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has anyone written a child!sides (or tiny sides whatever ya wanna call it) fic where Roman gets the other three turned into children (toddlers preferably cos that’s cute as heck) and has to take care of them while also trying to figure out how to turn them back? i just imagine a lot of adorable chaos, and a very frustrated Thomas having to “babysit” his own sides while Roman figures shit out. id totally write it but i have a lot to write already

@tinysidestrashcaptain you wanna take this on? you could totally do it justice. but anyone else that wants to do this feel free! (and maybe tag me bc yes pls)


Summer day in the Mystery Jar

Photography credit: my friend Tomas

Finally got to finish planting my long-planned terrarium. This was a pleasantly low budget affair. I snatched the jar and the little tree for a couple quid at a market, and the different mosses from a trip to the forest. I had my eyes on some ferns too but quickly ran out of space. That jar is tiny, about 10cm in diameter. That little golf cart? 5 millimetres.

The Shack’s made from some leftover polymer clay. Sculpting and painting it took about two days. (A fair amount of which was spent worrying that I’d melt everything when baking them in the oven.)

Now I wanna make more terrariums…

Ever so Charming

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: This is another one that I don’t really have a proper prompt for. I just sort of started writing and this is what happened. It’s a random Saturday night and Peter decided to swing by to the reader’s apartment. Some silly stuff ensues.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,618

AN: I’m sorry that this is so long! I didn’t intend to make this story over two thousand words, but I just started writing and couldn’t stop. I hope you can manage to make it through all my terrible writing. Enjoy!
P.S. I’m also sorry for all the Star Wars references. I can’t help it. I’m a huge Star Wars fan too.

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It was a summer Saturday night in Queens. The mid-July air was warm and humid. Large skyscrapers and constant traffic only helped to increase the stickiness in the air. There was a minor heatwave going through the area. During the night however, without the sun’s relentless beams of light shining down on the asphalt roads, the temperature dropped just enough to make the weather bearable. Just barely though.

This particular night, you were mindlessly spinning around in your desk chair. Scattered all along the surface of your desk were some random notes for an essay that was due by the upcoming Friday. There wasn’t much of a rush to get the thing finished, but you liked to get things done in advanced anyway. Nonetheless, you still found yourself avoiding the essay like it was the plague. You weren’t normally like this. You normally could pump out at least a mediocre paper in maybe a day, but tonight your mind was not having it.

Something was keeping you restless and alert. You weren’t entirely positive what though. Nothing out of the ordinary happened today. You woke up, you ate some food, and you watched some Netflix; everything seemed normal. You racked your brain to try and think of anything that could have possibly caused this random tension, but nothing came up. Sighing, you stopped spinning around in your chair (you were starting to get dizzy) and just stared at your bedroom ceiling. Eventually, you started to calm down.

It was dark in your room. The only light source was your tiny desk lamp that didn’t really illuminate much. You had your window open to try and feign the heat that was stuck in your apartment. Or rather your parent’s apartment, but they were away on some long business trip and left you to your own devices for the week. Stupid mistake, really. The open window didn’t help at all though. All it did was allow the humid outside air to mix with the stiff apartment air. The result was a mixture of stale and oppressive. The only reason you didn’t close the window was because of how purely lazy you were. You were here and the window as there. No matter the distance, it was always too far. So, needless to say, you were not very comfortable.

You glanced back at your notes and made a sour face. At this rate, you were more likely to close the damn window than finish the essay. You finally conceded and sat up a bit to switch off the light. Your room went from dimly lit to almost completely dark. The only source of light now was the faint glow of the city’s shops, cars and street vendors. You closed your eyes and sat in the dark for a while. There was something peaceful about just sitting there and listening to the sounds of the car horns and the clamor of the people. It was all so familiar and calming. You had grown up your entire life in this city. There was no place you’d rather live than here. You were so lost in these thoughts that you failed to hear the subtle movement of someone entering through your open window.

