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When I see imagines/fanfictions that describe the reader with features such as: green or blue eyes with long blonde or brunette hair that you can run your hands through" I stop for a moment and cry for a bit because I don’t have those traits. I don’t have hair that you can run your hands through. I don’t have straight hair that I can just brush and put up into a ponytail. I don’t have sexy lingerie or thongs in my underwear drawer. I don’t have long slim lens or tiny fair hands. I don’t have pale white skin thats smooth to the touch!.

like come on guys. Please write something where the girl isn’t tall and skinny with long blonde hair and green eyes who can fit into a size zero jeans. There is nothing wrong with that description but can there be at least ONE imagine that doesn’t need to be requested that implies the following.

-stretch marks


-short super curly hair

-hair knots

-tan, brown, dark skin

-big thighs

-bit tits

-large hands

-a girl who stands up for her self

-flats instead of stilettos

-bad hair days

-hobbies like ballet, singing, dancing, art, photography, writer

-eating things other than salad when the reader goes out for dinner

-reader clumsily falling on their ass and not being embarrassed because of it

-reader not being a damsel in distress all the damn time

-reader with a bomb ass, unique super power

-reader being a bad ass mofo

- -Maybe the chick can be Latina or Asian or Brazilian or Filipino maybe even Muslim. -Maybe she wears a hijab or religious clothing and accessories. -Maybe they are gay or transgender Be diverse because there’s a lot of people in the world.


Another one from my trip to Boston. An ambient improvisation by schrodingersdelaypedal. Turned out pretty cool. I didn’t shoot nearly enough stuff for it to look amazing and I’m very new to this, so for not having a follow focus and holding my Canon 7D in my hands I am happy with this. 

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Some of John’s projects are linked in the description. 



■ Song: 少女ケシゴム (Shoujo Keshigomu)
■ Music/Lyrics: MARETU
■ Video: MARETU
■ Tiny Len&Piko: me
■ Vocal: Kagamine Len & Utatane Piko
■ VSQx: me

i mixed this like 8 times…..

Scallops are built like clams and mussels, with shapely shells, soft, headless bodies and simple brains. Shellfish like these may not seem alert. But scallops see in all directions. Their mantle—the thin body part that secretes the shell—is fringed with up to 100 miniature eyes, each with its own tiny retina and lens. Scallops live on the seafloor, rather than buried in sand or attached to rocks. When their shells are open, they can monitor their surroundings at all times. 

Two rows of limpid blue eyes peer from the open shell of a sea scallop. Scallops have the most acute vision of any bivalve. Their multiple eyes sense light and movement, helping them guard against predators like starfish, sea urchins, and sea snails. A scallop can also see when the water is clouded with the microscopic algae and other particles it consumes. 

Meet more marvelous creatures in the exhibition, Life at the Limits, now open at the Museum. 

attention pls

bees are so cool that they would wear sunglasses all the time if only they were made that small.

so if any of you know someone in the tiny tinted lens business let me know. i have a lot of very cool bees who need presents this holiday season