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Summer day in the Mystery Jar

Photography credit: my friend Tomas

Finally got to finish planting my long-planned terrarium. This was a pleasantly low budget affair. I snatched the jar and the little tree for a couple quid at a market, and the different mosses from a trip to the forest. I had my eyes on some ferns too but quickly ran out of space. That jar is tiny, about 10cm in diameter. That little golf cart? 5 millimetres.

The Shack’s made from some leftover polymer clay. Sculpting and painting it took about two days. (A fair amount of which was spent worrying that I’d melt everything when baking them in the oven.)

Now I wanna make more terrariums…

Look. I’m not saying it’s micro gems………………….

but it’s totally micro gems.

Random headcanons about Kevin Day:

  • his favorite fruits are green apples, the crunchy, super sour kind. he doesn’t like to share. Neil tries to steal one and he only gets one bite in before his face scrunches up. revenge is, apparently, sour.
  • he gets a tiny lamp from Renee for his birthday that he can clip onto his history books for bedtime reading
  • Kevin is pale af and if he doesn’t use sunscreen, his nose burns and peels. it’s ridiculous
  • also he has freckles on his nicely shaped shoulders, i don’t make the rules
  • the ring finger on his left hand has a bump from the way he holds a pen. it felt weird to watch it disappear when he couldn’t use his hand. it hurts a little when he starts writing again
  • he has a pronounced cupid’s bow and a full lower lip (also he licks his lips when he’s nervous. they’re very pink)
  • Kevin needs three separate alarms to get up for morning practice, and one of those is Andrew throwing a pillow at his head
  • his eyebrows are dark and menacing enough to scare most baby Foxes into submission. they don’t work on any of the original Foxes, but he still tries
  • Nicky tries to get him into flavoured vodka to spice up his life, but Kevin refuses on grounds of useless additives and sugar
  • he loves to listen to classical music while working out in the gym 
  • he cracks his fucking knuckles and it annoys everyone
  • also perhaps he decides he wants more tattoos and he gets something to represent his irish heritage. like a celtic knot on his hip
  • his meal plans include lots of chicken (because proteins) but what this boy is really lusting after is some sticky ribs
  • Kevin isn’t really sure what to do for Father’s Day, so he just brings take-out and a six pack to Wymack’s apartment where they, unsurprisingly, watch some Exy and trash talk the game
  • he sleeps like a starfish, limbs spread all over the bed. if someone sleeps next to him, there’s a chance they will be elbowed in the face. also, he snores a little
  • there is nothing sexier than Kevin in low slung black sweatpants and a green crop top. Allison wolf whistles at him and Nicky pretends to faint 
  • sometime in the future, he goes on a trip to France with Jean and Jeremy and they go to Versailles and other castles in the Loire Valley and he’s really fucking happy, okay. Kevin and Jean bicker and curse in rapid-fire French and Jeremy stares, charmed and a little aroused
Street lamps

A short fic based off this post from ask-tinycas. I hope you enjoy.

Castiel sits crossed-legged on the pillow, watching the hunter next to him sleep soundly. He must have been tired, for Dean had hardly moved in his sleep. In fact, he had not moved since the last words of his conversation with Castiel had drifted off into gentle snores. As much as Dean still chastises him for it, Castiel loves to watch him sleep and be at peace.

But tonight, Castiel is not at peace.

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weird college shit

one time me and my flatmate were putting away dishes and a plate slipped from my hand, rolled the length of the counter, and promptly fell out the window where it crashed 6 floors down

and another time we hadn’t heard from this girl in like 4 months and thought she might have died in her room so we spent a night wasting 34 hair pins trying to break into her room to find out and then told security and she opened the door to check and surprise surprise nobody was deadthen once i walked into the kitchen and found a group of people huddled around a tiny lamp on the floor and warming their hands on it when the lights worked completely fine and chanting something

i was running to get the bus and after a minute, realized i left a shoe behind, had to run back and get my shoe, held it in my hand and ran with one foot barefoot to get the bus like some crazy idiot

one of my friends woke up after a drunk night on the other side of town with a broken finger. another drunk friend on halloween got mugged and didnt realize he was already mugged until a cab driver told him to be careful about muggers

around 1 am this guy rang my doorbell wearing nothing but tighty-whiteys that was stuffed with paper to look bigger and lumpier and made macho poses (and also got inappropriate and tried to kiss me but thats a different story)

another friend came back from a drunk night out, cut her thumb on some weird shit, decided she wanted toast and woke up to realize that the way she made toast was putting her purse in the microwave with $200 in it and now its just ash.