You were just about to drift off to sleep when you heard a loud thump and a muffled groan from behind you. You jumped instantly out of your chair, ran to turn the overhead light on, and quickly grabbed the nearest thing to you to use as a weapon. That item just so happened to be your Millennium Falcon Bluetooth speaker that you got for Christmas one year. You knew it was geeky, but you didn’t really care what others thought about it. You found it to be awesome, and so did your best friend Peter Parker. Not that his opinion mattered any more than everyone else’s. Obviously.

You held the speaker up, ready to swing at whomever had come into your room, and looked down to see a body laying face down on your hardwood floors. When you saw who it was you froze in your spot and your jaw dropped.

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Side To Side (Luke Hemmings Imagine) - Dangerous Woman Album Series

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Summary: I’ve been here all night, I’ve been here all day, and boy, got me walkin’ side to side

Requested: yeah boi

Warnings: swearing, couple mentions of alcohol and one of weed. Smut!! Hahaha finally I wrote smut. I’m not great okay, I haven’t written something in new in forever.

A/N: tell me what song you would like next from Ariana’s album :-) and gimme feedback! requests are open dude. i haven’t proofread this either im too lazy

Side to Side - Ariana Grande || Dangerous Woman Masterlist

Friday nights were the ones I looked most forward too since I always knew he’d be there, even if it wasn’t with me. Thank god I was friends with Ashton, because without him, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of getting to know Luke.

Every Friday, there was a huge meet-up at the beach where anyone and everyone from schools across the town could come to Blue Lagoon Beach to party. As expected, there was alcohol, loud music, loads of make out sessions and even sometimes, they’d bring weed. It was a cliché party scene that absolutely everyone adorned in our town because it was the best way for us to all be together and be able to somehow relax and get our mind of all our worries.

He’d been standing there for a good 20 minutes talking to his friends, which included: Ashton, Calum and Michael. I was stood with my friends - not too far from him - trying to listen to his conversation, but my eyes were glued to him. His presence was too distracting for me to listen.

His muscular arms hugged tight by his black t-shirt, his dark skinny jeans clinging to his legs as his black boots loosely hang around his ankles. He was a sight for sore eyes. His piercing blue eyes locked with mine as he brushed his fingers through his blonde curls - oh how I wish I could run my fingers through his hair just one more-

“Oh my god, you’re doing it again!” Betty complains, bringing me back out my fantasy. “It literally looks like you’re having fantasies about having sex-” “I didn’t even start them yet.” I playfully interrupt, causing her to roll her eyes at my response. “You already slept with him like twice, what more is there to fantasise?” Logan asks. “Look at him, he’s absolutely gorgeous!” I exclaim, my body getting worked up at the sight of him. “Trust me, you’ll always want more with Luke.”

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Look. I’m not saying it’s micro gems………………….

but it’s totally micro gems.

Oliver’s masterpost of fics that literally nobody asked for

Bonding - platonic Prinxiety. Roman & Anxiety reluctantly have some bonding time

Delusions - romantic prinxiety where Anxiety has some delusions and Roman brings him out of it. (ok listen i know i titled the fic My Angel but i decided i like Delusions better so pretend it’s called that thx

What Am I Going To Do With You? -romantic analogical where Anxiety is bored & decides to have some fun

Please Don’t Leave Me - platonic dad/son moxiety where Anxiety makes some mistakes & Patton’s morality is confusing but he tries his best to be a good dad

You Can’t Fix What Isn’t Broken -platonic/familial lamp with a focus on analogical where Logan & Anxiety get into a dumb argument that gives Anxiety, well, anxiety. fluff ensues.

I Do Need You - platonic/familial logicality where Logan is frustrated™ and accidentally hurts Patton’s feelings. Anxiety is in the background being a grumpy boy, but gets slightly protective over Patton

The Comforting Warmth of a Cigarette - Chapter One: Fade - platonic/familial lamp chaptered series where Anxiety starts smoking to deal with stress cos sides can’t be negatively affected by that stuff….right? lots of angst. eventual fluff with a healthy dose of angst in later chapters

His Three Amazing Boyfriends - polyamsanders human!au where Virgil has a bad day™ and needs his lovely boyfriends. (mostly focused on analogical & prinxiety cos i cannot write romantic moxiety. i just can’t lmao)

The War is On - platonic/familial lamp mini series that @gloomy-goober and i collaborated on where Virgil & Logan play a game they made up and things go a little too far

