tiny is beautiful

one of my favorite gt tropes is “tiny wearing a doll’s clothes bc its all that fits”

and most of the time it’s just used with practical clothes, shirts and jackets and jeans, maybe dresses sometimes for cutesy scenes

but i was thinking about it and like
there’s basically no restriction when it comes to doll clothes? like they make dolls based in so many eras and influenced by so many cultures, the options are ENDLESS. sure some of it might be impractical, but ?? who’d pass up on all of the possibilities

victorian dresses or greek robes or egyptian clothing or 20’s flapper dresses or 18th century suits
or even superhero costumes or steampunk clothes and so on

theres so many kinds of dolls so the outfit possibilities are endless

unfathomable-angel  asked:

Let me just say thank you for drawing fukunaga and including him with nekoma. I love him very much. That's all! Love the art!!!

absolutely!! the team also loves him very much 

okay but considering that like all the bmc ppl are super chill and approving abt everything, how much do you wanna bet that they’d actually add a pride-patch to michael’s jacket if they did a revival?