me and my friend sat in McD until 3 am, not high/drunk or anything and talked about universe and existential stuff and paradoxes and things people only say when theyre high while a myriad of drunk people just flickered in and out

Picture this:

Phil Coulson and Melinda May, top of their classes in the Academy, youngest recruits of their time. Known as some of SHIELD’s best and brightest. Experts in strategy, analysis, and hand-to-hand-combat. Specialist and field agent, living legends. The greatest two-man team in the field.

Needing to employ all their training and skills….

Against each other….

In a tiny apartment….

Knocking over lamps and running into the coffee table….

Wrestling relentlessly on the carpet….

To get a hold of the last Oreo.

Our Light

Newsies Fic AU: Lamp!David (inspired by a previous post)

(Jack’s POV)

Warning: Random. A bit sad. A bit unbelievable. Just read it & see :)

- - -

It’s just another hot summer morning and it’s time to carry the banner. But this kid shows up at the distribution gates, dragging along a tiny lamp. It’s odd. He’s just standing there, looking completely lost. I’ve never seen him before. I buy my papes and sit down to glance at the headlines, but the kid is staring at me so I ask him if he wants to sit down. He does.

“Hey, I’m Jack. Jack Kelly.”

His tiny face looks up at me. “I’m Les. Les Jacobs”

He holds up the tiny lamp, “This is my brother, David.”

I cock up my eyebrow, “Your brother, huh? How old are you?

“Almost ten.”

“Hmmm well that ain’t good. If anybody asks, you’se seven, ok? Younger sells more.”

He just nods endlessly at me. 

“Hey, I’ll make ya a deal. You sell with me and we’ll spilt the money, 70-30.”

Les is shaking his head, “Don’t try to pull one over on a little kid. 50-50.”

The other guys have bought their papes and gathered around me by now. I hear murmurs among them, wondering about the lamp. I’m curious for the story as well, but I just want to sell a lot of papes today. I’m saving for a train ticket to Santa Fe. 

“Fine, 60-40, that’s my final offer.”

He concedes, “Deal.”

We shake on it and we’re off. His youth attracts a lot of customers and we do pretty well with business. He’s real protective of the lamp he carries along, but he can sell fine with one hand. I offer to hold it but he refuses. 

All is well until I spy Snyder. He starts running towards us and I tell Les to take off running. I’m pulling him along through alleys and backdoors until he suddenly drops the lamp. He breaks away to grab it and I turn around to grab him. 

No! I need David!”

I pick up the lamp and the kid and haul off around the corner. Relief spreads through me when I realize where I am. I open the door to Medda’s place and pull us both inside. 

Les is crying by now and I am at a loss at what to do. That’s when Medda comes backstage, gaping at the scene. “Jack Kelly? Is that you?”

I go over to her and give her a hug. “Yes, Medda. I’m sorry to intrude.. but, but I ran into a little trouble outside. Is it ok if we stay here awhile?”

She nods and glances at Les. “Of course. Is he alright? Here, let’s get him some candy. Let him calm down.”

Les is curled up in the corner, clutching the lamp that thankfully isn’t broken. I go and sit by him. We sit for awhile, waiting for the silence to be broken with the music of the theater playing in the background. 

_ _ _


“Yeah, kid?”

“I have to tell you something.”

“I’m all ears.”

He sighs. “My brother isn’t really a lamp.”

I glance at him. “I know, Les.”

“I got a brother though. Err, did. He disappeared last month. He wouldn’t of ran away. Everyone thinks he’s dead. Nobody is lookin’ for ‘em.“ 

 He’s just sitting there, looking up at me. I don’t know what to say.

"I’m sorry to hear that.”

He rubs his eyes. “His name was David. He was sixteen. He had brown, curly hair and blue eyes. He was real smart. He talked a lot.” 