Beat Up - dad/son moxiety high school!au where Virgil gets beat up by some assholes & Patton is a protective dad friend™

Don’t Take Logan’s Glasses - romantic analogical where Virgil’s a lil shit so he gets tickled

You’re Not A Machine - romantic analogical where they get into a dumb heated fight cos Logan’s stressed™ & Virgil feels neglected/worried

I Didn’t Take Your Book, Nerd - platonic logince where Logan uncharacteristically jumps to a conclusion & Roman is offended. also Virgil’s a lil shit

Family - logicality/familial human!au where Roman & Virgil are Logan & Patton’s sons.

Virgil’s Secret - platonic/familial lamp with focus on prinxiety kinda sorta where Roman steals Virgil’s hoodie & reveals an adorable secret

Not A Bother - romantic prinxiety where Roman’s frustrated™ & Virgil is insecure. small fight then some fluff. aka literally the worst thing ive ever written

It Was More Than A Dare - romantic prinxiety college!au text message fic where Roman was dared to date Virgil & Virgil is sad/angry. rightfully so.

Reminisce - platonic/familial lamp with a big focus on Virgil & Logan where Logan is feeling nostalgic & drags Virgil into it. not like he’s complaining (at least not much) starts off as a short text fic with a second part that’s a full oneshot

You’re My Dad - dad/son moxiety text fic where Roman hits Virgil where it hurts & Dad saves the day

My Hero - romantic or platonic royality text fic where Patton is scared of a thunderstorm & seeks comfort from Roman

A Drunken Man’s Words Are A Sober Man’s Thoughts - romantic analogical text fic where Virgil drunkenly confesses his feelings & regrets everything until Logan makes him talk about it

Fireflies & Space Things - platonic/familial lamp where they’re all adorable nerds & spend time together as a family

Nervous Habits - platonic/familial lamp where Virgil has some nervous habits & the others help him out

Nervous Habits - another platonic/lamp fic. listen Virgil has a lot of nervous habits ok

Nervous Habits - platonic/familial lamp. seriously. a lot.

Adorable Chaos - child!Virgil part 1 platonic/familial lamp where Virgil gets turned into a child & makes a mess with paint cos why not

Hide & Seek & Cuddles - child!Virgil part 2 platonic/familial lamp. find tiny Virgil & you get some cuddles! Logan is basically a worried parent. Patton finds everything cute. Roman’s just Roman. and Thomas is confused & concerned

Learny Things - child!Virgil part 3 platonic/familial lamp where baby Virgil learns some stuff! Logan is frustrated & worried. Roman’s trying his best. Patton’s the greatest dad.

Attention - child!Virgil part 4 platonic/familial lamp where baby Verge wants some attention, but everyone’s too busy. Thomas saves the day.

The One Where Oliver Projects Their Problems Onto Poor Roman - platonic/familial lamp where i had writers block & had some guilt so i,,, wrote about Roman having a creative block & worrying about upsetting everyone. doesn’t make much sense, but hey it worked.

This Is Okay - platonic analogical where Virgil wants attention & says some startling things to get it cos Logan’s a dumb that doesn’t listen


A Winn/Cat Friendship Fic by Bridgette Irish. (with a little side of Supercat)

Full text under the cut.  Or read it here on AO3

Summary:   Amidst all the turmoil they have been through and witnessed while trying to keep Kara safe and sane, Winn and Cat find in each other an unusual but enduring friendship. A series of scenes showing the progression of this friendship.

A big thanks to @reginalovesemma for the edits!  And for coming along with me for this little Brotp.


He was playing Minecraft and fighting back tears when the heavy-bottomed tumbler thumped on his desktop and the shapely figure of his boss planted itself against the front, next to his chair.  It was exactly where Kara had stood, just minutes before, and told him she didn’t want things to change between them.  She’d broken his heart with tears in her eyes and while he tried so hard not to be angry, it had proven an impossible feat.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to be mad.  He knew he was supposed to be supportive and accept the friendship being offered.  He knew, ultimately, her happiness was the most important thing, but the evil thought that kept running through his mind was… what about my happiness?

