are you an ass man because this is getting a little ridiculous!”

She wiggled underneath his arm while on top of his body and he froze. “Shut up! Did you want to get bruised up like I did?”

“Hmm. Convenient that your hand on my butt is for my safety.”

Zoro grew irritated as he grew embarrassed but kept his emotions in check, at least visually. “Whatever. We seem to be stable so you can get off me.”

Nami began to spread her hands from him when she felt broken glass, “Ouch!” She quickly pressed her head and shoulders up to view the tragic mess. All around them laid shattered glass from Zoro’s lenses. They had managed to take the brunt of the collision that Zoro’s body didn’t and Nami felt the guilt grow inside her. “Zoro…I’m so sorry, I-“

But Zoro pressed himself forward to catch her hand, examining the cut thoroughly. “It’s fine,” he said as he moved to take off a piece of his cloth camera strap to wrap her hand, “I always buy new lenses. Plus, my camera itself is fine.”

He provided her a gentle smile, and the warmth that she felt when she first stared at his picture came back…but multiplied. I had to be trapped in an elevator to get to know this guy…but…

She didn’t want to continue her thought, in fear she might actually mean it. Zoro groaned underneath her, and Nami moved quickly to get away from him and to check his wounds.

“Ah!” She stopped and peered down her body to see what was pulling her back onto him. Her dress, as cute as it was, tangled itself in his various straps and buckles. The soft woolen fabric fused with the metal so perfectly placed at his groin.

Wow, just my luck. Just. My. Luck. Nami summoned all the false pretense she had to throw a sultry smile so that it distracted him from her own embarrassment. “Now, Zoro, you didn’t need to go to such lengths to get my clothes off.”

She pulled the phone out of her dress and fixated on the untangling, in fear of what he might say to egg her on. However, Zoro was quieter than usual. She had hoped for a snide remark or some accusation that could fill the growing silence that trickled with tension. She dared one swift glance up and stopped dead in her tracks. Zoro looked at her with the cool, steely gaze that made her not warm but on fire. His one dark iris peering at her like he was going to consume her, and then his smirk. A smirk that looked too confident, too prepared, too ready to move forward with some dark thoughts it seemed they both shared. His tongue licked his lips slightly, as it played across his sharp white teeth. Then Nami felt his large hands, which were surprisingly soft, hover just over her bare thighs. He’s a demon. A crazed sex demon. Not thinking anymore, she panicked. “Okay, this is taking too long!”

Zoro felt her before he could see what she was doing. Nails grazing his bare skin where his shirt had pulled up, Nami pulled his pants. The self-control and resilience that he prided himself on were all but gone at this point, and he couldn’t bare being underneath her thumb or her body any longer. “Nami! What are you doing?” his voice rose as his hands landed firmly on her legs.

Nami jostled on top of him and she cursed herself as a whimper escaped. Blood rushed into Zoro and in fear, he propped himself forward, which moved Nami backward into his waiting arms. Zoro put on some composure, and it helped that he felt the pain all over his body from the broken glass and bruises. It distracted himself from the girl in his lap and in his arms, flushed face and cruel. “Nami, why are you trying to take off my pants?”

Nami needed to clasp onto his neck to hold steady, as it seemed the entire world was shaking. “Get your mind out of the gutter! My dress is in your bazillion belts. What- can’t hold up your pants with just one?”

“You know those were for my lenses! Stop trying to make this something that it’s not.”

“Fine! Just untangle us.”

“I can’t like this…it’s weird.”

Nami pinched his cheeks. “And what wouldn’t be weird, you dummy?”

Zoro fumed and lunged, and a squeal escaped Nami’s lips. He had her on the floor as he hovered over her, but her left hand held his pants close to her still. Her legs wrapped around his hips and kept her lower half hovering over the glass-covered floor, to keep her dress from pulling any more than it already had. With her right hand gripping his massive forearm, she mumbled with pink cheeks and spread out hair, “Ah! Zoro! Don’t move like that – you’re stretching it!”

Nami simply wanted Zoro to feel as uncomfortable as she had with their comfortable proximity, but she witnessed something much better. Zoro was in sheer embarrassment, red-faced and wide-eyed. It was as if he didn’t know where to go and what to do…and Nami was the type of person to take advantage of that situation.


Just like that, Zoro awoke, flustered and fumbling. “What are you doing!”

“Oh, it was the perfect face. If you could see yourself.”

The elevator was now moving, but neither of them recognized anything of the outside world besides the unbelievable accordance, which was their embrace and consequent fighting.

“Nami, seriously- give me your phone!”

“Get it out of my dress then, brute!”