So his brother would have been around my age. “He sounded real special”

“He was. You know what’s weird? Sometimes he bugged me so much I wished he wasn’t there. Then he was gone, and I wondered why I ever would have wished that. That was a stupid thing to do.”

He looks at me, his eyes glimmering with tears. “I miss him.”

My heart drops. I wrap my arms around the kid. “I know what it’s like pal.” 

“You-u do?”

“Yeah, I had a little brother once. But he died. It was an accident. He would of been a little older than you.”

“So my brother would have been around your age, and your brother would have been around my age?”

I think about that. “That’s right.”

Les puts his hand on top of mine. “I bet you and David would have been good friends. He never woulda admitted it, but he really needed a friend.” 

I smile at him. “I woulda been his friend.”

He holds up the lamp. “Do you wanna know why I carry this? It’s David’s. It used to sit on his desk and he sat by it to study. Did I mention how smart he was?”

I nod at him. “You did.”

“He was bright. Well, it was something my mama said. She said that Davey would always be with us no matter what, shining a light on us. That’s why this lamp is David. He’s always with me then. He’s my light.”

I almost break at those words. But I just help the kid get up and put my hand on his shoulder. “Here, let me walk you home.”

_ _ _

Les opens the door to the apartment and we both walk inside. I meet his family, his mother, his pop and his sister. They invite me to have dinner with them and I kindly agree. I notice Mr. Jacobs arm and realize why Les is working. Golly, this family has had trouble. I tell them how great Les is at sellin’ and they smile. But they keep asking questions with their eyes. I know what they are wondering but I can’t tell them yet. 

After Mrs. Jacobs takes Les to bed, Mr. Jacobs looks at me. “How did he really do today? What did he tell you?”

“He told me about the lamp. About David. I’m real sorry.”

He nods, a distance look in his eyes. “We all miss him so much.” He picks up a picture from the table and hands it to me. “This is David.”

I stare at it for a minute, look at his smiling face, his shining eyes. A life perhaps gone too soon. 

Mrs. Jacobs joins us then. “It’s been a difficult month for us. Les’ been having such a tough time dealing with it all. I don’t know what else we can do. He is attached to that lamp, just like he was attached to his brother. We haven’t had any closure.”

She looks at me, “Thank you for looking after him.”

“I’m happy to oblige ma’am. I’ll help anyway I can. Tell Les I’ll see him tomorrow.”

As I exit the apartment and start to walk back to lodge, I’m surprised at the tears that are forming in my eyes. I never knew David Jacobs, but I am sadden that I hadn’t gotten the chance to. 

- - -

I’m walking through the gates the next morning to buy my papes when Les runs up to me, with the lamp still in his hand like the day before. It’s strange how much can change in just 24 hours, but now I understand it more. I ruffle his hair but that is when I notice all the other guys are just standing around. Without papes.

“What’s going on?”

Blink’s yelling, “They jacked up the prices Jack!”

I hear Skittery complaining, “This will ruin me!”

I walk up to the counter and stare at Weasel. “Is this some kind of a joke? Why the jack up?” 

He smirks at me. “Hold your horses Cowboy. This isn’t any rodeo. It is the real deal and there is nothing you can do about it.”

I storm off and sit down on the steps. Thinking. There’s gotta to be something I can do. There’s gotta be something WE can do. 

All the guys are crowding around me, but Les pushes his way through and yells, “Give him some room! Let him think!” 

That’s when it comes to me. “Well if we don’t sell papes, nobody sells papes. Nobody sells papes until they put the price back where it was!”

There is a moment of complete silence. Does anyone understand?

“You mean, like a strike?” I look over at the kid. “That’s what David would say. He always had good ideas like that. ”

I nod at Les. “Yeah, yeah like a strike. That’s a good idea.”

All the guys are shaking their heads and yelling that’s it a crazy idea.

But it’s not. I’m gonna strike. And I’m gonna do it for us. I’m going to do it for Les. I’m going to do it for David. I just don’t know how yet. 

I get up and start leading the Newsies towards the square. I look at Les. “What would Dave say next?”

He thinks for a moment. “He woulda said that we can’t let them think we are nothing. We ain’t!”