He followed the line of Cat’s hip where it leaned against his desk and met her eyes before his own could get too caught up lingering in places that could get him fired… or killed.  For a split second his fear overwhelmed his sadness and he stuttered.  “H-Hi, Miss Grant.  Did you need something?  Something techy?”  He rolled his eyes internally at his idiocy and picked up a Superman stress ball to give his hands something to do.

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tiny lamp
tiny lamp

Gingitsune is a show that grows on me every episode.  It’s not action packed, there aren’t crazy amazing visuals, or any fancy stuff.  Just a nicely paced slice of life story about young people who can communicate with the heralds of the gods.  It’s both charming and interesting.  The characters are enjoyable, and I find their designs to be quite pleasing to the eye.  The heralds too are well done and interesting.  I feel the show is doing a good job of showing the viewers what it’s like when you have to grow up with large and sometimes heavy responsibilities placed on your shoulders at a very young age.

Also it has a great OP, which Soundcloud is blocking because they’re too big now to avoid the ire of the major labels.  I’ve taken the liberty of putting up the full opening here though, along with my thoughts about the show.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Shayde | 1

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader 

Word Count:  3,388

Genre & Warnings: Angels & Demons AU. There will be a little bit of everything in here. 

A/N: Don’t forget that with Y/N type fics, you can use the interactive fics chrome extension to fill it in with a name of your choice. 

Summary: Whenever a human is born, they are automatically assigned a guardian angel. And Lucifer, not to be outdone, assigned the child a “guardian demon” as well. Twenty-four years ago, a baby girl was born and was assigned her guardians. Bright, energetic Hoseok as her angel. And Yoongi; a demon so apathetic that guiding her down a bad road was too much work for him. After Guardian Hoseok goes missing, Yoongi and his charge must team up to find their hope.

Nothing had been going right for you in so long.

The skies were gray, food turned to ash in your mouth…OK, maybe you were being a bit dramatic, but it certainly felt that way. 

Your life had always been fairly steady and uneventful. You were the youngest child of an average, middle-class family. You made decent enough grades to pass high school and were now studying nursing, a major your father said was more stable than music. You had great friends, a decent apartment, and enough money to satisfy your basic needs.

So why were you suddenly feeling like this? 

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Spooky 👻

Summary:  “So you two kept on scaring me about the ghost, and yet now that it’s here you’re the ones screaming?”


Bucky and Steve both offer you protection from your worst fear….but the protection comes with a price.

Author’s note: I thought this might be good for the month of October. I’m so so sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Summer school took me out y’all…..And now school’s taking me out again.I’m thinking about doing requests, If you have any requests, just drop me an ask, but please make it more of a genre or even a sentence, I’m kind of bad with really detailed requests.

warnings: ghosts, haunted hotel, Steve and Bucky trying your life. Feedback is much appreciated!

The mission had been long and boring. It was two weeks of reconnaissance, tracking and recording the target’s daily movements so another team could nab him in two days. You rest your head against the cold pane of the car’s window, streetlights flashing by. After you and your partners had finished logging the information and sending the report you had slept for six hours before getting up at five and starting the long road trip back to the compound. It was now 10 pm and you still had five hours to go. You look at one of your partners out of the corner of your eye.

Steve Rogers. Even he looked exhausted. You guess even super soldiers needed their sleep. Your eyes feel like they are burning, and you have to resist glaring at Steve. He had insisted on not being airlifted out, in order not to “draw suspicion” despite it being a 22 hour drive to the target’s residence. You let your gaze drift over his strong jaw before flicking your eyes away. Steve had always been unusually…complementary towards you. Sometimes it seemed like he might even be flirting with you, but you always dismissed that thought. You turn your head and look in the back seat, where Sergeant Barnes is dozing off. You can’t believe you were paired with Captain America and the ex Winter Soldier for a reconnaissance mission. But then again, the target was reputed to be a mutated mad scientist. A deadly combination according to Fury. Bucky must have not been sleeping because his eyes open and lock in on yours. a smirk creeps across his face and he shoots you a wink. You quickly turn around, heat creeping up your neck. You force yourself to calm down. It was no secret that Bucky was a charmer. Apparently after being rehabilitated he’d developed quite an eye for the ladies. You were a relatively new addition to the reformed Avengers, a master in combat, strategy and espionage.