“Don’t make me do that!”

“Ha, as if you could! You could barely move a second ago-”

“Because you once again said something weird!”

“No, no- you took it weird! I was clearly talking about my dress, which you are still destroying!”

“Stop pushing your hips into me like that and I’ll handle it!”

“You wish you could handle it!”

“Watch me!”


Nami and Zoro stopped shouting but froze in their provocative poses. Zoro managed to pin a hand above her head, while her other hand was still at his pants and his other one at the hem of her dress.

Franky shouted, “Oh, come on! Not in the elevator, you perverts. I can’t…I can’t look.” He turned around and shook his head while Robin rubbed his back and smiled.

“There, there, Franky. It could have been worse. Remember that time we-“

Usopp threw his hands in the air and shouted, “No!” With a shudder, he continued, “None of us want to relive that atrocity.”

Luffy jumped in, “Ah, you two have met! Great! Nami, you will be traveling with Zoro from now on. I wanted to tell you that. And Zoro…now you have a friend!”

Chopper blushed while covering half his face yet managing to peek, “A special friend it seems.”

Brook let out a laugh, “Yohohoho, do you think he saw her-“

A swift kick threw Brook onto the floor, “Say ‘panties’ and I’ll throw you down this elevator shaft, you old bag of bones.” Sanji brought his leg back down and lit his cigarette. “Oi, stupid marimo, why is Nami lying in broken glass?”

Everyone turned their attention to the floor, littered with glass shards. Robin sighed, “Oh, Zoro. Your lenses.”

Zoro pushed himself up while cradling Nami so that her back and legs weren’t cut on the floor. “It’s fine. I can get new ones.”

Nami released her hold on his neck, as he placed her down on solid ground. “And I’m fine, Sanji. Zoro actually-” Nami attempted to continue but felt the familiar tug at her lower half. “Zoro, um, can you just…”

“Just what, woman? I literally tried to help and you got weird.”

Nami tried to quiet him, though she pressed into him and they still looked rather intimate as all their co-workers watched. “No. I just wanted to tease you.”

“Well, congratulations, Nami. Tease on! Oh, wait, look where we are now, huh? You gonna be so cheeky in front of the others?”

Nami pulled his nose and yelled, “Well, if you are going to act like a child, I will treat you like one!”

They continued to fight as the others just watched them.

“It’s like we’re not even here,” Usopp said from the corner of his mouth.

“Yes, as if they are in their own little world,” Robin said with a smile.

“Disgusting.” Said Sanji, exhaling a puff of smoke.

“You can’t smoke inside, Sanji. And stop smoking, Sanji!” Chopper piped in.

Usopp sighed and walked over to the couple, “Alright, let the master knot untie-er work his magic.”

Nami and Zoro surrendered and tried to move away from each other to give him space, but again, Nami’s dress would only stretch so far and Zoro’s buckles interlaced intricately around his giant frame.

“Wow, you guys really got into it, huh?” Usopp chuckled, but two fists disputed his comment.

“Just shut up and help!” Zoro said while he gritted his teeth.

“You know, Usopp, you bet they would be taking things to the next level already. But it seems they haven’t.” Robin said, analyzing them with her calculating eyes.

Usopp shouted over his shoulder, still working on the hard metal and soft wool before him. “What are you talking about? They clearly did! I mean you saw-“

Another set of punches landed on his head. “Ouch! Okay, do you want me to untie you two or not?”

“Can you try to do it without the commentary?” Nami fumed.

“Money is on the line here!” Usopp retorted.

Nami grinned and turned her attitude completely around, “How much money?”

“$800! Franky is terrible at playing the odds.”

“False, I know exactly what I am doing because Robin told-“

Robin quickly covered his mouth. “Yes, it is $800. But only if there is proof that you guys-“

Robin did not finish her sentence because Nami went with her love for money over any shame she may have felt. As Usopp successfully pulled Nami’s dress off Zoro’s belt, Nami launched herself towards Zoro, who turned his head in response but instead of soft lips making contact, their faces just crashed into each other with a smack.

Luffy was the first to burst into laughter, while the others followed. Nami rubbed her nose while Zoro rubbed his chin.

“Oh, wow! That was hysterical! Were you two fighting like that this whole time?” Luffy hunched over with amusement.

Nami was about to shout when Zoro’s strong hand gripped her chin and brought it upwards towards him. Nami was wide eyed as she felt the force of the pull. She closed her eyes in fear of another crash and also an acknowledgment of what was happening, but his lips were soft against her own.  