I yell this to the others. The newsies agree.

I look back at Les. “Ok, what else? Tell us what Dave would want us to do.”

He’s silent, until he remembers something. “Wait! He was talkin’ bout unions once! I thought he was sayin’ onions but he explained it to me. We could be a union right? The Newsboys Union!” 

Everyone agrees. David would be the light to spark this revolution. And the strike began.

- - - 

It had been a long haul. But several days later we actually did it. A crowd of striking children was roaring in the square and Pulitzer finally noticed our power. I asked Les if I could take our light with me to negotiate and he agreed. When I got to his office, I set the lamp on the table. I showed it to Pulitzer. I called him out for his stupidity of holding out on us. He didn’t have the power. We did. And we won. 

After that it became a blur. I thought about going to Santa Fe but I couldn’t leave anymore. I had a family here. I had friends here. Something that Santa Fe didn’t have. We all went back to sellin’ papes and fell into a routine again. 

One night I was walking back to the lodge from the Jacobs’ when I almost tripped over a form awkwardly strung out on the street. But something was familiar about him. I turned the guy around and gasped when I saw his face.

It couldn’t be. Could it?

I had never known David Jacobs. I had never seen him in person. I had never spoken to him. I had only seen his picture. All I knew was that he was supposed dead. But I knew this was David Jacobs. 

Since the strike, I believed in miracles. I believed in dreams. I believed in possibilities. But a guy coming back to life? Isn’t that impossible?

- - - 

I shake the boy, and he stirs. His eyelids pop open and I notice they are blue. This HAS to be him. I pull him up and hug the life out of him.


He tries to pull away. “Do I KNOW you?” 

I start laughing, laughing so hard I’m almost crying. 

"No, no you don’t." 

He shakes my arms off him and glares at me. He is just like Les described him. 

"I’m Jack Kelly.”

“Is that name supposed to mean something to me?”

“It will, pal. I know your family.”

You do? I-I-I’ve been trying to get home. But my head is a little fuzzy. I don’t remember what happened.”

“You’ve been missing for awhile. They think you’re dead.”

“WHAT? That’s impossible!”

I chuckle again. “No, Dave, nothing’s impossible. Not anymore.”

He squirms, “Let me go, I gotta go find them. I gotta go now!”

I haul him up, and swing my arm around his shoulder. “Here, you’re real close. I’ll walk you there.”

- - -

I leave David leaning against the wall in the hallway. “Wait here.”

I knock at the front door and it swings open. Mrs. Jacobs is standing there. 

“Jack? Why are you knocking? Did you forget something?”

“No-o-o, no. Actually I found something of yours.”

I swallow nervously. 


I pull Dave towards me until he is in her view. She gasps. 


That’s when they all come runnin’. Les sees his brother and drops the lamp, but this is the one time he doesn’t care. He doesn’t need it anymore. 

He’s got the real thing. 

_ _ _

I found a light in my new pal, Davey. Because sometimes there is darkness in life, but there is always hope. Anything can happen. The odds can be overcome. The giants can be slayed. The lost can be found. 

Our light came back to us.

Tiny Bros vs IKEA

or: Lamp assembly with Virgil and John

Step 1: Get in to the box

J: Is Alan… asleep?
V: Yeah.
J: We’re going to have to move him.
V: …yeah.

J: It says we need a Philips head.
V: I’m not sure we have one of those…
J: How do we not have one of those?
V: I don’t know.

Some time later, a screwdriver has been acquired…

J: Uh, Virge? Scott seems to be having some trouble back there.
V: I’m sure Gordon’s got it under control.
J: That’s what I’m afraid of.

G: Everything is fine, you two carry on.

J: I feel like we’re missing something…
V: The light bulb. Definitely the light bulb.

J: Where did he come from?
V: Allie get down from there. It’s not safe.
J: I think he’s still asleep…

Please someone explain this

”First you need a gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body that can turn into light. Then you need a partner you can trust with that light.”


So. Uhm. Yeah.

Their bodies become light.

I get it. Guess so.


So. Yeah. Bodies turn into light.

Like, well, fuck science.

Whatever. This never intended to have a scientific base.

It’s ok. I can live with it.







HOW? WHY????