Your first month at the compound hadn’t been easy. Although technically a part of the team you worked with the general agents, setting up strategies for the missions. The other agents hadn’t been very welcoming-whether because of your technically higher status or they just didn’t like you, you didn’t know- you ended up eating lunch alone and generally just being alone most of the time. And you hadn’t been formally introduced to the rest of the Avenger’s team so you didn’t even know if they knew who you were. However,a kitchen burn had allowed you to cross paths with a resident doctor, Valentina, and you two had become friends.

“Ya alive back there, Buck?” Steve says.

“Barely” Bucky grumbles.

“We should probably stop for the night, unless someone else wants to drive?” Steve says. You and Bucky mumble your unwillingness to do so. Steve sighs,

“Alright, I’ll get off at the next exit with a hotel”

You feel your body relax, you know Steve’s Captain America, but he’s so hardcore sometimes. He had demanded nothing less then perfection on this mission, and you were thoroughly exhausted. Soon you doze off, only waking when you feel the car start to bump over what seems to be a dirt road.

“Where are we?” you ask, sleep roughening your voice.

“The hotel,” Steve replies “Doesn’t seem to be much around here.” He sounds pleased, and you understand why. It’s better for you all to keep a low profile. You rub your eyes, as the car pulls up to the hotel. It looks more like a victorian style mansion, with grand arches and white siding. You squint at the sign in front of the hotel. Your whole body stiffens as you recognize the name.

“Hold, up. This is the hotel we’re staying at?” Your voice rises several octaves.

“Yeah, what’s the problem?” Steve asks.

“You guys know that this hotel is famous for being haunted, right?”  a cold feeling starts in your chest. You never really told anyone but you were terrified of ghosts and the whole supernatural business. A loud bassy laugh startles you.

“You scared of ghosts, sugar?” Bucky says, and you feel him lean forward, hand resting on your chair. Embarrassment flushes through you.You huff and you hear Bucky restraining a laugh.

“Don’t be like that, sweetheart, I promise I’ll protect ya,” he nudges your shoulder with his hand. 

“Let’s just go” You grumble, getting out of the car even though your feet feel like they’re weighted down with lead. Steve and Bucky follow your lead, grabbing their bags. You move to  grab yours but Steve hefts it over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry I got it,” he says, shooting you a smile. And although you can barely see his face under the dim lights around the hotel your heart skips a beat. You rent out the room. Apparently a large tour group had come through and there was only one left. As you walk up the stairs, Bucky and Steve keeping their heads down, you feel a bit nervous, but you don’t know why. Okay maybe you do. Besides possible demonic possession, you also were about to share a room with two super soldiers. During the mission you had actually never shared a room with Steve or Bucky. Although working on the same mission you all were stationed in different hotels following different people supposedly in league with the scientist. Now you were about to be in close quarters with two very attractive men….what if you did something embarrassing in your sleep? 

You open the door, the room is lavishly decorated, medium sized and divided into two. First there is a modest living room space, with Victorian themed decor. A small TV, a couch and love seat and a shelf with a microwave and mini fridge. A door leads off to a bathroom. You open another door and there is a small bare room with hardwood floors and nothing but a tiny lamp and a king sized wire framed bed with plush with pillows and quilts. A small window with no curtains offers a view of the forest that rings around the hotel. A chill creeps down your spine. The room looks…eerie. And old, like straight out of a period drama. You don’t know if you’ll be able to sleep tonight.

You pat moisturizer on your face, having washed away the stale feeling that had gathered in the long car ride with a shower. You pull on your sleep shorts and a old cotton t-shirt that’s slightly too short. You sigh, it’s all you have, though. Gathering your clothes you exit the shower. Steve and Bucky are lounging on the love-seat and the couch, watching TV. Bucky lets out a low whistle as you pass

“I know milk does a body good, but damn sugar how much have you been drinking?” 

You let out a half  gasp-half giggle noise and head into the other room to put away your clothes. Once the door closes you hear a loud smack. 