Zoro began to pull away, but when Nami opened her mouth and didn’t fight his tongue, he tilted his head to suck on her bottom lip. With the opening came her moan, low but clearly audible. Then his tongue went to work to feel around her, the heat pouring into his own mouth. It was hungry and messy and as Nami sneaked fingers past his ears and into his hair, Zoro’s arms kept her lower half flush against him while the other moved her head.

Nami was feeling dizzy with the lack of oxygen, but each wet noise made her combat his advances. She was tilting back, but he followed her and within his firm embrace, Nami could hardly resist. It did not feel forced, however, because he would tease her by going back to suck on her lip and Nami would push her way back into his mouth. Zoro took this with stride and Nami felt the smile he had. He picked her up slightly, and Nami took the opportunity to wrap a leg around his own. Zoro quickened things it up and suddenly the only thing keeping them together was Zoro’s strength and Nami’s grip. His hands moved to under her and squeezed her ass, giving him a prompt squeal.

The world was quiet to them but Franky and Robin held their hands over their son’s face. “Ah! I can’t breathe,” Chopper cried.

Robin replied dryly, “I wonder if they even can.”

Franky mumbled, “Ugh, guys. You got the money. Hey. Guys. You can-“


Nami quickly ripped herself off Zoro, and he felt the loss with a shudder. “Oh, wow. Law! What are you doing here?”

Law watched her wipe her mouth and adjust herself then glared at the man she was literally clinging to a moment ago. They just met…are you kidding me? “I was visiting my sister at work…but it seems you were pretty busy.”

Nami started to reply, but Luffy swallowed Law into a hug. “Yay, you’re here! I get to tell you the great news, too!”

“What news?” Law still glared at Zoro and Zoro glared right back.

“Nami will be traveling with Zoro from now on, now she can finally do what she dreamed!”

Law fumed. “What? No. You promised me she’d be safe.”

Luffy frowned. “Of course, she’ll be safe. She’ll be with Zoro.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Zoro wanted to protest but Nami cut him off, charging at her brother. “Excuse me- Hi, Nami here! Don’t go telling me what to do, Law. Are you saying you had something to do with me being stuck on desk duty this whole time?”

Luffy smiled. “Oh, no. I’ve always wanted you to travel with Zoro. He was just two weeks late is all.”

Zoro flustered. “What? This was your plan all along? I don’t need a babysitter, Luffy.”

“You two are more likely to make a baby,“ Brook chimed in.

“Shut up, Brook!” Zoro, Nami, and Law yelled.

Nami turned to Law, flicking his forehead. “Hey! Listen, this is what I want to do. And I’m going to do it.”

Law frowned. “I know, I know. But do you have to-”

Nami grabbed Zoro’s hand and pulled him down the hallway. “Let’s go, Zoro. We have a lot of traveling to do. I know the assignments already.”

Zoro shouted, “Stop telling me what to do, damn it!” Robin handed him a couple $100 bills, but before Zoro could grab it, Nami snatched it from him. “Hey! That’s my money.”

Nami snickered as she looked over her shoulder at him, “It is as much mine, as it is yours. Or would you like to prove to me how much you deserve it?”

Zoro sighed, “Whatever. At least half goes to a new lens. You owe me that much.”

Nami smiled, “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll keep track of your debt.

To Be Continued;) because I can’t write one shots…

When I see imagines/fanfictions that describe the reader with features such as: green or blue eyes with long blonde or brunette hair that you can run your hands through" I stop for a moment and cry for a bit because I don’t have those traits. I don’t have hair that you can run your hands through. I don’t have straight hair that I can just brush and put up into a ponytail. I don’t have sexy lingerie or thongs in my underwear drawer. I don’t have long slim lens or tiny fair hands. I don’t have pale white skin thats smooth to the touch!.

like come on guys. Please write something where the girl isn’t tall and skinny with long blonde hair and green eyes who can fit into a size zero jeans. There is nothing wrong with that description but can there be at least ONE imagine that doesn’t need to be requested that implies the following.

-stretch marks


-short super curly hair

-hair knots

-tan, brown, dark skin

-big thighs

-bit tits

-large hands

-a girl who stands up for her self

-flats instead of stilettos

-bad hair days

-hobbies like ballet, singing, dancing, art, photography, writer

-eating things other than salad when the reader goes out for dinner

-reader clumsily falling on their ass and not being embarrassed because of it

-reader not being a damsel in distress all the damn time

-reader with a bomb ass, unique super power

-reader being a bad ass mofo

- -Maybe the chick can be Latina or Asian or Brazilian or Filipino maybe even Muslim. -Maybe she wears a hijab or religious clothing and accessories. -Maybe they are gay or transgender Be diverse because there’s a lot of people in the world.