“Ow, damn” you hear Bucky say

“Do you always have ta be a dog?” You hear Steve’s voice whisper hiss.

Hey, don’t forget what ya said the time she wore that purple dress” Bucky hisses back. You can’t make out Steve’s reply, but your face is already heating up. ‘What could have Steve Rogers said about me in that kind of context?’ you wonder, but quickly stamp down the thought ‘It’s probably nothing’ You regain your composure, put away your clothes and head back into the living room to warm up some food. The super soldier’s voices quiet as you enter. Sometimes you notice a strange dynamic between the two, something you can’t quiet place your finger on. You remember when you first met them.

 Valentina had been out sick that day, and some part still felt the old sting of humiliation when you sat alone in the cafeteria, so you headed into the part of the compound where the Avenger’s rooms were and settled into the living room couch. Halfway into a Diners, Drive ins and Dives episode and halfway through your lunch two pairs of legs park themselves in your field of vision. You look up and are met with the faces of Captain America and the Winter soldier.

“Mind if we join you?” Steve asks, and you give a mute nod. He introduces himself and Bucky and the men sit on either side of you. After a few minutes of awkward silence an easy conversation starts, the super soldiers joking with each other puts you at ease. You feel Bucky’s arm slowly creep around your shoulder but  then there’s a soft smack and you see Bucky’s arm back by his side, shaking his fingers out as if to relive a sting. One by one others of the team make their way to the living room and soon you were getting to know everyone. From then on you wouldn’t exactly call Steve and Bucky friends, since you didn’t see them often, but you three were definitely  much closer.

Taking your sandwich  from the microwave you head towards the TV. You sit on the couch with Steve, leaving a large space between you two and take a large bite out of your sandwich, chewing slowly. Thankfully it doesn’t have that nasty ‘reheated’ aftertaste. The hairs on the back your neck stand up for some reason. You look around, uneasiness filling you as you remember the hotel’s reputation, and the fact that several violent possessions were rumored to have occurred here. Bucky and Steve start commenting on the TV show, and you start to doze off, lulled by the sound of their voices and a full belly. A loud creak startles you awake and your whole body jerks. Chills run up your spine as you realize the sound must have come from the bedroom. You see Steve looking at you.“Y/n why are ya so far away? Wouldn’t want a ghost ta snatch you up.” He says, giving you what can only be described as a smirk. You’d never seen Steve look so devilish.
“I shouldn’t have anything to worry about, after all, James here said he’d protect me.” You turn and look at Bucky. His cheeks flush, but he shoots you a crooked grin.“Ya got that right, Sugar.”
You stretch yawning. “Alright I should probably turn in for the night.” The guys mumble their agreement.

“You take the bed y/n,” Steve says. You know he’s trying to be a gentlemen but your stomach churns at the thought of spending the night in that room alone.

“Um that’s not necessary,” You squeak, voice two octaves higher than usual. Steve looks at you quizzically, but Bucky seems to catch on.

“Oh you scared of spending the night alone in that big haunted room ?” He teases you. Your face must have betrayed your emotions because he laughs.”Don’t worry, y/n, I can stay with you and protect ya if you want,”

“Oh and what exactly would ya do? Punch the ghost?” Steve snorts.

“Oh, and what would you do differently?”                                                        

Steve turns towards you “I’d preform an exorcism. See, I’d really look after ya  y/n” Bucky rolls  eyes 

“Just ‘cause you watched the exorcist once doesn’t mean you know how to preform an exorcism dumb ass,”

 “Better than you could,” Steve retorts, and Bucky fires back, their voices growing louder.

“Guys” You say trying to interrupt but they keep on going.

Long story short that’s how you ended up lying in bed squished between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. You’re stock still, on your back, trying not to touch either of them. The bed is a king but considering the size of the two super soldiers there’s not much space left for you. The small lamp on the floor casts a dim glow. Strangely you don’t feel scared anymore with Steve and Bucky by your side. Apparently appeased Steve and Bucky resume their lighthearted conversation that started in the living room. You comment occasionally, but they don’t push you. It’s always like that with them. For some reason they make you feel a bit shy, you always attribute it to the fact that they’re such imposing figures, legendary heroes. But Steve and Bucky still come up and talk to you whenever they see you, and make conversation despite your quietness. It makes you feel grateful.  With the warmth of the quilts heavy around your body and two human saunas on either side of you, your eyes start to droop, the hum of their voices lulling you to sleep.

You feel something brush your right arm, and slowly, large warm fingers intertwine themselves with yours. You stop yourself from tensing but your heart pounds as Steve’s thumb starts to rub circles on your hand. Now you know you’re not going to get any sleep. Heat sears its way up your neck and you hope that your hand won’t start sweating. Steve’s fingers are warm and slightly rough, and his touch feels pleasant. Just after you’ve started to get over the shock of Steve’s touch, you feel Bucky’s flesh hand tracing patterns up and down your left fore-arm. 

That’s it. I’m going to evaporate, right here, right now.”  you think to yourself. Obscured by the covers you guess the guys are unaware of each other’s movements,their conversation continues unbroken. You wonder if this means anything….but your mind brushes away the thought….most likely they each found you comforting in some way, and are looking for comfort. Reminded of something, your mind wanders to the first time you met The Black Widow.

The redhead had been the first of the team to show up in the living room the day Steve and Bucky introduced themselves. Slinking into the living room with the grace of a cat Natasha perched on a chair adjoining the couch where you Steve and Bucky were sitting. But is wasn’t Natasha’s unnatural grace or beauty that had stuck with you from that day. It wasn’t even the fabulous patent leather  knee high boots she was sporting. No it was her words. She let her sharp gaze brush over the three of you as a slow smirk started on her face.

“So I see you two finally found the courage to introduce yourselves.”

And you certainly remember the cold glare Bucky had shot her, so sharp, you were surprised that Natasha hadn’t turned to ice.

A loud thump startles you out of your thoughts. Both men jump on either side of you. You let out an involuntary squeak, fear splashing over you like a bucket of cold water. You feel Steve’s hand squeeze yours and Buck’s hand caress your arm.

“Was that….?” you whisper. Suddenly the door to the living room slowly squeaks shut. You gasp.

“Guys…” you whimper. Feeling paralyzed. You hate feeling like such a wimp, but you can’t help it. “Can someone go check that out?”

“I”ll do it” both men speak at once.

“I’ll do it, but y/n ya gotta promise you’ll go with me to the new ice-cream shop.” Steve says

“I’ll do it and actually get rid of the thing if you go with me to see that new movie we were talking about Saturday,” Bucky interjects. Both men sit up and look at each other.

“I-I, Uh” you stammer flustered.

“You should consider it, wouldn’t want ya ta get snatched, now,” Bucky says teasingly

“Yeah, don’t know what could be lurking ‘round the corner” Steve quips. Fear grips your heart ever-so more tightly but you decide to fight it. Resolution fills you as you sit up and in a loud, clear voice, speak.

“Is there a ghost in this room?”

The small lamp flashes on and off again. Twice.

Your whole body freezes.

A loud yelp comes from your right and a scream from your left. You turn and glare at the men, hands on your hips, fear forgotten in the midst of your indignation.

“So you two kept on scaring me about the ghost, and yet now that it’s here you’re the ones screaming?” You ask, hands on your hips.

Steve and Bucky look at each other, sheepishly. Bucky’s face is bright red and Steve’s neck starts to stain pink. Suddenly for some reason you don’t feel as afraid. You’ve already confronted your fear once.

“Hey Ghost, if we leave you alone will you leave us alone?” As an afterthought you add “Two flashes for yes one for no”

The light flashes twice. You sigh, the last bits of fear leaving your body. Maybe the ghost just wanted you all to shut up so it could have some peace.

“Alright, boys why don’t we get some rest,” you say, feeling bold “And in return for protecting you guys from the ghost, Bucky you will buy me a movie ticket and Steve,you’ll pay for my ice-cream.” You grin, stretching your arms above your head. Both men look at each other before breaking into matching grins of their own.

“You drive a hard bargain, sugar, but okay” Bucky says

“Sounds fair,” Steve chuckles grinning crookedly.

And as you crawl back into the bed you decide ghosts aren’t so bad after all.


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